Dangerous Marriage

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Final War Part One


This is time to attack. I have been waiting years for this moment. We have been training hard for this, and there will be blood there will suffer life loss. I am prepared to die for my family if that is what it takes to save them all. I am living in the moment today. I am spending time with Aurora; she spent time with boys, Ariel. You always know in the back of your head that there could be a possibility of never coming through that door again.

Aurora is not happy with the boys and Ariel coming because, let's face the truth, they might not make it, and they are so young. I was their age doing this. This will be a massive war; they went up in numbers, we still outpower them alone with just my family but add Enzos, we triple their numbers, so that makes me feel confident.

My family and teams are going first, then Enzo will meet us. We have a set plan, and I am confident it will work. I am a little nervous would be lying if I said I wasn’t because I am scared in some ways. I cannot show that. What I am scared of is losing my kids, not myself, but my kids. I don't think I could bear that pain. Aurora could not take it. She would be broken.

"Vincenzo, I want to spend the day in the room with you. I want you to touch me inhale your scent.” Aurora says as I look to see her in her bra and panties.

I will not object to that because this could be the last time I touch her or feel her. I waste no time giving her what she wants. I come close to her, slamming my lips into her hard as the oxygen leaves us both panting and wanting more. I take in her vanilla cherry lips as I biter her lower lip. I move behind her taking her bra off slowly; as I caress her body, she shivers and moans at my touch. I inhale her scent. I take her in everything. She is still as magnificent as the day. I meant her; she is even more beautiful with age.

I take her right nipple in my mouth as I swirl my tongue around and caress her stomach. I do the same assault to her left nipple, taking my time. As I slide her panties down, I waste no time pushing her over on the bed as she bends over. She knows what I want. I lean down, taking in the scent of her honey core, run my tongue up and down her slit, remembering her aroma and her taste. I insert two digits curling my fingers up and hitting her G-spot. As I lick her clit this position hits better. She moans for me as her body shakes. She is close, and I love it when she climax's for me.

"Vincenzo... mmm... shit!!" She screams out.

Her pussy clamps my fingers. Her legs shake hard; as she contracts around my fingers, she climax's hard, making my cock painfully hard. As I pull out my fingers, I replace them with my cock pushing in slow as I feel her slick wet pussy. My eyes roll back. She is just as tight as the day I meant her. This woman is still sensual.

I am in paradise with her every time I am feeling euphoria pure bless. I pound into her sending her forward as I keep thrusting in and out, pull out to my tip, and slam hard into her as she screams each time I do this. I pull her hair, bringing her throat to me. As I hold her throat, I thrust fast and hard-throwing my head back.

"I can never get enough of you, Kitten," I say into her ear.

I am lost in the pleasure as I slam into her feeling her pussy clamp around my hard cock.

"I am going to cum, sir! She yells at.

Her body convulses as she clamps my cock like a vice climaxing hard around me as I feel my stomach go tight to balls all way to toes. I cum deep inside her my cock pulsate inside her pussy. I can never get enough of her; she will get her to wish we will spend our time in this room exploring each other.

We made love for hours, and now it's time to leave. I hold her tight as we both don't want to let go.

"I love you, Kitten; you mean everything; if anything happens to me, move on. I prefer Luca. I can only trust him. We know Lily would not object." I say in a jokingly voice.

"I love you more. I know you will come back to me. You always do nothing seems to take you down like you are immortal." She tells me as we kiss softly.

I hate letting her go. She said her goodbyes to the kids and Luca. Now it's time to finish what was started. They are going all die. The bloodline will be ended done. Times like these are hard for us; some families depend on us returning.

We are splitting into teams, Luca and Arial will lead a team, and boys and I will lead a team, Enzo my father, and Matteo, Enzo Jr will all be on the team. Enzo underboss Frizz will be leading a team. Franco, Marco is with Luca, and I have Dame Lorenzo with me. Gia and Alissa, well be our eyes ears.

"I want you boys to know that it comes to anything happening to anyone of you kids, I will take your place. This will be the biggest war we have had in years. We will lose many, and I won't lie. Leave no one but the main targets alive." I say as I harshly pat my boys' arms.

I give dame and Lorenzo a nod; they are my brothers, my blood; we have worked main missions together, but nothing as bloody and deadly as this will be. We are in dark cars, all black hard to spot us with lights off. We have our bulletproof outfits on, night vision glasses. I have my sword and few guns. It's four A.M they won't be accepting us.

It’s one A.M heard it’s the best time to hit. The word is good; we can trust the source. We make our way out, not making noise. Gia has already set off the alarm. So they won't have an idea we are even in the building; she will guide us through with the available cameras. James is working the codes to get in the big room.

"Gia, we are in," I say to her through the earpiece.

"There are seven men to the left of where you guys are. They are armed." She warns me as we walk against the wall being quiet.

I see the seven men who don't notice us. I count down with my fingers as I put the one we shoot in the head; no one will hear us because we use silencers on all weapons. As they bleed out all over my shoes, we keep moving. Gia let us know she can't get a visual of where we are.

We walk through a door, trying to be a quiet as we can. I lead my team. As we enter, I see a big group of men they spot us.




As bullets zip past my head, I begin to shoot assassins one by one in the charge. I pull my sword out as I swing against a man's throat, making a clean-cut as his head falls off his body. I wasn't lying when I said I want heads. My boys are doing well as they get their targets. The naturals have great teachers who trained them. We make our way through the other door lights are dim; we look around, women are chained and beaten. I can't even save them. We can try, but I am not sure if I can.

We move fast. I hear gunshots ring out, letting me know other teams or in the war zone. We keep moving as we progress. I see more men than us. This will be a challenge; we have to do this right, or we could get killed. I see Vittorio head to a few men as he does a 540 kick cleaning the man's clock as he does the same to another man as Marcello slices other men's heads off. They are in sync as they work well together.

Dame and Lorenzo are taking out men as I shoot and kill many a few got me good in the face, a few punches, and kicks that caught me off guard. I bashed their heads in. We keep going as we make it to a more significant one filled with way more people than us.

"Vincenzo, what a surprise." I hear Manny say with a laugh.

He has Luca and Marco and Franco and my daughter. They have guns trained on them. My world is crashing as I see a man sniffing my daughter.

"Vincenzo, I need you to pick who you want me to kill first. Ariel is not a choice. I need her for big money; I have a top buyer for her. He says sardonically as he smiles with a gold tooth showing.

I walk close, knowing I have full bulletproof armor on. I am not choosing who will die because I am killing them all. I wanted to keep him alive, but I see this is not working out. I have to think of something else. I pull my gun out as I feel my body being hit with bullets; they hurt like a bitch, but I fire, hitting the fucker between the eyes that had Ariel; as she gets up grabbing a gun, she starts to shoot. Marco and Franco are in a battle. Manny Jr and his brothers are running. They won't get away this time.

Men come up as they attack me. I take my elbows as I hit them both in the nose, hearing a crunch as I grab them, banging their heads hard together over and over. I can see their skull crack and bleed from the force. Blood splatters all over. I move on to the next, cutting head after head off. More men come as they outnumber us, and Manny Jr is back smiling. We might not make this, but my kids have to make it out of here. I will die for them, I mean it. I see man train their guns on me from behind and men in front; we have many traitors.

"Tell your men to stand down," Manny says with a loud voice, trying to scare me.

I don't say a word, wave my hand, wondering where the hell Enzo is with his big team and few other families I run. The next thing I know, Manny shoots Franco right in the forehead. I watch him leave this world as he falls back. Luca and Marco scream out in pain. I am hurting.

"Who is next? Get the fuck on your knees, beg me to let your kids live. Now!" He shuts at me.

I play the part as I get on my knees. I smile big at him as I show him no fear. I don't fear this weak, pathetic man. He will pay for what he has done and what he has done to Franco. He might think my kids are little boys, but he has no idea what they can do. He woke a beast. I am ready.

"You underestimate my boys, and my family thinks because you caught us off guard, you won?” I say with a harsh tone and no emotion. I smile at him.



Guns ring out, my ears are ringing. I feel pain as I watch Enzo and his family take men down; the rest of my team come and see my boys and Luca. Everyone is fighting. They are going in for the kill. I am starting to have a panic attack when I hear my daughter yelling.

"Dad, help me!" I hear Ariel scream out.
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