Dangerous Marriage

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Final War part Two


My father is trying to get t,o Ariel has over five men on her; he is bleeding badly from his face looks like he may have been shot in the face. I am trying to fight my way through with my brother.

As we approach the men, it's me and uncle Luca and V and Dame and Lorenzo; Marco is off helping dad on the warpath. He watched his brother die in front of him. I aim high, being careful as I shoot the one between the eyes as his brains and blood splatter all over the place. We manage to get Ariel. I look to see my dad is up and fighting. Now that I see him, he was grazed by a bullet or something.

We keep moving and fighting as I do our favorite 540 kick through my body high, coming sideways at my opponent at hand. I and V do this together as we hear the man's face crunch, and I land on his face smashing his skull in. I have to turn off my emotions. I am like mom and Ariel. I am not like V or dad they are ruthless and cold when it comes to this lifestyle. That is why V will make a great leader. I will lead with him, but he will be the main boss.

We all are face to face; he does have numbers on us. I see my Pa and uncles and others as we all fight, and I watch as my Pa loses men. Manny's oldest son comes at me as I take my left hand, make a fist punch him right in the throat, taking his breath away. I pull my knife out as I stab him in the eye and pulling it out as he falls to the ground holding his eye bleeding out.




Gunfire is going off in every direction; my heart is pounding. I see Arial fighting as she shoots her targets. Dad was right. This is going to be a blood bath. I run away from danger as I know who I want, and I need to get Manny for my father. I have this eerie feeling we lost uncle Franco. It feels like we are being watched.

I hear a loud pop as I see my papa Giovanni go down. Enzo grabs him as blood soaks through his clothes; my papa Giovanni was shot in the forehead; he is gone. I see my dad scream loud as he runs to his father, holding him. Another pop goes off as we all duck, and Ariel is hit in the legs. My father and uncle Luca grab her as we have to leave papa behind come back for him. We have a team that will get uncle Franco and papa.

I want to cry. I was close to papa, and I know it's killing Ariel. She was his little girl. They have a close bond. I watch my sister scream in pain as my father looks around, worried. We have snipers and can't see them. Another shot after the shot goes off, and men after men fall like flies.

"Massimo, we need to get on the roof with V. We can have to work as if this a hit we are on. Ariel one of our best snipers. She can't do it. We need to find the sniper before we all are dead. I hear
uncle Matteo tells me in panic he never worries.

"Alight," I say, following his lead.

We walk away from the group. As we all take our place, we find an elevator getting on. As we hear gunfire in the distance, I worry about losing my father or uncle Luca or my sister or brother. We lost uncle Franco and papa Gio. Who is going to hurt the most is my father; they were close. My mother is going to be devastated; she was very close to papa Gio. I have to push the emotions to the side.

We make it to the top floor as this has to be the roof; sure enough, we make it to the entrance as we walk the fire escape stairs. We know what we have to do up here is find the snipers shooting through windows at us. We use googles that are like binoculars. I look around as I see two men who are aiming at the windows. They have the high tech. They can spot anyone with their thermal vision. I get my high-powered pistol out they can make it to their head. I focus my gun as I have the laser on the man's head, and I squeeze the trigger. The bullet leaves the chamber. I watch as it goes fast, hitting the man in the lead as the other is on alert. I make a fast decision; pulling the trigger, I make it.

I move around the roof, looking for more snipers, not seeing any, but my eye catches Alissa. She is shooting at the widow; my eyes have to be playing tricks, and as soon I go to shoot, I see V behind her as he sticks her with a dart. He is fast; he knows people underestimate him for our age but never underestimate him because he will find you. He was good at hunting.

We manage to take out all snipers and capture them; we have a team that gets the dead and the ones we catch. I am worried about my family getting to them. I make my way to V as he looks like a warrior proud. He a powerful beast big like our father.

"We need to maker sure Ariel is safe, and dad," I say with frustration as he seems to be moving slow.

I move along time stops everything is moving slow daylight brakes we have a high chance of police coming to happen. This can be heard for miles even tho we are in the middle of nowhere.

As we make our way in, I see my father has Manny and the rest of the remaining Romano's. I look to see Ariel has hurt uncle Luca has her legs wrapped. I know she wanted to prove something, but she slows us down; we are always worried about her and can't think or focus well. She can't be the underboss she wanted to be.

"Well done. Uncle Matteo and E are working the buildings; we took out everyone with great teamwork. We lost my father and Franco, but we knew this would happen." My father says with a cracked voice.

"Now is time to do what we should have done a long time ago. We will finish them, and the bloodline will be demolished." My father's voice booms with power.

"Dad, can I kill them?" I hear V all too eager to kill. My father will let him do it. We have to tame the beast, my father always says, and I agree.

"Manny deserves no words," V says with laughter as he looks like a devil.

I watch as V goes up to Manny with a smile as his children watch in terror in their eyes as he grabs my father's sword that right there is respect, more or less my father handing down the torch sort of speck. V rubs the blade across Manny's neck as he speaks to him in Italian. He makes a clean cut to the channel taking his head off as blood is squirting all over, he sets it on his oldest son's lap.

"Look at your father; he nothing; he was pathetic and weak," V says as he spits on his head.

I need to do this as I will be running the family with V; we have this bond we can read each other. He is waiting for me. I am not sick as V. I pull my gun, outshooting the remaining family left one by one in the head. This war is over, but there will always be another family who will want our place.

As we leave, I ride in the van with my brother and father, and papa Gio. Luca with his brother, uncle Franco and Marco. Papa Enzo and my other uncles are working with clean up and getting rid of all bodies with acids and fire. Like they never existed. I see my father kiss papa's head as now rubbing his head. Mh papa was the king of our family, the glue he played a critical part. Arial could not bear to see papa like this. She went to the hospital with aunt Gia.

We have arrived in the hospital with papa. I see uncle Luca and uncle Marco pulling up. We unload papa we carry him to the hospital; a solitary tear falls on my face. This man taught me how to fight, how to love took me and V and Ariel I'm many vaccinations he was always with us so was papa Enzo we are a very close family.

I am broken. Is this what V feels like all the time because? If so, lookout. There will be a world with two broken, cold, hearted men leading this family that will be dangerous. Today changed me after what I have seen and done made me a different man.

We wait in the waiting room. As I see mom running to dad, he brings her in and holds her close. I hope one day I can have what they have. Dad will be okay. He has a mom. We are going to get through this. We are a family.

"Massimo my baby boy, are you okay?" Mom asks as she holds me. I nod.

We look and see Ariel coming our way; she is in a wheelchair. My father and mother both hug her tight.

"Ariel, I don't think this is for you. Go to college to make something. Be doctor like you wanted for the family. Anything." I hear my father say what I am sure we all were thinking.

"I made my mind up. I don't think being in the family would be a great idea for me. I get too emotional when I kill, and I wouldn't say I like it. You idiots will need me as a doctor the way you get hurt.," she says sarcastically as she points to Dad's face.

Dad nods with a smile. We are beating light-hearted, but the doctors come out, and reality sets in. They inform us of uncle Franco and Papa being gone. I see das cry, and nana is in tears. Papa Enzo and nana Ivanna come in. They embrace my father.

It's has been a week since papa passed away, and dad has been locked in his office drinking more than he should have. He was taking this hard and avoiding mom. She is giving him his space. Today is his send-off. This will tear dad apart.

We enter the garden where papa loved and will be buried at his home as everyone speaks of papa and shares stories. I see V off alone; he has no emotion; I can't tell if he hurt or doesn't have the kind of emotions we do?

"My father was the true king of the family. My best friend taught me everything I know as a man. I am the father I am. He showed me it's okay to love and let people in don't always have to hide. He helped me in my dark times when I once was cold and evil and cruel. He opens a world for me. I had an outlook on life when I worked in the shelters and started saving women. My father had a heart of gold. He was loving and always saw the good in people was a fair man. There is so much I can say, but I can't go on. I love you, father." He says as he walks off with dark glasses on, hiding his tears.

We have a ceremony for Franco and uncle Marco, and aunt Gia is torn up. Marco lost his other half, his twin. I could feel his pain as I don't know what I do without V
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