Dangerous Marriage

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My Happy Family


Been weeks since Giovanni passed away, Vincenzo has been locked in his office drinking away. Well, today he is coming out because I have some news for him. I walk in to see him drunk at his desk as he is looking at his computer with music going. Her eyes meet mine as he takes a drink of his whisky.

"Vincenzo, how long you plan on being in here? I gave you the space you needed, but it's enough now. We all need you." I cut my eyes at him as I give him a stern look.

"As long as I fucking want to, this is my damn house." He says with anger as he slams another shot.

I am seething with anger as I want to kick him in the balls talking to be like that.

"I am pregnant. If you want to keep acting this way and treat me like crap, I will leave you. I won't tolerate your shit." I say as I get up, slamming the chair.

Leaving it all in the air, let it set in of what I just told him. He gets up and slams me into the wall hard. He has my throat. He leans down to my ear.

"What did you say?" He growls in my ear as he holds my throat, not tight I can breathe may sound crazy, but I have craved his touch.

"I am having a baby," I say breathlessly as I pinch my legs close for friction.

"I heard that. The other part you think I am letting you leave me, I suppose you might be wrong; you are mine. Let me remind you." He says sensual as he grabs me fast, dragging me to the desk.

He bends me over, hiking my dress up and ripping my panties off. I hear him fumble with his zipper as he slams into me without warning hard and fast. He goes hard into me as I hold on to the desk for leverage. I already see spots as he spanks me and shows me who the boss who owns my body is. My soul belongs to him. After all these years, I still burn with fire.

"Vin, I have missed you, baby," I say as I feel my pussy convulse as I clamp around his cock in climax hard.

"You are mine. This pussy is mine. Don't you ever forget it? Fuck! I feel him cum deep inside as he growls like an animal.

Ten years have passed by. My little girl gives her daddy a hard time; she is ten going on sixteen; she is exactly like me same eyes and hair. Vincenzo said he is too damn old to be chasing a kid around at fifty-eight years old what does he think I am young? I am forty-one years old. I watch as they play. We have the boy's ceremony. They will be taking over the family as bosses, and Luca's son Luca jr will be the underboss. Arial is married to a lawyer who works for the family. She is the new family doctor, and we are proud grandparents of two little girls. Vincenzo has a soft spot for the girls. We still all visit the club and live out our fantasies.

"You look as beautiful as always, kitten," Vincenzo says as he kisses my neck.

Arial is picking up Giavonni. We named her after papa. She loves playing with her little nieces; they are best friends only a few years apart.

"If we had time, I bend you over that table." He says as he swats my ass." I chuckle as he does. This man still has a very high sex drive. I am not complaining.

We make it to the garden at Anna's house where Gio is buried; it is perfect to have the boys take oath as they become boss and Vincenzo retires. He wants to spend more time on the beach and with kids and grandkids. I forgot to mention that Vicky ended up overdosing on pills. Ariel took it hard. I think of her today because we did see her more. She tried more with Ariel now she is missing out on beautiful little girls.

Vincenzo, Luca and Marco, Dame and Lorenzo. My father and brothers all stand proud as the boys are about to be the new kings of the family. I worry about Vittorio is cold; he barely hugs me. Like he has no empathy. Will he cause more issues? I know Vincenzo had to keep him tame. He enjoys killing, I am. I dumb. I know my kids. Massimo is kind and loving, but one day he switched off turned cold after that big war ten years ago.

Luca's boy is strong and powerful like him. Franco's boy is going to take over doing what Franco did. Marco is just starting at fifty-three, as a new father married to a young twenty-five-year-old. My brothers ended up having kids the same age as Giavanna. They are boys who are out on vacation with their mother. Yup, they have the same mom married the same woman.

The ceremony starts. I watch my boys, who are not boys anymore. They are men who stand too tall like their father. They are huge and have tattoos just like the rest. They accept the power given to them. The new bosses will be taking over for the family a new generation of Vincenzo's, Luca, Franco, dame, Lorenzo's kids. Now we can try and relax and enjoy one another, me and Vincenzo.

Drinks are flowing at the restaurant as boys are tipsy. I watch as Marcello makes conversation with a waitress. Vittorio is watching a woman as she is praying. I look away. I don't need to see my boys beating man whores. I thought I taught them better to respect women?

"Aurora, they are men; get out of your head. I was doing the same shit to a purple eye raven hairs magnificent woman who came my way, turning my life upside down. She became my downfall." He whispers in my ear as he rubs my thigh, sending shivers down my spine.

"You love me and can't live without me. You brought me into a world of chaos. I love you more, Vincenzo. I will never stop loving you.

Funny how life works. I never thought at eighteen I would meet the love of my life live a life with many obstacles and lies and twists. I went from thinking my mother was dead to her be alive and thought I had lost Vincenzo a few times as he thought he lost me. I almost killed myself once when I thought Vincenzo would never know who I was. Life is precious. The people in our life are our precious time is everything being with family is essential. Never know what can happen in this life we live.

I watch Ariel and her husband laugh together; they share a love me and Vincenzo share. I see the kids run around with laughter that fills the restaurant. I watch as even V has a smile; he enjoys the woman he is with. I bet money he will change him.

"A girl is going to run circles around V. Look how happy he is," I say to Vincenzo with a smile.

"He was getting pussy; why wouldn't he be happy," Vincenzo says with a chuckle, and I slap his arm.

"Ever think you be here watching your family grow to experience this with a person you love?" I ask as I kiss his cheek.

"I never thought love was for me. Here we are in a chain of events together. You have made the shelters bigger than I ever could. You bring light to the family. You made it easy to love. Kitten, I would never change a thing. I thought I did not deserve love, but you showed me I did." He says as he brings his lips to mine, and I know where we are going with this.

Twenty-five years I have been with Vincenzo, and every day feels like a first I know Giovanni is looking down on us with a smile. Anna and my mother look at me, smiling at me as they both aged well. My mom is sixty. I am thankful to have her; she got to see me get married and watch my kids grow as she gets to see her great-grandbabies. I am blessed I got to have my father in my life. Enzo was another great man to come into my life. Leaving the untied states behind was one of the best decisions of my life.

Time for my boys to make memories start a life, and me and Vincenzo can sit back and enjoy our vacation with Giovanna and Abby, Ava.
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