Dangerous Marriage

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He turned me into this monster.


I am leaving David today. I have to plan this carefully. Things with Vincenzo pretty sealed my fate and opened my eyes up. He right; David is not a good man. I have to leave all toxic relationships behind. I have to wait until after dinner. David has his snooty friends coming over for dinner. Very judgmental bitches, assholes. His best friend's wives Kelly, Ivy, love to gossip, put others down, act all holier than ever, pretend to be perfect. They pop pills, drink wine all day. People whisper about them.

I packed my things already, and in the car along with my papers, my passport. I have a booked hotel for me outside of New York. Time to pretend. I head downstairs to the kitchen to take the dinner out. I made coconut salmon, rice with pineapples, green beans. Let’s say this not their favorite dish. I cannot wait for this to be over. Move on with life and new chapter what mom would want from me.

"Aurora!!" David yells for me. I hurry to him playing the part.

"Hey, honey," I say in a soft voice with a fake smile and kiss him on the cheek.

"Nice to see you guys again. I say to Kelly, Ivy, Dale, Steven with a big wide fake smile. They all smile, just as affected as I am.

"Dinner is done and served. Let's eat before it gets cold." I gesture towards the kitchen. We all head to through the kitchen to the dining area.

We all take a seat, and I smile as I see Kelly's nose go in the air when she looks at the plate. I happen to love the dish. It is exotic, not to brag. I can cook and bake. This makes me laugh inside because these bitches think they are queen bees and run everything right down to my own home. Think again bitches! Petted Aurora is out to play!

"Aurora, darling, I don’t like this dish, and I am sure the rest fell the same.” She says with a sigh as she points at the dish, and the rest nod.

“I don’t care to be honest,” I say in a passive-aggressive voice as I roll my eyes.

My plan of leaving peacefully is not looking good. She is giving me a dirty look. "Bitch" I want to say out loud. Ivy has a disgusting look as well. David looks pissed off that I made his poor little friends not happy! Awe... too bad! Glad they are not satisfied. I keep smiling at them as I eat my food.

"Aurora, how could you forget that when you made this dish a few weeks ago, they did not like it?” David asks with an angry tone. I grit my teeth as I smile.

Something snaps in me. I am done being a doormat allowing anyone to treat me like shit! I have had enough of him. I am done. I cannot play this nice act with him or them! They pushed me to be the person I am, and I can't control my feeling. I am mad, hurt, disgusted. They are constantly disrespecting me.

"I don't know. I just lost my mother, wasn't thinking of what Kelly, Ivy liked. They don't have to eat!” I say in an aggravated tone. I am looking at them, daring them to say something.

"It's okay, Aurora; no big deal, it is edible.” Ivy. Says as she smilies, taking a bite. She won’t dare go against Kelly. She keeps looking over at her.

I wonder why they moved here with us all anyways. They were not needed; Dale was offered to take of the office in Carolina. I wish they did. I have a feeling why because of queen

"This is not editable at all, Ivy. Stop being nice. This isn't very pleasant. We can order a pizza! Kelly said in a bitchy tone as she sighs loudly and obnoxiously.

I am losing myself; I feel the rage inside me. Before I know it, I am starting to unleash my anger that has been built up for years. I ball my fist tight. I am ready to punch her or maybe strangle her; I cannot decide. I am on edge. This can't be normal.

"You are the biggest bitch I have ever meant. Life is not about you. Not enough pills and wine today?” I say with laughter.

“Stop it now, Aurora. You are embarrassing yourself and me.” David is mad; his face shows it. I can care less.

“Everyone knows the pill addiction they have, their drinking habit. She was nodding out at the pickup line to get her kids. Who the hell does that!” I shout, making jabs at her as she has done to me so many times before and now. She looks furious, and I am ready to fight.

"Enough, Aurora. Stop before you get put in your damn place!” David is yelling at me. I smile at him. Everyone is looking at me like I am crazy.

His famous move his hand is digging in my thigh hard. I take my nails and dig into his hand hard enough to cause blood; he removed his hand fast. He is ready to hurt me. I can feel it. I am heated.

" Fuck off all of you, Ivy, Dale, Steven, all of you are so fake and live off David, and he is pretty pathetic” I am shouting and crying; I am furious.

I breathe heavily. I feel as I scream at them, seeing red. I hate all of them. Why waste my breath on these people. Rude and crude, vile people.

Built-up anger of years of pain and humiliation since I was about thirteen years old. All my rage is coming out now. I feel like I am on fire. I have never wanted to kill anyone, but I do. This can't be normal. I want to get rid of all who have done me wrong.

"Let’s calm down. This is what I am talking about when you said you were with Aurora. You let her father and your father push this girl on you, causing all these problems. We all know why you are with her, not her brains. ” Dale specks with anger as he points his finger at me.

His words do have not hurt me because I do have brains I will be something. They all pushed me with David I never liked, nor even when I was younger.

“You are fucking peach, aren’t you? I wish there were more small-minded pathetic men out there like you.” I say with sarcasm as my voice is laced with venom anger is building inside me even more.

The tears run down my face as I see myself strangling him Holy shit!! Where did that come from? I have never been this upset. Maybe it's from them always talking down on me for years. They can’t stand. I am finally standing up for myself.

“Well, I have my mom still. While you sit here without dear mommy and cry.,” Kelly says in a mocking tone making a crying face with her hands. I smile calmly at her.

“ Go run along cry some more." She is mocking me as she does an annoying baby voice. I am still trying to act unbothered.

“I am leaving. I am no longer engaging in this conversation. I might end up hurting someone badly.” I say as I feel like I may blackout.

As I try to leave, Kelly gets in my face. She is nose to nose. Her fist is balled like she wants to hit me. I can smell the wine on her. I stand my ground, daring her to hit me. She fake lunges at me. I don’t cringe; I standstill with a smile.

“You should be scared of me, Aurora. I don’t play around; you can’t just attack us all, and we sit here and take it.” Is she playing the victim?

I blackout. I don’t know because the next the I know, I have Kelly’s hair in my hands; her face is dripping blood as she screams and cries. I think I hit her face off my knee.

“Who is crying now bitch. You should be scared of me because I don’t play around bitch!” I scream in her face.

I walk out to the living room to grab my keys and leave my phone and purse is in my car already. I need to go. This is not who I want to be. I have never been this hurt and angry.

“I had to bribe them not to press charges and had them leave. What is the fuck wrong with you? Where the hell do you tuning, you are going?” David is yelling, and his face is red; his eyes are dark.

“I am leaving you. We are done. I can’t live like this anymore. I need to be alone. You are not what I want. I hate you can’t you see that?” I say in a very calm voice as tears threaten to come out.

“What to him? Think I don’t know you are sleeping with your boss? I know everything. That ends now you had your fun I let you act out after losing your mom I forgive you. We can get pass this.” He says in a passive aggressive voice.

“We were never together. I was always a deal you thought I was for sell, I am not a person so you can tell Brent to figure it out he cut out of my life as well.

“Not how this works. You are going to stop this little act right now get the hell upstairs we can work this out and talk. Don’t make me do something I might regret.” He steps close to me trying to grab me. I pull away.

I take my knee and hike it up to his balls and get him good causing him to topple over and I run for the kitchen hoping I can make to the the basement where a door leads outside. Our basement and garage is underground. The garage is the only way out from this way.

I hear him coming I hurry to the little storage closet going inside locking it. Hoping like hell I am safe in here from him. My heart is pounding in my chest as I swoll hard. I hear him walking around I get worried as I see his feet stop by the door, the handle wiggles. I back away going under a shelf putting boxes in front of me trying to settle my breathing and cover my mouth.

I hear a loud bang on the door this goes on for awhile crash! The door is down and I hear in stomping in I remain quiet as tears go down my face I muffle my sounds. I watch as he kicks the boxes and looks down smiling at me.

“I found you.” He says as he pulls my hair hard dragging me out we are the kitchen.

He slams me hard into the fridge as he has my throat hard I can’t breathe as I claw at his hands. I try to knee him again he blocks me. I am starting to feel light headed as I can’t move this is it he going to kill me. I mange to reach to the counter next to us firing a knife I slice his face deep as he bleeds out. He falls back holding his face screaming he comes at me again this time he stopped. I see Vincenzo he had David pin against counter.

Luca is telling me to leave I can’t leave as I watch Vincenzo beat him and then I see a gun he pulls it out shooting David in the head. Blood goes everywhere and I scream out. What has he done?

“Aurora, I am sorry he picks me up I am shaking he risked being in trouble for murder for me?

I cry into his chest as he carries me to the a Suv we get in the back as he lays me in lap as I cry uncontrollably.

“Why would you do that for me now you can go to prion.” His family are powerful.” Say with a cracking voice as I hiccup from crying hard.

“I won’t. I will explain to you about everything at my house just trust me. Can you trust me? He looks down at me with pain in his eyes. I do trust him.

May seem crazy after he put a bullet in David’s head and I feel realized am I bad person?
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