Dangerous Marriage

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My heart is perfect because you are in.


We make our way into the living room. I have calmed down a lot. Vincenzo said there are things I need to know about him. He told me he had a feeling something was wrong he came to check on me. I am glad he did; he saved my life. But it’s hard to unsee David’s brains going all over the place. Vincenzo shoots him like he has done it before. He goes to the mini bar in the living room. See him pour us drinks.

“Here, drink this. You need to know the truth about me. First, tell me what happen I thought you were leaving when you text me before he got home?

"I wanted to wait tonight. I was trying to play nice and plan it out carefully. Things got out of hand. I got in a fight with his friends, their wives and got physical with one of the wives. I tried to leave. He went crazy. I could hide in the basement and leave our garage.” I say as tears fall down my face as I tremble.

"Why did you shoot him? Are you scared of being in trouble?” I ask with worry. I will never forgive myself for bringing Vincenzo into my mess.

"Relax—no easy way to say this. Let me tell you everything, and then you can decide what you want to do. I am the boss of the Sicilian- American mafia. Aurora, I am a dangerous man. I am not the hero you or anyone may think." He tells me with no emotion.

I probably should run out the door and report him and never look back, but that will not happen. I am just a fucked up and broken as him. I don’t care what he does; I want him in my life still because all those women from sex trafficking he saves them with his skills. It is about power and greed.

“Aurora, don't think of going to the police because anyone who has ever tried didn't make it." He has a stone-cold look, as he tells me. I believe him, but he doesn’t have to worry. I would never do that to a man I love. Yeah, I know too soon, but when you see, you know love doesn’t have a time limit.

"I don't care, Vincenzo. I trust you. I want to know why you killed David, and there could have been another way to get rid of him?” I look him in the eyes as he clinches his jaw.

"He is not a good man. I did a background check on him. I had a bad feeling about him; he has a history of hurting women. They work with bad men his they help men break free men who take women as slaves.” This is crazy. I knew they were in lousy people. But sex trafficking? Where are they going to sell me? What was his accurate plan?

“Let’s take a bath, Kitten. We need to relax. This won’t trace back to you or me, I promise. He says as he kisses my head picking me up.

He carries me up to his big beautiful room with bright red walls, black plush carpet, beautiful bedroom set that is black marble. We make way to the bathroom.

“Just trust me is all I am asking, Kitten." He tells me softly in my ear as he strokes my cheek.

We enter the bathroom that takes my breath away looks like a cave. Oversized double shower, the bathtub could fit ten people. Beautiful lights that change color.

“You have a beautiful place, I trust you. I will do whatever you need me to do, so you trust me. David was going to kill me. I know this was justified, right? I say as I kiss him softly.

We are moving fast. This uncharted territory for Vincenzo; he doesn't do emotions. He threw his own child's mother to the curb as she was nothing. I understand why. We built a great bond over the past few months, after what we did not long ago that made whatever we have more substantial. I should be upset with everything he told me. Shit, I should be scared. I am not. Now that David is gone, I feel free, and I know he can't harm other women again. I know I am not normal; I am as fucked up.

"I am going to undress and join you. I will be right back. I need to grab some things." He told me with a sexy smile, making my core soaked instantly.

"Okay." I smile back.

I undress fully nude. I step into the hot water that feels amazing on my body. I had no idea how tense I was until now. This man touch alone sets me on fire; we have this chemistry that most people hope to have. I am so messed up, and the man told me he is a murder, and I don't even care. Maybe this is who I am all along fucked up love the dark side and murders.

"Kitten." Vincenzo is standing there with his masculine body, his giant fat monster standing proud.

"V-vin," I say breathlessly as I pant for this man like a bitch in heat.

He was getting in behind me, handing me a glass of whisky. I take it and drink the warm amber liquid that burns my throat. I feel him start to rub my shoulders as his hardwood is poking me in the back. I want him. This is wrong but so right.

"Let me take care of you tonight. Make you feel things you have never felt before, Kitten." He whispers in my ear, sending chills down my spine.

"Vin. I want you to make me feel better." I tell him with my voice cracking.

"Let's dry off, and I will make you feel better, Kitten. When I am done, you will need to soak in a hot bath again, trust me." He has a low husky voice with that hot-ass thick accent that makes my pussy clench.

I get out and follow him as he grabs a towel wrapping it around me. His eyes that look red now are baring into my soul, charged energy again. When you meet that person, someone new and your souls instantaneously recognize your self within the other person's soul. Right away, you both feel safe, at home, and that is a deep soul connection. Precisely what I think of Vincenzio.

“You are so fucking hot!" I say in a seductive voice. He smiles at me. He grabs me, making me drop the towel.

We enter the bedroom; my mouth almost hits the floor as I see cuffs, blindfolds, floggers. I see different toys. I am nervous. I don't know what he has planned; he told me he was a dom and liked the women he was with to be his subs. I have read about it and understand what it means for me. I am willing to do as he asks of me; I will be whatever he wants me to be for him tonight, however long he will have me. He saved me in a way he will never understand.

"Lay down, Kitten. Safe-word is purple. Remember it, okay?" I nod. I can't form words as I am starting to get nervous about what is to come.

I lay on the bed as he told me I don't know what to do as I lay exposed. The following things I feel are my ankles being grabbed forcefully and the feel of cool mental, with a click as he cuffed my ankles to the bedpost. I breathe heavily as he licks slowly up my right thigh, making his way up to the place I want him so desperately, but he never goes there; he gets up.

“I am going to do as I please with this nice tight body." He says in a low husky voice. His eyes are mesmerizing red. I am now cuffed and blindfolded at his mercy.

"All of the decisions are mine; you understand me, kitten." He tells me with a harsh tone.

"Yes, sir," I say breathlessly. I am ashamed of how wet I am for him. I can feel myself dripping.

"Not all women can handle being mine, Kitten. Think you will be different? Think you can handle me, little girl?" He says with a harsh tone but seductive at the same time. I want him more than I have ever wanted anyone or anything.

"I can handle you. I am just as fucked as you are probably, especially after today." I say, panting.

"You may be. Kitten, I am going to have every hole." He whippers-in my ear.

I feel him play with my nipple. He was now sucking my right nipple as he swirls his tongue. I am panting, legs shaking. The cuffs are digging into my wrist, my nipples are so sensitive. As he lets up, I feel cool mental on my left nipple, a hard pinch that makes me scream out.

"Ouch," I yell.

"Nipple clamps, you will love them." He says in a breathless voice.

I hate that I can’t touch him. He gave me power last time, and now my power is taking away. I can feel him and smell him. I can feel his energy inside me. He does the same to the other one as he pulls the clamps the pinch my nipple. I moan out I could cum just from that.

I feel leather run across my body. Whack. Whack. Whack. The leather smack against my skin, as with each hit, I moan out loudly; it hurts but does something else to me; I am soaking wet even more than I already was. I feel him rub his fingers along my folds, and it sounded like he let out a growl.

"So fucking wet all for me, Kitten. You like this?" He asks in a husky voice.

"Yes, sir, I like it a lot," I say as I pant hard.

He is above me. I can feel him; his lips are at mine; he kisses me hard, thrusting his tongue inside, dominating me. "I am going to kiss you like I miss you and fuck you like I don't like you. Tonight you are my whore." He tells me in a harsh tone as he goes back to kissing me hard.

This kiss is different. I am on fire. I know he was not lying; he is going to fuck me like he doesn't care about me. That makes me happy, and today is all gone. He was making me feel alive. He breaks the kids leaving me wanting more. I need him inside me so bad, but I know right now it's not about what I want. This is me giving him my submission to trust him with my body, heart, soul. I know this man won't humiliate me. He, not that kind of dom; at least he won't be with me. I can feel it.

"Fuck, Kitten, you are mine now. Are you mine?" He asks with a harsh tone demanding an answer.

"Yes. The moment you touched me, I became yours, sir. I need you." I say with truth in my voice and use a sexy tome along with it.

This is where two bodies meet, and this where the heart and soul find their mate through passion and desire. My head is open to him only. This is brutal honesty and convention of being his, the dominant, and the submissive.
Hard to describe what his voice makes me feel every time he speaks to me. Sexy, it does t have to be in-depth. The tone is the way of talking dose something to me makes me want to obey. His malicious manners have me shivering, enjoying more exploding with pleasure.

"Good girl, what I wanted to hear. I am yours now, and I own you now. I am never letting you go." Vin tells me with a demanding voice, and I can feel he is not lying. I am happy he owns me. I love him. I can't say those words to him, yet I know he feels it too!

I feel him pour a warm liquid on my pussy, my other little hole. He runs the liquid on my breast as well. This sensation is different; it tingles. He pulls the clamps causing him to moan out. He doses it again. I swear I can cum just from this alone.

"I applied THC; it doesn't result in the same feeling one might get from inhalation or food intake. Your pussy, especially your clitoris, will be more sensitive. During stimulation, it will make foreplay particularly sensual. You will feel more warmth. I have you just the way I want you." He said in a deep voice that makes me want that beg him.

He is right; this makes me so wet, warm I feel like I am on fire from the stuff he poured on my body but in the right way. I heard a buzzing noise. I know that sound; he was going to use a vibrator on me.

"This is a duel rabbit dildo will hit the g-spot and right spot on clit. I will allow you to cum when need, but there is going to be a time when I won't. Understand me?" He tells me with a growl in his voice.

"I understand, sir. I wish I could have you inside me." I say in a crying tone.

"I will be when I am ready." He said in a harsh tone.

I feel the toy slip inside, hitting the g-spot that is so sensitive, the toy is sucking on my clit that is even more sensitive. "Oh my God!!" I scream out and hit him with an intense orgasm as he pulls the clamps. I shake and thrust against the cuffs.

"Relax and breathe. I don't want you passing out on me. Kitten, breathe, baby, let it happen." He said in a soft voice, encouraging me. I breathe, and I let it happen. Stars dance around. I feel a gush come out of me. "Sir... yes, I love it."

"I am going to fuck you like I don't care about you. There is so much more I am have planned." God, his sexy voice makes me cum again. This is new for me and enjoys I am.
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