Dangerous Marriage

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Dom And Sub

Submission isn't about pain. It is about training your mind and body and surrender control to the Dom, who wants to meet your needs and protect you.


As the toy is working my pussy, him pulling the clamps, my mind is all over the place. I am holding in my breathe as the toy hits my sensitive clit. The lube he used is doing something to my body; he is right. My wrist and ankles thrust against the cuffs. My legs are shaking.

“ Ahhh... fuck...” I scream out loud, scaring myself at how loud I screamed out.

I remember he said, breath. If I don't, I will pass out. I relax to let wave after wave of pleasure take over as I feel my juices gush out. This so turned me on. I love it. I can't get enough.

"Fuck yea, Kitten, that is it. I love watching you cum. Magnificent." I hear Vincenzo with a hot sexy voice.

As I still climax, I feel something thrust into my back door, causing me to scream out. It burns. "Butt plug relax. This will make you feel good. Kitten, if you can see what I see. Damn, I am lucky, son-of- bitch!!" His voice is thick and husky, dripped with a hint of seductive to him. I am trying to relax welcome the new feeling; as I start to relax, it was doing something.

"Vincenzo... please... I-I... Oh shit!!" I scream out as I try to form words.

I am hit with the most intense orgasm. My legs are sore as they go tight and shake the strong feeling in my stomach as I feel pleasure from everywhere. I climax so hard that I was almost faint; I am dizzy as I come down. I climax again. This is the most intense feeling. He starts to pull the clamps even harder as I moan out, thrusting the toy inside me.




I feel him hit my stomach over and over, sending me on a high. He poured more liquid all over my pussy, back door, nipples. This is a different sensation I have ever felt.

“Kitten, so damn beautiful coming undone for daddy." He tells me in a rough groggy voice.

"Vin. I mean, sir... please!!." I cry out as warm tears fall down my cheeks; I don't know what I am saying, please for. I refuse to say purple.

"Kitten, use your words. What do you want?" He tells me in a low dominant voice.

"I want you to feel you touch me. Sir, please, baby, I need you!!" I yell out, panting.

I climax so many times, I lost count, and I am sore. He finally takes the toy out, leaves the clamps, butt plugin. I am submissive, open up to show him the parts that make us truly beautiful, me beautiful. Letting have control allows him to the fullness of me. I will bare my soul to this man, and I have.

"You will be fucked liked you never been fucked before, unable to have thoughts, only feel me and be lost in the moment. Lose yourself with me, reach orgasms like never before. I want you to be my girl, Aurora, you hear me?" He tells me with so much emotion and promise. He wants me to be his girl that makes me explode with happiness. I thought we already established we would be together, but he made sure I know I am his.

"I hear you. I want to be your girl and your sub, your everything." I tell him with the same emotion as he has, letting him know I want him. How can I not?

I feel his fingers slowly run across my folds,
He thrusts two fingers inside; he is at my ear as he pushed his fingers out of me. I hiss out in pleasure; this is so amazing the feeling he is hitting that spot hard and fast.

"You are so fucking wet. You are not ready just yet for me." He whispers seductively in my ear.

He slams his lips into mine, hard thrusting his tongue inside as he works that spot, using his thumb as he runs my clit hard. As he sucks and bites my lips, sure they will be bruised. I am going mad with pleasure, pure bliss I am in.

"Daddy..." I mumble through the kiss. He told me sometimes he likes being called daddy. Most of the time, it is, sir. I got the feeling he wants, not tonight.

I feel my stomach go tight as he thrust in and out of me. He breaks the kiss and pulls the clamps. "Do not cum without asking me. I allowed enough time without you asking permission. Understand my little kitten?"He tells me with authority. I want to climax. I know what he wants me to beg.

"I understand, Daddy,” I say, panting low and husky; I don't even recognize myself.

He was thrusting so hard and deep. This is going to be cataclysmic for me. I am tittering; I am almost unhinged. I don't know how long I can hold off as my body is already so sensitive from all the orgasms I had. Just as I am to ask to cum he pulls away, leaving me aggravated. I sigh in frustration.

"Aww, what is the matter,
Kitten, did you want to cum? Tsk tsk." He taunts me like I am a child as he chuckles with lust in his now red eyes. He a beast he hungry for me. I love it all but am upset he did not let me cum.

"F- yes, sir, I did want to cum." I almost said fuck, you changed my mind and went with the truth. He just chuckled aloud.

"Too bad it's not about what you want." He said in a deep voice with a harsh tone.

“Asshole,” I want to say but keep my mouth shut. I want to see what comes next. I want to do this for him and myself. Hold on as long as I can, but at the same time, I want to rebel and see what punishment he gives me. I am his and ready to take it all. I want it all. I want to beg him for more and to stop, but I crave this man more and more. I will never get enough of him.

"Ouch," I say as Vin slammed into me hard without warning.

"You will take whatever I give you. Don't complain, something hurts too much use them safeword; otherwise, I will not stop. You need to understand who is in control!” He tells me in an authoritative voice that comes out harsh.

"O-okay... sir.." I say sweetly and panting.

He thrust hard and deep I can feel and hear the head bored hit off the wall. This is beautiful pain and pleasure. Fuck, this is so good. I am ready to climax, but I am holding back for him. I want to; it will make him proud. I am edging for him; he loved it. His face, eyes, hands, and way he touched me drive me crazy how he can be so perfect to me?

"I am falling in love with you," I say and gasp after what I just said. I blame my emotions.

"I care deeply about you." He tells me, and I want to burst my heart is the entire first time in a long time I feel wanted.

He thrust, putting me over the edge. My body burns for him. My heart beats for him. My soul longs for his possession. I am his. I want to climax so bad he has me on the ledge I am ready to go over. He is seeking copulation from me, and I am giving him just that and more. He owns me. I am a bus submissive slave; everything I will do as he tells me without questioning him at this moment.

"Can I cum, sir, please...?" I am begging. I need to release.

"Cum now." He commands.

My legs shake hard. I hold in my breath as I convulse and climax so hard I feel it gush out of all over him and myself. "Oh shit!!" I scream out.

"Fuck yea, Kitten so tight." He yells out with a growl.

He keeps pounding with that butt plug, still hitting the right spot every time he slams into me. He tugs the clamps harder than before, causing me to hiss out. He was thrusting harder with the force of his muscular body. I take it. I hate that I can't touch him or see him; all I can do is feel him and hear him. It heightens my senses.

“You are magnificent have no idea of the view I have, Kitten." His sexy strong voice makes me so hot for him.

He keeps up the hard thrust and pounding that I can't help but almost give in; then he put his hand around my throat as he pounds into me like he promised, like I am his whore. Fuck, this is the soul connecting fireworks everyone talks about. I am ready to explode as white spots dance around.

“Cum for me and milk me, Kitten." He was telling me in a commanding voice.

I come undone from his hand around my throat; he holds my throat hard as I climax. Oh, Vincenzo!!" I scream out and moan loud with every wave after wave of pleasure. "Shit!!" He growls out as he pulsates inside me.

"Fuck it so damn good with you. You are staying here, and I will never let you go." He whispers in my ear.

Vin uncuffed my ankles and wrist. I am sore all over her started a bath for us. Which he had to carry me to the hot water feels so good on my sore muscles. He was now staring at me with his now light blood orange eyes. Something is on his mind. I turn away, feeling shy.

"Don't turn away from me, Aurora. I enjoy looking into the sweet, beautiful soul. I meant it. Lily can live in the penthouse; you are free as long as you take a bodyguard to come and go as you please, but I want you here with Ariel and me. I don't give a fuck how fast we are moving." he says with so much passion. I love this man.

"I will stay. When you find your soulmate, I don't think there that can be a day or years. I feel like I have known you for a lifetime. I know you more than care about me. You feel it but won't admit to it." I say as I stroke his cheek.

I want him and his daughter Arial. She is a package deal. I wonder what the full story of what happened to him, the mother of his daughter?

"Vin, why did you get rid of Arial's mom? Did you love her?" I ask with curiosity.

He cocks his head, and his eyes are dark. He was not going to tell me I can feel it.

"Vicky was a great sub. I did care about her, but she got into drinking, hardcore drugs, and spending money. When she got pregnant, I thought we both could work; we got married. After Ariel, things were good." he sighs. I nod and encourage him to keep going.

"She was a horrible mom who would never wake up with the baby or do anything. All she so would do was drugs and cheat. I had her sign off on Ariel. I got her help and gave her a house. She left treatment early. She can never be around Arial unless she is clean a year; that was the deal." He rubs the bridge of his nose. I can tell he is hurt. He is broken for his little girl.

"I am sorry. She has you, and I can be there for her; she is part of you, and I love kids." I say with a smile. I kiss him softly, and he reruns the kiss.

"I know you will be great here for us, but I have rules. You will be my sub as well as my girl.” He smiles as he swats my thigh that makes me go crazy with a need. I am turning into a nympho.

"I figured there would be a catch to me being here," I say sarcastically with a laugh and slap his arm.

"Tell me, why hasn't your dad taking care of David?" Here we go. I was hoping to avoid all talk of my father.

"He is a bitter drunk and abusive to me and was to my mother. He and David’s father are best friends; they probably had a deal going with me because my father is greedy. He would beat me to I was bleeding over the littlest things.” I say with tears in my eyes.

"I am sorry, Kitten, that should not have happened to you. If a man ever does that to Ariel, I will kill him. After what I saw, I believe him.

"I know," Is all I say.

I am all warm and fuzzy inside; what the hell is wrong with me? He presses a button on jets, and he has music playing.

“Enjoy the bath. I am going to shower, and I have a few things to do in my office. I will have your things here in A.M," He tells me as he rushes over to the shower with his fine ass.

While he in his office I like to look in the box my mother left for me. I am curious what is inside there that is very important. I can’t relax. All I can think of is the box. Fuck this, and I am getting out. I put my robe on, grab my drink Vincenzo made me, and I head to the room. Thankful he had Luca hold my car, and I was able to retrieve my box. I go to the box. I unlock it with the key, and I see letters and photos. I pick up the first envelope.

I am sorry that I had to tell you thin in a letter; I always planned on speaking, but Brent held things over my head; please know everything I did was for you. I hope you can forgive me? Where do I start? Brent, is it your biological father. A man named Enzo Rossi is your father. He was my one true love; he lit my soul on fire; he was my soulmate. We had a great love story. He was an older boy. I was fifteen just came here from Russia to live with my grandma and her American husband.

I read more she explained how she wanted me to live a better life and leave this one; she said Vincenzo was a good man. He could help me with everything and find my father. Wonder what she means? Did she know who they were?

I pick up photos, and I see my mom and a man he very tall and handsome his eyes are bright purple like mine same raven hair we look so much alike. There are more letters.

Enzo was a charming man. He made me feel alive burned me with passion. We made love. It was magical when you are in love, but one day he was called home. His father had died, and I knew he would not be returning as he would be a boss of the second-largest Italian family. I wanted to tell you at a younger age and run and find him, but Brent and David were involved in shady things said they take you and sell you.

I start to cry as I discover I have a father who is not Brent. I should be happy I don’t want to be bad at my mom, but she could have tried harder sounds like Enzo could have saved us. Why didn't he come back? Did he not love her? Maybe he was using her? Holy shit! This is a lot.

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