Dangerous Marriage

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Start Of A War


For the past month, Aurora has been living here; she and Ariel clicked. I love watching them together. They are my happy place after a shit week or day. When I am out playing monster, I can come home feel free like a natural civilian person. Outside these doors, I have no emotions. I can’t. I hear my other phone took him long enough.

“Manny, I assume you got my package. I was expecting a call sooner. So why so late?” I am sardonic.

"Where is Louis? Is he alive?" He says as he huffs through the phone. They are his favorite cousins and right-hand man. I laugh hard.

"You know the answer, and I don’t have anything left to give you back.,” I laugh.

"I will kill you, mother-fucker; wait until I get my hands on that beautiful woman. What is her name? Aurora Ricci beautiful Raven hair heard her eyes are rare a purple. Right? She looks good on my cock you agree, right?” He laughs as he thinks he has me. I won’t show anger or fear.

“I am coming for you. Don’t think you are safe because I will find you.” I say with an evil chuckle; as I go to hang up, he talks again.

“How about Anna? Are my men getting her right now as speck? Will that hurt you? Maybe she is useless.” He huffs as he laughs.

Anna, my mother. The worthless woman who left me because she could not take my dad life style. I wish I could say I don’t care, but I do care. I love her; I can’t let anyone harm my mom. Fuck.

“Good luck Manny because what makes you think we don’t have her safe right now? I am way ahead of you. Have a good one. I have to make a plan to kill you.” I am sarcastic. I hang up to let him sit on that fat bitch!

I hadn't seen my mom for eight months. One day she decided that my dad was not what she wanted anymore or this lifestyle. My dad never stopped loving her, and I don't think he ever will; Maria gets hurt every time because my father can’t keep his shit in his pants with her.

See, my men are at their big warehouse, emptying a few clubs; now I knew he was trying to get my mom; Louis gave some excellent information and some name of clubs where captive women were. In exchange to keep his wife, baby-safe, I will hold to that I have men taking her to safety now.

Manny thought he could blow up my warehouse, and I would forgive him, try to take out my people? He was very wrong. Louie is nothing now. I put him in the grinder and fed him to pigs. I am not the one you fuck with. He knows what a war with me means, and yet he keeps going. I sit at my desk, waiting for my dear mother to show up. There are many unsaid emotions, and I couldn't tell Aurora about the lovely mother of mine.

I hear a knock. "Come in," I say as I hold the bridge of my nose and hope like hell my men did the job I gave them. I am sick of this shit cat and mouse game for years with Manny.

I usually go, but Luca leads the team while I make sure my daughter is safe and Aurora. I have many guards. I see Aurora come in with Aril holding her hand.

"We wanted to know if daddy would like to have lunch with us?" She tells me what I think is seductive, but she is just motherly.

"Yea. I will be busy later at my dads' house. Can you watch Ariel?" I ask while looking at files.

"Yes. You look stress. Are you okay?" She asks as she looks at me with worry.

"I will tell you later. I will meet you guys in a few. I need to handle something." I dismiss her rudely, and I feel like shit. She walks out without a word slamming the door.

I need to call Luca to make sure it went well. Fuck, this is a mess. I let Aurora in my life at the wrong time. I should have pushed her away the minute she got on top of me that night, and I didn't. All I want is her even more. What scares me is what I will do to keep her.

"Hello," Luca answers with an angry voice.

"Everything good?" I ask. I wouldn’t say I like his tone, but he is stressed out.

"We got it all done. The shelters will be packed; we will need Aurora for at least a week to help. See you at your dads'''. This is wild." He hangs up. I understand he is probably drained and wore out mentally can’t kill and see women and children locked up and feel good.

I am not ready to face the truth. My mother is why I don't love easy, cold man, because love gets you hurt. I had seen that with my dad when my mother left. He respected her, gave her space, divorced her as her wish she ran off with the man she was having an affair with. My dad didn't kill the man he said to let her live her life; he won't force her to be in this lifestyle if that is what she wants. He made it clear I was his son; she couldn't have me, and my mom left still didn't fight for me.

It's been an hour now since I have been at my father’s sitting in my car, not ready to face my mom. Fuck this shit. Do I need to meet her? Wondering what Maria thinks of all this shit? Fuck this; since when have I become a pussy. I get out and head to the house, not bothering to knock.

I make my way to the living room; there, aI sees my mother, with tears looking at me with her blue eyes that do nothing. I am glad she is hurt; she is a disgrace of a mother. I always keep giving her a chance and love the women. Things have changed since I got older. I don’t need to speak to the women.

"Vincenzio, I am so happy to see you. I haven't stopped thinking about " She has a happy-sounding voice, and she goes to hug me. I step back she has a hurt expression.

"You always do this shit, mother,” I say in a harsh tone, not even looking at her.

“She doesn’t deserve that. My father clears his throat, holding Maria’s hand, defending her as always.

"Anna is staying with us, so I think you should hear her out. Maybe you can forgive her as I have. He tells me with a voice and has that look that demands respect. The only man I will listen to, care.

"Yea, maybe one day," I say in a harsh tone again.

She looks hurt, but all of a sudden, so am I. Aurora came into my life now I fucking feel and I don't like this shit at all. I wanted it when I couldn't feel or care the old me would not even give her a chance, or would I? Fuck I don't even know.

"So Luca said it was a big day saved a lot of women, including mom,” I say with minor annoyance to my voice.

"Yea, he did. This isn't easy, son, but I have to do right to protect your mom." He looks sad and concern for my mom.

"Maria is more of a mother than dear mom," I say in a very mean, harsh tone.

I walk away. I need to leave and be with Aurora, my daughter, and we had a great lunch. Being here changed my mood. I can't be around her or anyone. I don't trust myself when I am in this kind of mood; I probably should not be around Aurora either. I tend to say shit in anger that there is no coming back from. Fuck!

I head home wondering how the fuck my dad can let that woman walk back in like nothing happened and wants me to accept her? Fuck no, she left me; she could visit; my dad was a hard man, but he would have allowed her to spend time with me. She was off fucking around living in France under a different name. She slipped through me on my dad, but not Manny the fucker is more intelligent than I give him credit.

I arrive home seeing Aurora with a sleeping Ariel on her, all the shit from today gone when I look at them together. I feel content; this is where I am meant to be who I am told to be with.

"Vin, you are home; you look, tired baby." She says in a soft sweet voice.

"Let's go lay Ariel down," I say; coming out a little harsher didn't mean for it to.

I pick Ariel up. Aurora fallows, rubbing her arm nervously. We put Ariel in her princess bed. Her room is done like a bit of a castle. I kiss her on the head, grab Aurora's hand. We end up in our bedroom. I take a seat on the couch in the room. I hold the bridge of my nose with a headache.

"Vincenzo, you need to talk to me." She tells me in a concerning tone as she rubs my face looking at me with their eyes that get me every time.

“When I was eight, my mom left my dad and me like we meant nothing, but she came in out of my life when she wasn’t messed up she was in my life for a while then she falls back into her ways be gone for a few months at a time, and that is why I keep Vicky away she won’t do that to my daughter no fucking way, someone kidnapped my mom who is my big enemy we saved her and lots of women tonight, she bacL at my dad's now. All I feel like saying for now. Oh, we need you this week to help; we got a large group of women from sex trafficking." I say in a calm tone like it's no big deal as she listens to my partisan rant and story.

"I am sorry. Guess that is why we fit two messed up souls who just fit together." I hear her say in a soothing tone the word couldn't be more right. That is why we have this connection. I see it and feel it; she is my mate.

"Kitten, We can't have good karma in the life we live in or the things we do. Let's not talk about me anymore. What have you been up to? Was Ariel good for you?" I ask while rubbing her cheek, changing the subject.

"She was perfect for me; we played dress-up and played board games. She is so funny made me laugh a lot. I needed her. I didn't realize how she would help me forget things." Her eyes light up when talking about what she did with my daughter, almost made my cold heart turn warm.

I want her not to fuck her; I want to hold her; that is another odd feeling for me. She is so beautiful and fragile. Can she handle this life? How long to she calls me a monster for what I did to David, for the life I live? Maybe I should give my mother a chance. We all make mistakes; look at what I do; I am the devil. I am falling in love, and I can't stop it; that is the truth.

"Vin, I love you." As if she can read my mind, she said then three words aloud.

"I-I care about you as well," I say, not wanting to use the love word.

"I wanted to talk to you, but I will wait until tomorrow. I found something in my mothers' box. I have no idea what to do with the information or where to start." She tells me with a look of confusion.

"Okay." I grab her kissing her hard.

Instead of having her, I grab her to lead her to the bathroom to shower together. I want to hold her tonight. That is not me. I don't keep women I fuck and send them out, and Vicky didn't share a room. Me and Aurora, it's okay. I want her with me in my bed to hold her inhale her scent that calms me sent I am addicted to it.

We have another issue come as soon as you can; this is fucked up.

I see. A text from Luca sounds urgent. I will see him in the early morning. I want Aurora.
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