Dangerous Marriage

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Vincenzo left to take care of some things, and Ariel is going with Giovanni. My mind goes to all the letters my mom wrote me and photos. I need to talk to Vincenzo about my father. I have sat here with Ariel watching TV, waiting on Giovanni. I was thinking about my mom, Vincenzo, everything that has happened.

One that bothers me is my mom said she was a coward. I never thought of her as a coward to me. She was my hero; she has saved me, protected me the best she could. She took beatings that were meant for me. She was strong. She pushed through life with her head held high. Why did she stay with Brent? Could we of the left found my father? He seems like he was mighty. Could he of protected us, right?

Things were not always wrong. Brent was good to one day he snapped started drinking a lot after grandma and grandpa were in a car accident they didn’t make it he changed. Not excuse to hurt is mentally and physically. Maybe he was always like that; I just never noticed.

She wrote after Enzo left, she was hurt and lost in pain, and she was dating Brent before Enzo came to. She and Brent ran into each other he was sweet and caring was a church-going thought it could work with his he was willing to accept me. He took on being a father perfect until one day, and I could not deal with how much I looked like that man my mother still loved.

I want to find him. I need Vincenzo to help me find my father, and I want to know him. Will he accept me? What is he like? So many questions run through my head I hear Giovanni interrupting my thoughts.

“There are my girls. Ready to go, princess. Grandma Anna wants to spend time with you at the zoo.” He tells her as she claps her hands and smiles.

“You think Anna will stay this time? Ariel loves her. Vincenzo is still sulking about this situation.” I ask as Ariel has her bag and glasses that take over her face that she had to have.

“I think this time she will. He will come around.” He says as he laughs at Ariel.

“I am ready to go. Bye, momma.” I am in shock and awe. This is the first time she has called me momma. I never told her to or forced her.

“Bye, love you. I lean down, hugging her tight with a big smile and tears in my eyes as Giovanni smiles.

As they leave, I start to have a panic attack thinking about taking to Vincenzo and the possibility of meeting my birth father. Makes things a lot easier for me cutting him out I have ignored his calls and text.

Breathe in and breathe out. Take deep breathe count to four breathing in slowly count to seven, exhaling slowly .” I tell myself.

I leave out the door, making my way to the shelter. I have to help out with many girls. I am young, but I know what I am doing why I want to go to college to study psychology, get a degree to counsel these women and kids. I feel lucky in some ways because these women have far worse than I ever did. I arrive at the shelter ready to start my day.

I have been here awhile working with many women who suffered a great deal of pain, setting them up with new identities and passports for them and their families, even ones who had no one. While I have a chance to take a break, I think about all of what these men do for these women and children’s even some men who are victims of sex trafficking. Vincenzo doesn't see himself as a hero, but these women do see him as a hero. He is saving them. Many of them said if it was not for Vincenzo, his men, and women, they might be dead. We have a few who live in the shelters here and helps us who want it to help and make a difference.

"Dana, I see that you have twins. We have your new ID and birth certificates set up. Need to change appearance. I think we are sending you to France.

"Are you sure he won't find us?" She says with sad eyes. She keeps saying to him, and I don't know who she is talking about.

"Who are you talking about so we can make sure he doesn't find you?" I ask as I text Vincenzo; she is terrified I feel this person may be considerable.

“ Danny Romano, he was my protector, or he made me think that." She said with a worried look as she rubs her arms and almost held herself in a protective manner.

"Give me a minute,” I say with a sigh.

Hey, I have a girl here named Dana. She is worried about a Danny Romano finding her and her kids.

I text Vincenzo remain calm, not alarming her. This poor woman was shaking and scared; she is bruised and bloody. She said she kept her chained, and she hasn’t seen Danny in a while was told he went on a vacation.

Kitten, he will never be found again, but we have set her up here to go a different route. I will be right there.

“Vincenzo is on his way to confirm the details. I might have been wrong about where we are sending you. I remain calm and give her a half-smile.

“Okay. Things were just so bad without him there; his cousin got bad with the beatings made me and kids live back in the cells.” She tells me as she is still holding herself, the babies are sleeping.

I see Vincenzo and Luca walk in. I give them both a smile they could pass as twins, same height, same eyes, same face practically. Both have tattoos all over.

"Vincenzo, this is Dana; she informed me she is Danny Romano’s captive. These are his babies," I tell the info wondering why he was changing the plans for her, especially if Danny is dead, then the last name hits me the Romano’s the family who is at war with Vincenzo.

Hello, you can trust me and my brother Luca here; we are here to help. Dana, you will stay indifferent shelter with babies. I think staying in our shelters next to my warehouse will benefit you and keep you safer. I can't send you off to France. I don’t believe that is safe.” He says to her with a calm, soothing voice as she nods.

“Don't worry, Aurora; no one will hurt her; I will have you set as her main caseworker." He tells me, as he already knew, I was worried about what would happen; I get attached to some cases, and I this one because she the same age as me.

"Dana, Luca will set you up; you can trust him. I will be checking in on you once a week. You can do this, I promise." I hold her hand as I tell her this; she gives me a small smile.

Luca goes right to work, and I get up to hug Vincenzo and smile at him. Today I need to ask him to help me find my father.

"kitten, Luca will take it from here; let's go, been a long day,” Vin tells me as he grabs my hand. I smile as we walk out.

We make way to the car. He said we could say my car later. Now or never, I need to rip the band-aid off. I am intertwining my fingers together; he looks at me with a raised eyes brow as he knows I am nervous. Okay, here I go; it’ nothing to be worried about. Why have I been procrastinating?

“Vin, I found something out. I opened the box a month ago finally and found many letters and photos from my mother; she even said, you could help me.” I say as I look down nervously.

"Yea, what did you find?" He asked, grabbing my hand kissing it softly as his eyes burn into me.

"My mother was in love with another man; she got pregnant with me by that man. Enzo Rossi is his name. I saw the pictures. I look like him.” I keep eye contact as I see him thinking I can’t read him.

“You got to be kidding me?” He shakes his head.

"What does that mean?" I ask him with a raised eyebrow.

"That is our best friend, a brother we woke close with them. Enzo’s father was my dad's best friend. I can call him and set it up if you want?” This is becoming real as I want to have a panic attack; as he can read me, he starts to soothe me, calming me down.

I sigh. This gets more and interesting my life like I don’t even know who I am. I am not Brent's daughter anymore. That makes this worse. I was being hurt by a man that was nothing to me. How could my mom stay with a man who had no ties to us? I am angry, upset; I am feeling different emotions. I start to laugh and cry at the Sametime. I am losing it.

Vincenzo is looking at me like I lost my mind, and I probably did lose it. If this is not fate bringing us together, I don't know what is? I can't stop laughing and crying like a lunatic. My life is one big damn roller coaster.

"What the fuck is so funny?" He says in a harsh tone. But I can't stop. I am hysterical right now as I a-hyperventilate now.

"My life, everything that has happened with us both. It’s so confusing and bizarre. My mother was killed that I am certain of," I say as I am now crying hard. Vin rubs my hand and kisses it. His touch always calms me. This time it’s not working. I am a mess.

“I got you.” He tells me in a soothing voice with I love him so much.

“Why would she make me suffer from that man who I thought was my father? This is insane, and I can't take this shit." I say with warm tears falling down my face.

"She was scared, Aurora; you know that deep down, he was threatening her. I bet he knows more than you think. I have my men looking into it for you. I agree your mom could have been murdered," He tells me with a calm tone as he keeps his eyes on the road and still rubbing my hand.

"I don't know. I need to meet my real dad. Can you make that happen for me, Vincenzo, please?" I ask with warm salty tears, now looking out the window wondering why she would keep this all a secret?

"I will do anything for you. I can make it happen. I am here for you; I will die for you and Ariel." He tells me with a calm voice as his words hit me hard because he may not have said he loved me, but his words say another thing.

I look at the phone I see many calls and texts from Brent. I decide to read the text, curious to see what he has to say.

Aurora, you need to call me now! Erica is losing her mind; they found David’s, and the police said they have no leads, and where the hell have you been?

“Brent is texting me asking me where I have been; what do I say? They found David and no leads, he said.” I am panicking; what if this comes back on Vincenzo?

“I have it all set; this will not come on me, and you are on records with the airports and hotel in Italy you were not with David doe two weeks before his death.” He told me all this, but he forgot that Kelly, Ivy and Dale, and Steven all saw me that day.

“What about his friends? They saw me the day of his murder. I hit Kelly. They will all have the same story.” I say as I start to shake; this is a mess.

“They won’t be talking because I have that whole police department in my pockets; the chief is my dads' good friend; I have two Detectives who are my moms' nephews; they are doing the questioning. It’s all planned and fingered out. They won’t find a trace. You have to trust me. Text Brent back and let him know you were Italy and looking for your real father.” He tells me as he looks straight ahead, he is sure he has this all figured out.

I hope you are right. I do trust you. I am just worried I can’t lose you.” I say with worry as I grab his hand, kissing it as he does mind.
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