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"Nash, I, I like you. I wish I knew more about you. My body is yours." I watched him. He stood up and left the room. I laid back in the bed, knowing my words were not going to be enough. I had to give him the truth.

Nash's POV,

Hurt? Pissed? Happy she gave me the truth? I had no idea how to feel. I have never wanted someone so much in my whole life. I needed time away from her. I needed a friend to talk to, but I couldn't leave her alone. I pulled my phone out and called Vance. After about twenty minutes. Vance showed up, I poured us some drinks and we went out on the balcony. He just looked at me for a moment. "Damnit Nash, you fucked her didn't you." Fucking bastard knew me all too well. "Nash, dude what the fuck. You know better than this shit man. Do you want to die?" I just looked at him and took a drink.

"Why do you think I asked you over here?"

"I can't fix this mess." I rolled my eyes.

"I didn't ask you to fix it."

"Wait, do you like her?" I closed my eyes and shook my head. "Nash, you caught feelings? How, I mean. Who the hell is this bitch?" I shot my face at him. "Sorry, woman?"

"Watch your mouth." I hissed at him.

"Is she here?" I nodded my head at him. "Nash, you have to tell me who she is? You know you can trust me."

"I'll die for her Vance. I will kill for her." I said keeping my eyes on his.

"I understand man."

"She is the daughter of the head of the Italian mafia, Mr. Conti." Vance's mouth fell open and he just looked at me.

"Are you out of your fucking mind? Wait he has a daughter?"

"Exactly," I said watching him.

"Your fucking nuts."

"Like that something new. What the fuck Vance. I called you here to help me."

"I don't know what you want me to say, but you're going to lose your dick dude. You need to stop messing with her. You can't win this Nash, her father is better than you and he will kill you. That's his daughter, who the fuck are you?" I stood up and had to punch something. I turned and slammed my fist into the wall with all I had. I knew Vance was right. I felt the skin came apart at my knuckles. That's when her voice rang in my ears.

"Nash?" I turned to see her standing at the back door. Her eyes went from mine to Vance's and then back to mine. Then she saw the blood. "Nash, what did you do?" She said as she came next to me and took my hand into hers.

"Carolina this is my friend Vance." I watched her look over at him and I watched him watching my kitten. Carolina pulled me towards the house. She didn't know it but I was putty in her hands. I would lay my life down for her. She was my peace. She sat me on the couch and went into the bathroom. She came out with a first aid kit. Vance followed us into the house. He sat across from us. I watched as she cleaned up my hand. I didn't even feel a thing. I just sat there and watched her.

"Hello, Vance." She said and looked towards him.

"Hello, Carolina." He said, I watched him and her.

"How long have you known Nash?" She asked while she still cleaned my hand.

"A long time." He just said as he shook his head at me. My faced hardened.

"It's getting close to dinner Vance. Would you like to join us?" She was just so sweet to everyone. You would have no idea where she comes from.

"Thank you, Carolina, that's very nice of you." She gave him a small smile and then looked back up at me.

"I'm going to go get dressed and then start dinner. Behave yourself please." I gave her a wink. I watched her walk out of the room and then my eyes went to Vance.

"I get the attraction. She is beautiful and sweet." I stiffened just a bit trying hard to remember this was my friend.

"I'm going to hire you on." Vance looked at me.

"Hire me on, you mean to help watch her?"

"Yes, I'm going to talk with her father tonight. You're the only one I trust and now that you know. You either work with me or I kill you for knowing? Pick one?"

"You're fucking insane, you know that?" I laid back on the couch and nodded my head at him.

"I know it, so what's it going to be?"

"Like I have a choice."

"Good boy."

"Fuck you, Nash, if you get me killed over this woman. I kill your ass myself." I nodded at him again. Now I had to tell Carolina what I had done. Hopefully, she wouldn't be mad at me. I knew her father wouldn't be upset. I had plenty of money to pay Vance. Carolina walked back out and headed towards the kitchen. I got up and followed her.

"Carolina, we need to talk." She turned and looked at me. Her face almost looked pained. "I'm bringing Vance on to help watch you." Her face fell.

"What, why? Are you leaving me?" I could see the panic. Maybe she does care for me?

"No baby, I'm not going anywhere."

"Then why? I'm not in any danger." Little did she know, she was in danger from me.

"He knows about you and I feel better if he is a part of this."

"Do you not trust him?"

"I do, and it's not that. I would just feel better if he is here."

"Will he move in with us?"

"No, but he will be very close at all times. If for any reason I have to leave. I will feel confident that he will be here for you." She walked closer to me and placed her arms on mine.

"I'm sorry if I upset you earlier. I didn't mean to. Nash I really like you." I smiled at her and placed my lips to hers. She may be sweet but she is a little devil and I don't even think she knows it. Vance cleared his throat. Both Carolina and I looked over to him. Carolina moved from me and started to pull things out to cook. Vance and myself sat down at the table. I poured us a drink and we got lost in conversation. The place started to smell amazing and she looked so damn hot. I know Vance was talking but I was lost in watching her. I really needed to figure out what I was going to do about the two of us.

She sat plates down for us and then there was a ton of spaghetti and we were lost in the food. "So Vance, tell me something about Nash?" Vance looked over at me and then back to her. I narrowed my eyes.

"He doesn't tell you anything?" She laughs a little

"Not really." She said and I just watched her.

"Well, he is a stubborn asshole." Both of them started to laugh. Yeah, really funny. He will be laughing when I break his damn nose.

"I already knew that." She said. I looked over at her. Sweetheart, I can punish your ass too. "Come on tell me something real." Vance looked at me.

"He is loyal to a fault." I just shook my head and looked at Carolina.

"That's good to know."

I got off the phone with Carolina's father and told him about me bring Vance on. At first, he thought there was something wrong. I let him know it was just a matter of me having a little space and that I would take care of payment. I let him know everything was still going smoothly and that Carolina was doing fine. Vance had left and Carolina was already sleeping. I sat at the kitchen table just thinking. That's when I heard something. I stood up and pulled my gun. I walked down towards her room. I cracked the door and she was still fast asleep. I walked in and took a look around the room. The room was quiet and still.

I walked back out. We were on the eighth floor. I walked towards the front door. That's when I saw a note on the ground. I walked over and picked it up. I read it and then flew the front door open. The hall was empty. I ran out and looked around, but I saw no one. Fuck me, I said to myself. I walked back to the apartment. I closed and locked the door. I pulled my phone out and called Vance. "I need you here now before she wakes up." I hung up and just looked at the note.

We know who she is Nash...

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