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I stood there just looking at the note. Who the hell could this be, and how the hell did they know? I knew the first thing I needed to do was contact her father. "What's going on?" I heard her voice say behind me. "Nash?" She walked over to me and took the note out of my hands. I watched as her eyes got big. "How can this be?"

"I have to call your father." I turned and she grabbed my arm.

"No Nash you can't call him." I looked at her like she was nuts.

"Carolina, someone out there knows you are. You're not safe now."

"But Nash, if you call my father then he will come to get me and..." She stopped talking and just held onto my arm. "I'll lose you." I stood up and shook my head. I reached out and ran my fingers down her cheek.

"If I don't call him and something happens to you. It will be my head. I need to call Vance." She stayed next to me while I sent him a nine one one text. I knew he would be here in a few seconds. I could tell Carolina was nervous. She wouldn't leave my side. Within seconds there was a knock on the door. I pulled my gun and with her right next to me. We walked over to the door together. Vance was on the other side. I let him in and filled him in on what was going on.

"If you're not calling her father then we have to move her." I just paced the living room. Carolina was sitting on the couch just watching me. I watched her, she was lost in thought. I don't think anyone has ever found out about her. This could be very bad. I should really be informing her father, but she is right. More than likely we will lose each other. That didn't sit well with me. "What if Nash talks to your father about bring him on to keep being your bodyguard?" Both Carolina and I turned and looked at Vance.

"Then he would have to move to Itally," Carolina said. Could I really do that? Leave everything behind for a woman?

"Carolina, you need to go and pack somethings. Until we know what we're doing about this. It's not safe for either of you here." I nodded at Vance and Carolina got up from the couch and took off to her room. "You need to pull your head out of your ass and call her father," Vance said in a stern voice.

"I know it." I hissed out.

"I don't think you do. Her father will kill you without question. She is not just some girl Nash, This is Mr. Conti's daughter. Someone out there knows who she is."

"Just give a second to think Vance." I almost yelled out.

"Look I know you care, but her life is what is imported here, and I know you think you can protect her. Whoever this is will take her and do god knows what to her. Just to get to her father. You can't let that happen. Her family can protect her better than you." I could feel the anger flow thought out my body. Even though his words were true. I still didn't like it and I didn't want to be away from her. It will drive me crazy and she will hate me if I call her father.

"Call her father." I took a deep breath and stepped outside onto the balcony.

"Mr. Canti sir, we have a problem."

Carolina's POV,

My heart was going a million miles a minute. I was scared at who knew who the hell I was, but at the same time. I didn't want to lose Nash. MY father will never bring him on. He is an American and outsiders are not allowed. Besides, my father can't know about him and I. That would be an even bigger no no. I couldn't go home, not yet damn it. I grabbed what I could that was important and headed back out to the living room. Vance was sitting there alone. I looked around for Nash and he wasn't there.

"Where's Nash?" I ask Vance. He just looked at me and I saw the wind blow the curtains. "No," I said out loud. Nash walked back in with his phone in his hand. "Please tell me you didn't?" I said with tears in my eyes.

"I'm sorry, kitten. I had to, your life is more important. Then the two of us." I wanted to yell and fight him, but the tears just fell down my face. He just stood there looking to the ground. I sighed and wipe my face.

"How long?"

"In the morning." I dropped my bag and just walked off to my room. I laid myself on the bed. Then I heard a knock on my door. I said nothing as he opened it anyway. "Kitten, please don't be upset with me. I had to do it and you know it."

"I don't want to talk about it right now." I heard my door close and I had thought he had left the room, but when I turned and looked. He was standing on the side of my bed. I just looked at him.

"You're being a brat." He said.

"Fuck you, Nash."

"No fuck you, Carolina." I couldn't believe he said that to me. "You're being unreasonable. You know what this means and you want to act like a child."

"Oh, I'm a child because I don't want to lose you?" I watched him intake air and just keep his eyes on me.

"You know we can never be together." He said in a softer voice. I cocked my head at him.

"We are already together Nash." He just shook his head. I went onto my knees and looked him in the eyes. "Do you want me to go?" He looked away from me. "Nash," I said and reached out to touch his face to make him look at me. "Fine, when my father gets he I will beg him to let you come with us, and then he will know something is up." That was such a lie, but I had to say something. Nash turned and looked at me.

"Say whatever you want Carolina, but it will be my funeral you will go to if you do." Nash started to turn and walk out of the room. I jumped out of the bed and jumped on his back and held on.

"Please Nash, you can't leave me."

"You think that's what I want?" He took my body and pulled me around to the front. "I'm falling for you, kitten and I don't know how to deal." I looked into his eyes as my lips met his. It all happened so fast. Clothes were ripped and tossed onto the ground. He was inside me with force and we fucked like it was the last time we would ever touch. My head was spinning out of control. With my need for him and the need to run away. I needed to know who knew who I was. I needed to find out fast. I couldn't lose the only man I have ever loved. I had to come with a plan. I had to do something.

The next morning my eyes opened to an empty bed. I knew it was only a matter of time when my family would be here. I heard a voice and knew I was already too late. I peeked my head out of my door. I saw my brother, four other men, and my father. That's when I saw DeAngelo was with them. Great, this is going to be good. I was in nothing more than a tee-shirt and panties as I walked my ass out there. "Excuse me, but don't you think it might be a good idea to ask me what I want to do," I said loudly and with my arms crossed. Vance and Nash were standing on the other side of the room. All eyes were on me. "Well?" My father walked over to me.

"Carolina, you have to come home until we figure out who this is. You know that." I pulled myself away from him. DeAngelo just stood there watching me.

"Guess what? I'm not going!" Knowing I would lose. I had to protest.

"Carolina, you're going and that's finale." My father said. Now I have never really been one to lose it, but at that moment I lost my shit.

"I'm an adult and I say I'm not going. Nash wasted his time calling you. He is my guard and a good one. I will be just fine. I'm not going." My father took one look at me and then looked at my brother. I eyed my brother, but it did me no good. My brother looked at me and then he grabbed me and tossed me over his shoulders. I looked up to see Nash start to walk over towards us, but Vance reached out and grabbed his arm. All you could hear was me yelling and hitting my brothers back as he toted me out of the apartment. I was tossed into the back of a limo. "This is kidnapping!" I screamed out.

"Why are you fighting this sorella?" (Sister) I did my best to fight the tears that wanted to run down my face. "You know it's not safe."

"I don't care, let me out. I swear I will run the moment I have a chance."

"Do you want dad to chain you up?"

"Yes!" I hollered out. My father got into the limo.

"Carolina, what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"Where is Nash?" My father looked at me and then he got that look in his eyes. The look that lets me know, he knows. That's when I got quiet.

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