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I watched my father step out of the car and my brother followed him. Shit, what did I do? I watched as my brother and DeAngelo walked back inside. I opened the car door and my father turned and closed it behind me. Fuck, I said to myself. A few seconds later they came back with Nash walking with them. They stopped and started talking to my father. Two more of my father's men walked over and stood next to my father. I couldn't hear what was being said between them. It was driving me crazy. I had to know what the hell was being said. I opened the door on the other side of the car. I came running around as soon as I saw my brother punch Nash right in his stomach.

I took off running and plowed into Nash. My brother ended up hitting me in the face and that's when Nash lost his mind. My brother was on the ground before anyone could blink. One of my father's men drew his gun and my father stopped him. "Enough!" My father yelled out. Both Nash and my brother stopped. Vance was being held against the wall. My father walked over towards Nash and Dante.

"I swear father if you hurt him. I'll hate you for the rest of my life." My father stopped and looked at me.

"Do you love this man Carolina?" I couldn't help it as I nodded my head. Nash just took a deep breath. He then looked back at Nash."I hired you to protect her not fuck her. This is my baby girl."

"Daddy," I said blushing.

"I'm sorry sir, but I love her," Nash said and we all got quiet and just looked at Nash. As if everything went in slow motion. We all heard the shots rang out. I watched my brother and Nash both fall to the ground. I turned just in time to see the masked man grab me. I heard my father and Nash both yell out, but then there was nothing but darkness. These fucks stuck a needle into my neck.

Nash's POV,

Everything happened so fast. I felt the bullet enter my arm and I watched as the van slowed down and grabbed my kitten. I ran after the van with everything I had and even shot one of the tires out. I ended up falling to the ground. More of Mr. Conti's men tried to chase the van down, but we all failed. I watched as the van disappeared out of our sight. Myself and the men headed back to where we found Mr. Conti holding onto his son while blood poured out of his stomach. I pulled my phone out and called for an ambulance. Vance, myself, and other members waited in the waiting room of the hospital. I was losing my mind but Vance was already on the phone connecting with contacts to find Carolina. Her family was also in action. I couldn't calm down. Some had taken her and was doing only God knows what with her.

Mr. Conti came walking into the waiting room. He took a look at me. "Your still here?"

"Where else would I be sir?" He just sighed.

"My son is going to be okay, but they will not let him into my custody until he is stable." You could hear everyone let out a breath. "Now about my daughter. I think I know who has her and if it's who I think it is. He will not hurt her. He is going to use her against me." I watched as He looked at one of his members. "Get the safe house ready. Nash?" I looked over at him. "Your one of us for now. My men will take you back to get your things you and Vance are staying with us." I went to nod at him as I all of a sudden felt weak. I looked down as the blood was pooling on the ground under me. With everything going on. I forgot about my arm. "Fuck." Mr. Conti said and went to look for a doctor.

"I'm okay." I started to say, but blackness took over and I fell to the ground. All I could see was her smile, her eyes that glowed when she laughed. Then all I could see was blood and her dead body laying on the ground. I was screaming and No matter how hard I tried I couldn't get to her. "Nash? Nash?" I opened my eyes and Vance was standing next to me. I was hooked up to all kinds of shit.

"What the fuck?" I said. Looking over at Vance.

"You had to have surgery man." I looked over at the nurse.

"Hey?" She looked over at me and she blushed. I just rolled my eyes. "Am I going to be good?"

"Yes, everything went well and you should be able to leave here in the morning." I just smirked and started to remove everything off my body. Vance just shook his head. The nurse started to try and stop me but Vance just told her she was wasting her breath.

"Wheres my fucking clothes?" I shouted out.

"Calm down man," Vance said as he handed me my clothing.

"Where is her family?" I said as I dressed right in front of the nurse. She just stood there watching us. Once I was done we headed out. Two of the members were by my door and they followed me and Vance right out of the hospital. A car pulled up and we all got inside. A man was sitting inside. It looked like the guy that stayed my Carolina's brother. "Are we headed to the safe house?" I asked him. He sat there with his arms crossed at me. "Is there a problem?" I eyed him.

"Yeah, you know you can never be with her."

"And what's it to you?" He didn't answer me. I think only because there were others around us, but I had a feeling he had something he wanted to tell me. I just let it go for now. I knew at some point this man was going to be a problem. I just didn't care at this time. All I cared about was Carolina. Once outside the city, we ended up pulling in front of a hidden house. There were guards with guns everywhere I looked. Wow, her family really had some power. These people who took her are going to die. Just as long as I get to do the killing with them. The inside was no different. If her father wants me dead still. I'm a fucking goner. Vance and I waiting in the living room when her father walked in.

"How are you, Nash? I didn't think I'd see you until tomorrow."

"I'm fine sir."

"Call me Antonio. Look let's talk straight. I want you dead Nash." I just looked up at him. "You disrespected me and my family. I trusted you with the most importing thing in my life and you touched it." I sighed and knew I wasn't getting out of this alive.

"Please sir I just want to find her and bring her back to you safely." He put his hand up to me.

" I can't hurt you, Nash, my daughter loves you. Now I own you." I cocked my head at him. Vance was just shaking his head next to me. "Welcome to the Italian Mafia." He said. Then he punched me right in my face and left the room. Vance just looked at me with a smile on his face.

"That's what the fuck you get." He said as I held my nose. Fuck her father could hit hard. Vance and I ended up sharing a room. After a shower and a drink. I went in such of Mr. Conti. I wanted to know what the fuck was going on and what we were doing to find Carolina?

"Nash." I heard him call to me. I turned to see him and his men in the kitchen. I walked in and Mr. Conti was handing me a drink. I took it and looked him in the eyes.

"What's the plan?" I asked.

"We wait."

"Wait? Wait for what?"

"To be contacted. Listen these people want me and my position. They know better than to hurt her. We wait for them to contact me." I started to get angry and I knew he could see it. "Nash, I know what I'm doing."

"And you just want me to stay quiet and do nothing?"

"Yes, that or I beat the shit out of you? You can make the choice." Fuck, I mean I could probably take him out, but I wasn't going to try. I'd be shot with the first punch.

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