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Carolina's POV,

I opened my eyes and found myself on the hard ground. I looked around and it was like I was in a jail cell. What the hell was going on? My mind was fuzzy and I couldn't remember how I got here. In fact, I was having a hard time remembering much. "Hello?" I called out but heard nothing. I stood up and moved closer to the bars. I gripped them and called out again. "Hello? Is anyone out there?" Still getting nothing, I sighed and took a seat on the cot that was in the cell with me. I don't know how much time passed, but I started to get pictures in my head. I remember Nash and my father. I remember Nash fighting with my brother. Then it gets fuzzy. Why can't I remember?

"Hello, Carolina." I heard a deep voice. I looked to see two men come walking up to the bars. One was an older gentleman With dark blond hair, perfectly slicked back. The other one had jet black hair and darker sustood at least a foot taller than the older one. He looked younger. Both men were very attractive. The dark-haired one was clearly covered in tattoos and his shirt could bearly hold his muscles. Not that the older one couldn't take him on in a fight.

"Who are you?"

"All in good time my dear." Clearly, the blond was the man in charge. "Why don't you tell me who you are?"

"My name is Carolina Webber."

"You mean Carolina Conti?" My mouth almost fell open. How the hell could he know?

"I'm sorry, but I don't know who that is."

"Stop playing games with me. I know your father is Antonio Conti." I just looked at him and I remember my father always telling me if someone takes you. Stay quiet and don't answer any questions. I walked back to the cot, crossed my arms, and just looked at them. "So now you're not going to talk?" I just kept my eyes on them.

"She sure is a pretty little thing boss. You should give me some alone time with her." The younger one said and licked his lips at me. I kept still, I'd like to see you try. I said to myself.

"She will not be touched, but why don't you pull up a chair and watch her for a while."

"So I have to be a fucking babysitter?" The blond looked at the man in his eyes.

"You know what, just go. I have a few things Id like to talk with Carolina about." I watched the taller one walk away. The other one grabbed a chair and pulled it close to the bar. "Since you don't want to talk sweetheart. Let me do some talking. My name is Chris and I used to know your father and your mother. In fact, your mother once belonged to me." I stayed still and didn't say anything. "I loved your mother with all my heart."

"So let me guess, you think my father stole her from you and now you want to get revenge by taking me to get to my father." I rolled my eyes. "Good luck, do you even know who my father is now? You're going to die for this." He just watched me for a moment.

"You look so much like her. It's how I knew who you were."

"My mother was a red-haired woman from Ireland. I look nothing like my mother."

"It's in the eyes you know."

"What do you want from me?" I watched as he stood up.

"I want what your father has."

"So does most criminals in this world. He is too big you will never take over."

"We will see about that. You must mean the world to him if he kept you this close for so long. We will just see what he is willing to do." He started to walk off. "Oh and Carolina?" I got up and walked closer to the bars. "If your father won't come, I will give you to my guards and you will die. I hope your father loves you." I stood there and watched him walk away. I went back to the cot and pulled my knees close to my chest. I just knew I was in a lot of trouble.

Nash's POV,

It's been two days since Carolina was taken. I was about to take off and find her myself. When Mr. Conti's phone went off. We all got quiet. He opened it and when he did my phone went off as well. I opened it and there was a picture of Carolina laying on a cot sleeping. I got up and walked over to her father. He had the same picture on his phone. "They are letting us know that she is still alive."

"What the fuck do they want?" I hissed out. "I can't do this anymore. We need to go and find her."

"Nash, you need to calm down." Her father snapped. Then his phone went off again.

"You want her back, then give me what I want."

"Son of a bitch. I know who has her." Mr. Conti yelled out.

"Tell me who has her? I will go get her." Mr. Conti just looked over at me. He then walked over to his men and started talking about a man named Chris Bradly. Some old friend he used to have. I stood by and waited for Mr. Conti to give me an order. The order to go and get her back. Mr. Conti turned and looked at me.

"This is about me. They took her to get to me. This man is the head of the American Mafia. My ex-best friend because the woman he loved, loved me instead." I bit my lips as I listened to him talk. "He wants what I have. He wants to rule it all. He will kill my daughter to get what he wants. This is all fueled by pure hate."

"Then what do we do, sir?" I said through clenched teeth. He turned and looked away from me. I grabbed my coat and took off towards the front door.

"Nash!" I stopped at the front door and looked at him. Vance was at my side in seconds. "Don't you dare." Mr. Conti looked sterned at me.

"You just said he will kill her."

"He will do it quicker if you fuck up." I took a deep breath.

"We can't let him kill her."

"For fuck sake." I heard Vance whisper next to me. "You have got to pull your head out of your ass Nash, your feelings are clouding your judgment." I looked at Vance wanting to kill him at that moment.

"Close the door, Nash." Mr. Conti said. My grip on the door because harder as everything inside me was screaming to go to her, I sighed as I closed the door, headed to the bar, and downed whiskey. I kill every fucking one of them and her family if she dies. That's a promise. They don't know who the fuck they are fucking with, but they are all about to find out.

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