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Nash's POV,

It took a few days before we heard anything from Carolina again. She let us know she was okay and being well taken care of. She told us a man By the name of Cordel was taking care of her and wanted to bring her back to us. That made me heated but I was just glad she was okay. This Cordel talked a lot with Mr. Conti and gave him a ton of information. This man was turning his back on his family and I had to wonder why?

"So this is what's going on. It's safer for us to go to them. If worse comes to worse. Cordel can say we found them and he was out numbered. If we have no problem going in and getting her. e are bringing this man with us."

"How do you know you can trust this man?" One of his men asked.

"I trust my daughter and she has begged us to help him." That pissed me off. I wanted to know who this man was and I wasn't going to be able to go with them to bring her home. Mr. Conti told us all that they couldn't go after her until she called us back. Today she called and was ready for us to go get her. She left the fact out that she had two broken ribs and was having a hard time getting around. Something else to piss me off with. Why was she broken?

I asked for Vence to go with them, but they made him stay behind to help me. I was informed that they should return in three days time and Mr. Conti promised me he would inform me about everything. I was upset that Carolina didn't even ask to talk with me. Once everyone left I just laid back and sighed to myself.

Carolina's POV,

"Cordel, please sit down and relax. Your making me panic."

"Do you not realize that the mafia king is on his way here, and if he really wants to shoot me he can." I had to giggle a little, of course made me spit out chocolate milk. I loved chocolate milk.

"I promise you, he is not going to shoot you." Cordel just shook his head. I knew he was worried. I knew it was easier said then done to relax. The poor man as been pacing the room for the last two days. My family should be here in the evening, and this will all be over. Well, me being kidnapped at least. I knew all of this was going to brig nothing but a war. I was worried how Cordle was going to feel once he knew the truth. Not to mention how Nash was going to feel. The one thing that I could do at last for the both of them was be honest. I would have to leave it in their hands on how to deal. I hated it, because i cared about two men at the same time, and what made this all even worse. I had no idea who I wanted, because I wanted them both. What a bitch I was turning out to be.

About three hours later. Cordel had my waist wrapped up and I was freshly dressed and ready to go. Cordel was also ready to go and of course was still pacing the room. "Please come sit down next to me, please" I said to him and he took a deep breath and sat next to me. "They should be here any moment and you will be just fine."

"I just hope your father is a forgiving man." I just shook my head.

"With his kids yes, everyone else no." I placed my hand on his and he kissed my lips. There was a hard knock on the door and Cordel flew up and ran over to it. When he opened the door. My father stood there and our eyes met. He pushed through Cordel and came to my side. "Hi daddy." I said as he lifted me up softly and started to go towards the door. He stopped took one look at the very worried Cordel and told him to follow us.

"Are you okay baby."

"Yes dad, I'm good." I looked around and didn't see Nash anywhere. "Where is he dad?" I asked in a stern voice. My father sat me down in a large SUV. He got in and sat next to me. Cordel was placed into a different vehicle.

"Nash had to stay behind."


"He was shot in the back when we went to the house. He is okay but had to have surgery. He couldn't travel." I took a deep breath.

"But he is okay?"

"Yes Carolina, I need to ask you want is going on with these two men? I need you to be honest with me." I took a deep breath and basically explained everything to my father about Nash and I and about Cordel and I. All my father could do was shake his head. Then he started to laugh.

"What the hell is so funny?" I asked him.

"You have a mess on your hands and you are going to have to get yourself out of it. know have two more men on my team now. That are probably going to end up kill each other over a woman. My damn daughter to be exact." Okay so that made me laugh as well. "Dose Cordel know anything about Nash?" I looked away. "Damn it Carolina, you know I'm going to have to be the one to keep them from killing each other. If I don't kill them both myself for touching you in the first place."

"Dad, I'm adult. Did you think I would be a little girl forever?"

"Okay Miss adult, then you need to start acting like one and take care of both your men. By the way you will always be a little girl to me." I was just so glad to be with my family that I couldn't argure with him. I just wanted to get back and see Nash. He was the first one I wanted to talk to. I looked up at my father.

"You promise you will take good care of Cordel?"

"I promise you I won't kill him."

"Please daddy, they will be after him for betraying them."

"Oh now it's daddy." I giggled and it hurt. "Are you going to tell me how you broke two ribs?"

"Yes, but not right now."

"Fair enough." The flight back to New York took forever. Cordel was talking with my father and some of his men. I was laid out on the couch just watching some TV trying to hear what was being said. I was unsuccessful. There wasn't any yelling so that was a plus. I started to move around and it gave me a sharp pain. I yelled out a little. This caused Cordel to jump up and came to my side. My father also came to my side. I bit my lip and smiled. My father just shook his head and went to sit back down.

"Sorry, habit." Cordel said and sat next to me.

"Do you feel better?" I asked him and he nodded at me.

"For the time being."

"Your safe with us Cordel. I promise you that." I must of fallen asleep as I felt the jet start to land and I was happy to be getting off this jet. We parked in front of the new safe house and I just took a deep breath. It was time to face Nash. My stomach was doing summer salts. I had missed him so much and I couldn't wait to see him, but I was worried when I would have to tell him about Cordel. My father carried me into the house and i told him he needed to get me some crunches. I hated being carried around all the time. My father stopped at Nash's door and set me down.

"The rest of this journey is yours to take. He kissed my forehead and walked away. I stood there for I don;t know how long. I finally sighed and opened his door. There was a hospital bed set up in the middle of the room. Nash and Vance were both passed out. It was four in the morning. I walked very slowly over to Nash's side. I reached out and placed my hand in his. His eyes opened and he took one look at me.

"Carolina?" He said and I smiled and did my best to crawl into his arms. His lips crashed into mine and he just held me. Before I closed my eyes. I saw Cordel standing at the bedroom door. Fuck me, I said as the door closed.

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