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"When do you meet her?" Vance asked me as I was putting my things together. "I'm shocked you took a guardian job." I looked up at him. I then laughed to myself.

"Thirty-two thousand a month?" Were the only words I said to him.

"Damn who is this girl?"

"Don't worry about it."

"You're not even going to tell me?"

"Nope. Rule number one."

"Come on Nash, I'm your closest friend." I laughed again.

"It doesn't matter."

"I wonder if she is hot?"

"What does that fucking matter?" I asked eyeing him. "She is a job and I don't mix pleasure with business." Vance crossed his arms.

"So when does this job start?"

"Tomorrow morning, I pick her up and bring her to her house. I will move out in the guest house." Vance smiled.

"Your moving in with her?" I nodded at him. "Wow, Nash Mason living with a woman."

"It's a job, you fucker." I snapped. He laughed and put his hands up at me. Vance is the only man on this plant that I trust with my life. I normally don't keep any information from him. Only this job was a very special one. The daughter of the most feared man next to me. Needed a special guardian to keep her alive. I was all too happy to take the job. Even though I'm not a fucking babysitter. I still couldn't turn Mr. Conti down. The money was amazing and I needed a simple job. I was also intrigued by this woman.

When I first got her file and had the meeting call with her father. I knew just by looking at her picture. I wanted this job. The only daughter of the mafia king. A daughter no one even knew was real. A simple job it was going to be to protect her. This beautiful mafia princess. A woman my dick twitched for. I knew I couldn't play on my feelings and I knew she was off-limits. I knew my life would be over if I even touched her, but still, I felt like I needed to be near her. I never get attached to a job. I always keep my jobs professional. I was the best and I would keep it that way. I only told Vance the basic information on this job. Only because someone needed to know where I was and he was the only one allowed to know my information.

The file I had on Carolina Conti, or should I say, Carolina Webber. Was pretty much simple. She was a smart woman who just turned eighteen and was on her way to college here in New York City. Never been in trouble and was worth more than the world. Her mother died when she was born and she is half Italian and Irish. Her mother was born and raised in Ireland. I smiled because once you knew that, you could see it in her pictures. Her hair was very dark with a high light of red in it. and her beautiful innocent face had slight freckles on it. Her eyes were a bright blue, but her skin was sun-kissed tanned and her small frame just made her even more beautiful. She looked just like a fairy. She also had a very innocent look to her and I just assumed she was.

I also had to realize she was the mafia king's daughter and I knew that meant she had to have some kind of training. I knew there was no way he would not have his daughter helpless. I was actually excited to meet this woman. Her father must have been a hard ass on her. I was set up with a schedule I had to keep with her. Her identity has always been a secret. Lots of secrets I had to keep. I finished packing my things and headed for the front door. Vance would be staying here in my home. "Call if you need anything," Vance said. I nodded at him and closed the door behind me. My car met me outside and I headed to my new home for I didn't even know how long.

I had spent the day setting up the guest house. This tiny woman was being set up in an eight-bedroom home. Way to keep her a secret, I thought to myself. If things got bad for her. I would have to move into the main house so I could be closer to her. I set up my secret closet full of guns and other weapons of choice. I always had a gun on me at all times. Shoot first ask questions later. My body count was something I was proud of. I guess that makes me a monster, but I just didn't give a fuck. If I was going to kill you. You were already dead. I don't make mistakes, they don't call me The death for no reason.

I grew up in a broken home. My father was never in the picture and my mother was hooked on drugs all my life. I met a man by the name of Mark Jones. At least that's the name he gave me, but Mark was known by many names. He was a special weapons man and took on a lot of high profile jobs. I was only fifteen and he trained me to be a badass. He was like a father to me. Until the day they killed him and I turned and ripped their worlds apart piece by piece. Ever since then I have worked for some of the most powerful men in the world. I was the best marksmen you would ever meet. I was also the biggest player. I have never care about a woman longer than it took to shoot a bird in your hands. Women were nothing but sex on legs. Devils as I would call them. They liked to play mind games and get attached. Only my dick cared, but I never did.

Once I was all set up. I took a shower and did a little more research on Miss Carolina Conti. I then laid down and fell asleep. I needed to be at the airport by eight am. She would have a few more men with her, but then they would hand her over to me. Her father let me know she wasn't wanted my help, but that she shouldn't be a problem. I knew better than that. All women were the same and if they didn't want something, you were damn well going to know it.

The alarm went off and I got up and ready. I pulled out my black on black suit. I slicked my black hair back and placed my guns in my holster. I place my suit jacket over my guns and grab my sunglasses. I climbed into the seat of the black SUV, courtesy of Mr. Conti, and headed to the airport. I drove onto the runways and parked waiting for her jet to show up. I stood outside of the car and crossed my hands behind myself. I watched as the jet stopped right next to me. The doors open and four men in suits stepped off the jet. That's when I saw her. The minute she took a step onto the stairs. Her dark hair flowed in the wind and I had to clear my throat. She places glasses on her face and followed the men down the steps. I stayed still as she took the arm of one of the men. They all walked over to me.

"Mr. Mason I presume?" The man on her arm asked. I nodded my head. "I'm Carolina's brother, the man to hand my sister over to you." He stuck his hand out to mine and I shook it.

"Hello, Mr. Mason." Her soft voice said.

"Hello, Miss Webber," I said. I opened the car door for her. She got inside and I closed the door. The other men were pilling all her things into the back seat. I walked around and got into the driver's seat. Her brother got in next to her and I sat quietly while they said their goodbyes. Once they all boarded back on the jet. I headed out. She was in the back seat looking out the windows like a child in the candy stores, but at least she was quiet. Her picture didn't do her justice at all. This female was not a child. She was a woman and a damn hot one at that. I had to shift myself in my seat. I kept my eye on her in the mirror.

"So Mr. Mason, why don't you tell me a little about yourself?" I pulled my glasses down and looked at her in the mirror.

"There's not much to tell."

"You could tell me anything you want. I think it would be good to know something about you. I mean since you're going to be up my ass for a while." And there it was, she had an attitude. I guess I would have to show her who was in charge. Whether she liked it or not.

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