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Sunday evening I was practically home alone. I had spent most of my day. Working on school work. I started college back up but I had to do it online. Evening was coming, I had a shower and had placed myself on the couch in the living room. I heard the front door open and close. I turned to see Cordel standing there. I gave him a small smile. "Don't do that." I looked at him like he was nuts.

"Don't do what?" I asked him.

"Don't give me that innocent smile of yours." I almost started to laugh, but I giggle just a little instead. He rolled his eyes and started to walk past me.

"Wait?" He stopped and looked back at me."What are you doing here?" I asked him as I turned myself around and was holding on to the back of the couch.

"My job was done and I'm tired so I came home. Everyone else won't be home until late tonight." I took a deep breath as I watched him walk off to his room. I waited a few minutes before I headed towards him room. I noticed his door was crack. I could see the steam coming out of his bathroom. I walked in quietly and stood next to the bathroom door. I had closed and locked his bedroom door. The door opened and I could hear his rap music playing in the bathroom. He stepped out and didn't notice me at first. I stood there and I had to admit I was nervous. I really had no idea what the hell I was doing, but I was going to do it. I was either going to lose them both. Or have the best of both worlds.

I took a deep breath. Cordel stood in front of me in nothing but a towel around his hips. The water dripping down his skin, around his muscles. His back was to me and I wanted nothing more then to walk up to him and touch him. I stayed still, Nash was easier for me to go to. Cordel, well he was something different. Something much deeper about him and unknown. I think he heard me and he stopped moving. I watched as his body got stiff. "Cordel?" I called out softly. He started to turn his body around. Before he could turn around all the way. I went over to him and put my hands on him.

"Carolina." He said. I ran my hand over his body and kiss his upper arm and he didn't move.

"I miss you." I said softly. I felt him take a deep breath.

"I miss you too." He turned and faced me. I just keep my eyes on his. "What are you doing in here?" He asked me.

"I came to see you."

"Why?" His hands reached out to my body and he pulled me closer to his. I took a hold of his arms. His head went to my hair and he took a deep breath in. "Why am I so into you? No woman has ever been able to get to me like you do." I just smiled at him.

"I like it that way." I said and he wrapped his arms around me. I looked up at him and his lips came to mine.

"Fuck," he groaned out. I grabbed his hand and made him touch my ass. He grabbed it and pushed me to his bed. "Your nothing but trouble." He said as he dropped his towel and climb onto the bed with me. "Do you want this Carolina?" I nodded my head. "I can't hear that sweet mouth of yours?"

"Yes, I want you." I said. He moved himself closer to me and his cock touched my lips.

"Show me." He hissed out. I took a hold of him and took him into my mouth. He hissed out as I moved him in and out. I gripped the base of his cock and licked all around him. His eyes were going into the back of his head and I knew I was doing something right. He pulled himself out of my mouth and went to removing my clothing. Cordel kissed every inch of my body and he took his time. Two compleaty different mind sets when it came to sex. Nash was hard and dominating. While Cordel was passionate and sexy. Cordel grabbed both my legs and pushed them up. His face disappeared between my legs and I gripped the blankets around me. He was good at what he did. Within seconds I came apart all around him. "Damn it." He said as he eyes met mine again.

He climb up my body using his lips and tongue to trace every inch of me. His lips found my lips and even though I could taste myself all over him. We were making out like it would be the last time. He dipped himself inside of me and both of us went into action. Both our bodies were rocking back and forth with each other. He lifted me up and we were chest to chest. Moving in sync with each other. His hands were running up and down my back. I moaned out and dung my fingers in to his back. I don't know how he did it but I now had my back to him and he never left my body. I reached out and grabbed the head board. His hands guided my body. He felt amazing, and this was something I never wanted to end. I felt my heart bumping and i knew they both owned me. I just didn't know what of them I owned. I lost myself in Cordel just as I did with Nash. I knew in the end I was going to be the one lost.

I looked over hours later and Cordel was fast asleep. I reached over and kissed him and quietly left his room. You started this Carolina, you better figure out your next move. I said to myself as I made my way back to my room with speed. I closed the door behind myself. I walked into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror. What the fuck is wrong with you? I asked myself, but the sad part was I no other answers but that I was a selfish bitch. Who was I going to talk to about this? My first thought would be my best friend, but i just don't think she would take it seriously. I cant tell my father, he would kill Nash and Cordel. My brother, well I don't know what the fuck he would do. Ugh, I was going to have to figure this one out on my own.

I knew what I was doing was wrong. I'm not that dumb to think any of this was okay. I knew what I wanted. I knew who I wanted. My choice was both and I was willing to try. I was willing to lose both of them. In my head if I cant have them both. Then I will lose both of them. If I would of only just stayed close to home. I wouldn't be in this mess that I got myself into in the first place. Now I had to figure out my next move. That move I knew who to talk to about. I knew who would tell me what she thought I should do. I guess it was time for me spend the day with my best friend and find out what move I could make next.

As luck would have it my father would be the one to make my choice for me. He called me into his office the next morning. As i walked into his office my face showed it all as i saw Nash on his left and Cordel on his right. Both men had smirks on their faces. Fuck me, I said to myself. "You wanted to see me daddy?" I said.

"Yes Carolina, I have decided to put both of these young men on Guard duties.

"What do you mean?"

"I mean Nash was your guardian and now Cordel is taking on the job with him. They belong to you. Everyone out there now knows who you are and they will be after you. Who better to protect you then these two and they have both accepted the job." At that moment my mouth hit the floor.

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