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Nash took a hold of my hair and smacked my ass at least three more times. I kept waiting for him to place his hands between my legs, but it never came. Instead he stood me up. Pulled my chin to face him. He kissed me once and then he handed me my shorts. I took them and just looked at him. "Go to bed Carolina," he said as he opened his door. I took off running and the tears fell down my face.

Nash's POV,

Two days ago...

I was still at a loss on how to take Carolina and what we had done. Did this mean she wanted me? That was until I saw her come out of Cordel's room early that morning. I was so fucking pissed off that I waited until he came out of his room. I followed him out of the house and when he turned to look at me. I punched him with everything I had in his gut. He barreled over and Mr Conti's men came rushing over to stop it. We were both shoved into his office and he demanded to know what was going on. It took a few minutes, but I came up with a shit story that only caused us to get into even more shit. How the fuck was I going to say his daughter was fucking us both? He got up and left the room and told Cordel and I. That we needed to talk it out and until we did we were stuck in his office together.

"Why the fuck did you hit me?" Cordel asked.

"Why the fuck was Carolina leaving your room this morning?" Cordel just shook his head.

"Maybe she chose me."

"Then why was I in her bed only two nights before?" He looked over at me. I knew at that moment we were both confused.

“What kind of game is she playing?”

“I don’t think it’s a game. Her heart is to good for this. I think she is confused and care for us both. Maybe this is her way of pushing us away so she don’t have to face her heart” Cordel was just looking at me. “What?”

“Nothing, then what do we do about this Nash? I don’t want to have to take you out every time one of us get jealous. I want her and you want her. Let play her at her own game.” I looked over at him.

“Like?” That’s when Mr. Condi walked back in.

“Like you are both going to be in charge of her.” Both are heads turned when her father said that. I knew right then and there that he knew exactly what was going on. I’m surprised he didn’t pull a gun and shoot us. “I know how my daughter feels about you both, and your right she dose care about you both and she is confused, but my daughter is a determine woman who has had to hide all of her life. Because of who I am. She is strong and will love you both hard, but at the end of the night she is still just a human and now she feels trap between two loves. So, I propose this. You will both be with her at all times. Protecting her and making sure she feels the love. Letting her come to terms with her own choices. I don’t want you guys making her feel less then who she is. If either of you wants to let her go. Then say so now? Other wise these are the terms. You will both work together and by my daughters body guards.”

Both Cordel and I looked at each other. Then back to Mr Condi. “I agree.” And Cordel nodded his head. We waited for Carolina to come to her fathers office and both Cordel and myself just smiled. Once she heard the plan. I had thought for sure she would put up a fight, but she didn't. She agreed and then walked out of the office. "Listen to me, if either of you hurt her. I will kill you." Both Cordel and myself nodded our heads and headed out to find her.

Carolina's POV,

I locked myself up in my room. I really had no idea what I was crying about. What did I expect? Them to both agree and come into my arms together. I also didn't expect Nash to actually spank me like that and then make me leave. Yes, my pride was hurt. It turned me on and then I was just tossed out. This little game I started wasn't going to be fun to play. I knew they were not going to give into me again. I guess I was going to have to step it up or back away, but I wasn't sure how I was going to do either one of those things. Maybe I needed to show them how things could work if they were both mine? I threw myself back onto my bed. I hated me right now. Then I heard my phone go off. I stood up and grabbed it off my dresser. It was a text from an unknown number.

"You think you have it bad now. Loving two men at the same time? I never took you for a whore? Doesn't matter now, I will make you mine and I'll kill the two men you love in front of your eyes. Watch your back little princess. I'll get you when your guard is down."

How in the... who in fuck? I said to myself. The only person who knows how I feel is Joanie, and she would never tell. Who the fuck is this? I sent a text back.

"Who is this?" I waited and got nothing in return. I started to feel a little shaky. This wasn't like I could take this to my father. Should I tell Nash and Cordel? I was still getting no response.

"Tell me who this is, you pussy?" That's should get them going. I thought to myself, and still I got nothing. I put my phone back on the charger and walked out of my room. The house was dark and I knew they were both sleeping. I walked into the kitchen and got myself something to drink. I grabbed a blanket out of the closet and laid down on the couch. At least I would be close to them.

The next morning Cordel woke me up. "What are you doing on the couch?" He asked me as he handed me a cup of coffee. I sat up and took a few sips. Cordel just set there watching me.

"Some one knows?"

"Knows what Carolina?"

"About us, about how I feel about you and Nash."

"What about Nash?" I heard Nash say as he came walking into the living room. He took a seat and looked at me and Cordel.

"Someone knows about us." I said again.

"What the fuck does that mean?" Nash said. He stood up. "Is someone threatening you?" He said in a heated voice. I stood up and walked to my room. They followed me. I grabbed my phone and opened the text message. What I didn't notice was this person had texted me back.

"Don't worry about who I am. You will know soon enough." I just shook my head and handed the phone over to Nash. Corde went next to Nash ans they both read the messages.

"Carolina, why didn't you show us this last night." I scrunched my nose up, crossed my arms and looked him in his eyes.

"Really?" I said and he looked away from me. I just shook my head.

"We need to show this to your father. Someone is after you now, and I'd like to see them try me."

"No Nash, you can't tell me father. He will know about us." Cordel just lloked back at Nash.

"Carolina, he already dose." My heart fell into my ass.

"What? Why, How?"

"We don't have time for this right now. Cordel, you stay here with her. I will be right back." Nash took off with my phone.

"Cordel, how dose my father know?"

"I don't know how or what he knows, but he knows something and I think its why he gave us to you for protection, Nash is right. Your faher needs to know." I took a deep breath ans took a seat on my bed.

"I have no idea who this person is Cordel." He walked over and took a seat next to me on the bed.

"Don't worry baby, no one will get close to you. They will have to kill Nash and myself." That's what I was scared of. I looked up at Cordel.

"I'm so sorry I got you involved in this."

"You think this is the first time someone wanted to kill me. Trust me Carolina. They can try." I just sighed.

"I just feel like a fool."


"Because, this is not who I am. I'm not a whore." Cordel grabbed my chin and made me look at him.

"Your right baby, your not a whore." His lips moved to mine and I didn't stop him. In fact I made the kiss much hotter as I moved myself into his lap. His strong arms wrapped around me and pulled me closer to his body.

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