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“Carolina.” I heard his voice behind me. I moved my head back some and just looked at Cordel. He closed his eyes and I turned to see Nash standing there. I moved myself from Cordels lap. “Your father is in his way.” Nash said and walked out of the room. I just sighed to myself. Cordel didn’t say a word as I left the room.

“Nash wait.” I said as Nash was walking out the front door. I followed him.
“Carolina, I don’t want to talk about it.” Nash said as I was almost about to touch him.
“You know how I feel about him, hell Nash you know how I feel about you.”
“Didn’t I just tell you I don’t want to talk about it?”
“Well when are you going to want to talk about it? Are you giving up on me?” Nash turned around and walked right up to me.
“You think I’m supposed to be okay with this Carolina? You were supposed to be mine."
"But I am yours Nash." He just looked at me.
"And your his." I looked away from him. "I don't share Carolina, it him or me, but you don't get both." I watched him walk away.
"Carolina?" I heard my father say behind me as I kept my eyes on Nash.
"Yes daddy?" He came up to my side.
"Is everything okay with your guards?"
"Yes daddy," I said as I took a seat. My father nodded at me and took a seat next to me. I could see my brother inside talking with Cordel.
"Do you have any idea who sent these text messages?" I shook my head.
"I have no idea."
"Were you talking with anyone while you were out there. Like any firends? Any other men?" I looked at my father.
"No dad, I wasn't talking to other men. I mean I made some friends, but I highly doubt they have anything to do with this. No one knew who I really was. At least not the friends I made."
"Still, I would like their names."
"Sure dad, wait." He stopped and looked at me.
"I think this friend of mine name Alex has something to do with the people that took me." I had already given my father all the info I could about the people that took me and I knew Cordel filled in the rest.
"I'll talk with Cordel." he said and handed me back my phone and went back inside. I went to look for Nash, but I couldn't find him and I wasn't allowed to leave the grounds. I wasn't sure how to handle this situation with Nash and Cordel. I knew my plan wasn't going to work. Even though Cordel hasn't said it. I don't think he was willing to share me either. So now what? I said to myself. I'm either going to have to pick or leave them both alone. I guess right now it wasn't what was important. We needed to find out who sent these messages to me. I guess I should just back off for now.
The next two weeks went by slowly and quiet. I never got anymore text messages and I feel like Nash and Cordel are doing their best to stay away from me. Even living under the same roof and they both feel miles apart. Cordel spends most of his day tracking his old gang with my family. Nash is the one who stays by me most of the time, but even then he doesn't say much to me. "Nash, I'm bored."
"So find something to do." I got up and moved closer to him. I put my lip out at him, waiting for him to look over at me. He looked over and rolled his eyes. I just took a deep breath.
"What's going on Nash? Do you just hate me now?" He shot his face back over to me.
"I don't hate you."
"Then why are you being so cold?"
"Really Carolina?"
"Yes really Nash." I said standing up and crossing my arms. I was tired of it. "If you hate being with me then say so. I'll go to my father and make sure he lets you go." Like lighting speed Nash stood up and had me pressed against the wall. He had a hold of me by my neck. I was clawing at his hands and gave up when I knew I couldn't move him. He moved his face close to mine. Then just like a flash. Nash was hit and fell to the ground. I watched in slow motion as Cordel and Nash started to go at it. Even though Nash had be by the neck. he wasn't hurting me. I yelled out for them to stop, but it wasn't working. "Cordel, stop! He wasn't hurting me!" I yelled out. Cordel had the upper hand with Nash, but I knew Nash was better and when he got the upper hand. Cordel was going to be sorry. I grabbed the only thing I could and threw it at them. The lamp fell to the ground and smashed.
I knew it was going to happen, Nash grabbed Cordels neck like a rag doll and held him to the ground. I could see Cordel gasping for air. I jumped onto Nash's back, like I could actually do anything, and wrapped my arms around his shoulders. "Please Nash, let him go." And just like that Nash let go of Cordel and back away with me still on his back. I slid down his back and went to face him. His lips was bleeding and he had a cut under his chin. Cordel was holding his neck and backing away. I touched Nash's face and he closed his eyes. He was breathing heavily and I turned to face Cordel. "He wasn't hurting me." I said to him and he looked at me like I was crazy.
"He had you against the wall with his hands around your neck." Cordel said.
"I understand what you saw must of looked like, but he wasn't hurting me."
"What are you saying? It was a sex thing?" I shook my head and Nash went to have a seat.
"I don't know what it is you want from us Carolina, but i just can't keep doing this." Cordel said as he got himself off the floor.
"I agree with him Carolina, this has to stop." Nash said. I stood there in between the both of them. I didn't know what to say. I wasn't ready to make a choice. "Maybe its best if you move back into the main house. I think I want to go back to New York and Cordel can stay here and work with your father." I could feel the tears start to sting my eyes. I couldn't let Nash leave.
"Please Nash, you don't have to leave. You work good with my family. I can do something to stay out of your ways. I can make my father send me away, but please don't go back to the states." I could tell both Nash and Cordel were lost in thought. I could also feel nothing but pain in my heart. This was all my fault I should of never got involved with either of them, and now they both wanted nothing to do with me. Way to go Carolina now you have lost them both. "Please, I'll go talk with my father. You guy shouldn't have to turn your lives around because I'm a stupid woman."
"No Carolina, I don't belong here. I'm not a gang type of man. MY life is back home. I don't want to stay here." I watched as Nash pulled his phone from his pocket and started to walk outside. I couldnt help it and the tears started to fall down my face. Cordel just stayed where he was looking at me. I looked at him and then followed Nash outside.
"I need to talk with Mr. Conti, but I need you to start and get things together for us to head home." I heard his words and flung myself into his arms. His phone fell to the ground.
"Nash, please don't go." I cried into his chest.
"Baby, you have to let me go. I can't share you and I can't keep doing this. You need to figure out your life right now, because I know your just as confused as we are."
"But I need you. Someone is after me."
"You have your family and they are better at this then I could ever be. I know your safe. I need to go home and get back to work." His words were like knifes to my heart. His arms went around me and he lifted me off the gorund. His lips then met mine and as soon as they were there, they were gone and I was standing alone on the back porch.
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