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Its been over a week since Nash left for America. I have moved back into the main house and I'm under lock and key. I can't even go out for lunch. I haven't hear a word from Nash and Cordel keeps himself out of my view. I knew he is still with us because I ended up talking with my brother one night for almost six hours.

Four nights ago...

"What are you doing?" My brother asked sticking his head in my bedroom. I was laying in bed with the blankets over my head. Feeling sorry for myself. I peeked out to see him. He walked inside and closed the door behind him. He took a seat on the side of my bed. "Talk to me Carolina, dad won't tell me shit when it comes to you. Besides the fact that you have some psycho man crazy over you that wants to hurt you." I sat up and looked at him. "Or could this be a psycho woman." I grabbed a pillow and smacked him with it. He started laughing.

"Okay, if I tell you. You have to listen like a friend and not a big brother. Can you do that?" He nodded his head at me. After about an hour of explaining Nash and Cordel to him. We just started talking. I had thought that I had relationship problems. Until my whore of a brother started to tell me about his issues. "You got problems." I said to him and we both started laughing.

"Look Carolina, I'm not looking to be in a relationship, but you have two grown ass men that care a lot about you. You may of gotten it into your mind that having them both would be fun and exciting. I'm sorry to break this to you, but If I fall in love with someone. She is mine and only mine. I'm sure that Nash and Cordel feel the same way." I just looked away. "You have to pick. Or you need to move on from both of them."

My brother and I ended up just talking for hours and it felt good to let it all out, but my brother was right and I needed to get myself back and move on. I was on a mission to try and remember who the hell I was and stopping acting like this person that I'm not. I'm the daughter of Mr. Conti, the mafia princess.

Over the next four months. I got myself back into training. I bumped into Cordel a few times, but he acted like I wasn't even there. I out it into my mind that he had moved on and I was okay with that. I also still haven't heard a word from Nash. I also felt he had moved on. My father ended up putting me to work. If i wasn't handling school. I was handling the books for my father. I'm not always strapped and I'm a good shoot. My father has even started allowing me to go out on shipping missions. There have been no new threats from whoever sent me the messages and my father has let loose of my strings some. I have to say at this moment I'm doing good.

Nash's POV,

"So your really over it?"

"Yes. How many times do I have to say it?"

"I don't know Nash. Maybe a hundred times. I mean if you have forgotten I was with you while you were in that dark place when we first came home." I just sighed. I was about to take on a new mission and get my life back in order. Its been almost six months since I left Carolina behind. I refuse to let a woman get in front of who I am again.

"Vance your getting on my last nerve." He just smiled and nodded his head.

"Do you want one more drink before our flight?" I nodded at he got up from the table. I took on another Guardian job, but this time it was for a man that the government needed protection. I knew I wasn't going to fall for a man. This job was just what I needed. After the first month I was gone and I had heard no word from her. I lost it for a while. I think, no I know my heart is healing and moving on.

One year later...

"Do it harder Nash." This bitch, I started slamming into her harder. I pulled it out and came all over her back.

"You can shower and then I expect you to be gone when I come back up, and before you say anything else. The answer is no." I grabbed my robe and left the room. My apartment faced the ocean, I really enjoyed how the air felt in Washington. Things in my life were good and smooth. My job was going good and I had enough jobs to keep me busy. I had enough women to keep my dick busy. One thing about most of the women I fuck with. Like to try and stick around. I don't want to be with anyone. I don't want to care about anyone. I push them all away and I don't give it a second thought. It how I have always been. My phone went off and I pulled it out. The text message was from Mr. Conti.

"Hello Nash, I'm sorry to disturb you. My daughter has been shot and she is fighting for her life. You asked me to let you know if anything had ever happened to her. She was on a mission at the docks and we were attacked. She took a bullet to the head and to the stomach. Things are not looking good."

I had to reread the text a few times before I realized what I was reading. I tried to call his phone but he didn't answer. I called Vance and told him I needed him to take my place so could get out to Italy. I let my boss know what was going on and then Vance showed up. "So your going to her?" I shot him a look. "Nash, you let her go."

"She might be dying Vance. I can't just stay here. I have to go to her."

"You don't even know anything about her anymore." I stopped and looked at him. I wasn't mad at him. I had stopped getting man at Vance a long time ago. He has always been the only man in the whole world I have ever trusted. He has seen me at my worse and he has seen me on top. I know he is only worried about me, but I can't let her be alone. I knew Carolina is a strong woman, but I was worried and I had to go.

"I understand where were coming from, but I have to go to her. Please take care of things here for me and I'll be back before you know it." Vance just shook his head.

"Is there anything I can say to change your mind?"


"Alright, I'll be here when you return."

"Thank you Vance." I grabbed my bag and headed out to the airport. The flight was long and all I did was pray that she held on until I got there. I got to my hotel and pulled my phone out to try and call her father once again. I had no idea what hospital she was at. I still got no answer so I sent a text.

"This is Nash, I'm here in Italy. Please sir tell me where she is." I hit send and waited. All I could do was pace the room. Finally my phone dinged and all the message said was the name of the hospital. I ran out of the hotel and got into a cab and head to the hospital. The cab pulled up and I jumped out. I looked to the left and Cordel was standing against the building smoking a cigarette. "Cordel?" He turned and looked at me. His face looked pained.

"Nash, what are you doing here?"

"What do you think? Where is she." Cordel just looked to the ground.

"She is in the ICU on the sixth floor." I didn't stay, I took off running inside. I got to the floor and it was like a mafia meeting. Men stood everywhere. Men with guns, Members I had gotten to know while I lived with them, and some men I didn't know. I found Mr. Conti in the waiting room.

"Nash." He said and I went to him.

"Can I see her?" I said when I got to his side. He took my arm and walked me away from everyone.

"I need to bring you up to speed." I just looked at him and crossed my arms.

"What's going on?"

"Honestly Nash, I didn't think you would come. I promised you I would let you know if something had ever happened to her, but things aren't like they were. Carolina has become a different person."

"What dose that even mean?"

"She has become hard. She is not the same woman she was. She is also engage and her fiance is in the room with her." I took a deep breath. I should of gotten some answers before I came. I said to myself. I had to admit this news hurt, but I was the one who left.

"I still want to see her." Mr Conti nodded his head.

"Give me one second." I watched him walk off and go into a room. DeAngelo and Mr. Conti exited the room. There's no way I believe she gave in to DeAngelo. It can't be him. I watched as they spoke for a moment. Then Mr. Conti walked back over to me. " Are you ready?"

"Yes." We walked back to her door.

"Listen, she looks bad and she is in a coma. So try not to be too shocked." I nodded at him.

"Is DeAngelo?" He looked at him and DeAngelo was watching us. Mr. Conti nodded at me. I shook my head and opened her door.

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