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The next day I woke up and Nash was still at the side of my bed. He looked so uncomfortable. I wanted to move him into my bed. I didn't know if that was appropriate or not. Yes, I knew the story about us, but I still couldn't remember it. "Your awake princess?" I heard Nash say next to me.

"Nash, if your going to keep sending your nights in here with me. I 'm going to need for you to just lay next to me." He eyes got big.

"I don't know if that's a good idea or not."

"Come on Nash, were both adults. You look so uncomfortable in the chair every night. I know your back must be killing you." Nash straighted out and just smiled.

"I'm okay."

"Have it your way, but your welcome to sleep next to me." The maids brought us breakfast and after I had my shower. I was ready to see and talk with Cordel. I had to try and make some of all of this better. I don't know how Cordel felt about me anymore, but I still felt guilty for what I had done. "Nash?" He turned and looked at me. "Can you go and find Cordel for me?" He just looked at me for a moment. His face looked a little sad. "I just need to talk to him. I have to try and make this right. The woman you said I was. Just doesn't sound like me. Please?" Nash nodded his head at me and left the room. I waited for almost an hour before I heard someone knock on my door. "Please come in." Cordel walked in and closed the door behind him.

"You wanted to see me?" He said as he stood at the foot of my door. I gave him a small smile.

"Yeah, do you have some time?" He nodded at me and he looked pained. "Please Cordel, I don't remember you. I'm so sorry about that, but I need you to tell me what happened between us?" He looked around the room for a moment and then found a chair and took a seat.

"This story isn't nice in the beginning."

"It's okay Cordel I just need to know the story." He nodded and started talking. I sat there and listened to his story. It took a while and when he was done. I felt like shit. "I'm so sorry." I said to him. He gave me a smile, but I just looked away from him. "I don't know what my problem was. It's hard to believe you and Nash. Because that sounds nothing like me." Cordel stood up and took a seat next to me on my bed.

"Carolina, you had so much on your plate and you never meant to have feelings for me, but we both feel for each other. You told us you would only have us both." I blushed at his words. This just didn't feel like me.

"I still want you to know how sorry I am for my behavior." he reached out and touched my arm.

"Don't be, I don't regret our time together." I smiled.

"Your being to kind. I shouldn't of played with your hearts like that.

"I agree with you, but under the circumstance. You can't beat yourself up over this anymore." I looked over at him. "How is Nash treating you?"

"Like he owes me something. He is very good to me and never leaves my side." Cordel just looked away.

"He should be."

"What do you mean?"

"He left you." I sat up. " He could deal with what was going on between the three of us and he gave up and left. I have always been here. I got you to the hospital. He showed up later. He left you and you turned cold. You wouldn't even look at me. Then you went into the arms of DeAngelo and surprised us all." I could hea the anger in his voice. I didn't know what to say. I never had strong feelings for DeAngelo. Yes I liked him and we were sleeping together, but he was just a friend. Something about DeAngelo just didn't feel right. I told Cordel how I felt about the hole DeAngelo thing. How I didn't want him near me.

"It all funny Carolina, even the attack on us at the shipment yard was funny."

"Something is not right and I almost feel like there is a trader among us."

"Your father feels the same way. You really can't remember anything?" I just shook my head at him. I was trying really hard, but nothing was coming to my mind.

Unknowns POV,

"She can't remember anything. All she can remember is getting to America."

"She is useless to us now. There is no way we will be able to get to her. I'm sure her father has her protected."

"The guardian Nash is back with her."

"That son of a bitch. He is not going to back down. I knew we should of moved faster. Do we know who took the hit out on her yet?"

"I'm still trying to figure that out, but I don't think it was a direct hit towards Carolina."

"What makes you think that?"

"Because we didn't have anyone attack. She knew what was going down and she was going to follow the rules so her father and brother could live. We had everything perfect, but then some one attacked and she got shot. She almost died."

"I'm going to need you to sit tight and keep your eyes and ears open. I don't know what the next move is, but if she starts to remember I need you to kill her."

"Kill her?"

"Yes, kill her. We have no idea how she is going to act once she remembers everything."

"If she remembers anything at all. Killing her was never part of the plan."

"We can kill you instead? Yeah, I didn't think so. Do your job and keep your eyes and ears open. No more fuck ups. Remember your being watched from the inside. I won't hesitate to have your head blown off. Don't forget you came to me."

"I came to you because I love her, not for you to kill her."

"You honestly think she will love you in anyway after she learned what and who you really are? Don't make me laugh. I will have Conti's empire and no one will stop me. Not you or her or even his members. They will all bow down to me in the end. I don't care who I have to take down. Do not cross me or you will join them in hell."

"Yes sir."

"That's a good boy, now carry on and I except to hear from you within the week. Don't forget I still get updates. So no lies or its your head." I hung up the phone. I wish I knew who the trader was. I still couldn't believe what was happening. I still couldn't believe what I had done. I only wanted her. I came to the conclusion that force was going to be my only way. I betrayed my family and now I know I will die in the end. Maybe I can get her out of here and we can hide together. That's it, I'll have to kidnap her and we will run together. Now it was time to come up with my own plan and start my own gang. Far away from the families with Carolina by my side weather she likes it or not.

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