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"Can I call you Nash?" I rolled my eyes.

"If you want to. I can't promise I'll answer you." She got a huge sexy smile on her face.

"Okay, Nash." She said. Then she went to looking back out the window.

"Are you going to be a problem for me?" She turned and looked at me.

"I don't think so, but I'm not promising anything." Innocent my ass. I think I got that one wrong. I'm sure she is just full of secrets. I watched as she pulled her headphones out and put them in her ears. The rest of the drive was quiet with only soft sounds of her singing some words every once in a while. We pulled up in front of her new home. I got out and went to her side of the car and opened her door. She stepped out and stop. She stood there and took her glasses off. She then looked at the house. "Really father." She said. I just looked at her. "How am I supposed to keep a low profile if I'm living here?"

"I said the same thing." She looked at me and just rolled her eyes at the situation. We walked inside and I just followed her.

"This is just not going to do." I watched her pull her phone out. I stood off to the side and just watched her. "Daddy, really?" She starts to pace the kitchen. She set her things down on the counter. "This place is way too big for me. I thought I was just going to have an apartment?" She closed her eyes. "Yes daddy, Nash is fine, but I can't stay here...No daddy your the one who wants me to stay a secret... Yes, he is right here." She handed the phone over to me.


"Look she is right, she doesn't start school for a week. Please take her out tomorrow and find her an apartment. I don't want her living in shit. She needs a well built large apartment and your just going to have to move in with her."

"Yes, sir. Do you have a preference?"

"I'm sure she will. Listen, Nash, don't let her run you down. She needs the structure. Or she will run all over you."

"Yes sir, I'll make sure she stays in line." I felt her eyes on mine. I hung up the phone and handed it back to her. She cocked her head at me and I cocked mine back at her.

"Stay in line?" She said. I just smiled.

"Don't get too settled princess, we find you a new place tomorrow. Put my number in your phone. I'll be out in the guest house if you need me. Don't leave or you'll be punished.” She looked at me like I was fucking nuts. Too bad I was and she was going to learn that real fast.

Carolina's POV,

I watched as this huge man left out the back door. What the fuck, I said to myself. Who the hell did my father hire? Keep me in line? Punish me? Okay, that one actually had me intrigued. I mean no one has ever talked to me like that before. Okay, Mr. Nash Mason was hot. Hot? Okay sexy hot. The man stood at least Six foot five. He had jet black hair and his eyes were almost grey. His body was nothing but muscle. I was sure he could break me with one snap. I could see a tattoo around his neck and I wondered if they covered his body. A body I wouldn't mind seeing. I bit my lip at that thought. I mean the man could carry me around like a baby, he was so big. Punish me? I just might have to see what that entails. I just giggled to myself. Get it together Carolina, he is your guardian and according to my father. The best out there. I walked over to the back door and looked out. There was a small house in the back. I assumed it was where he was staying. I was tired and hungry from the trip, but I also felt alone. I pulled my phone out and dialed his number. I kept my eyes on the little house.


"Im hungry."

"So eat."

"Do you want to eat with me?" The line was quiet. "Nash?"

"I'll be there in a second." I smiled and hung up the phone. I was sitting on the couch when he came walking back in and I almost spit out my coke. What the shit? He came in freshly showered. He was in nothing but some shorts and a white tank top. His body was covered in tattoos. His wet hair hung around his head and I almost lost it right then and there. "Carolina? Carolina?" I shook my head.

"I'm sorry, what?" He got a smile on his face.

"What do you want to eat?"

"Um, I don't care. something easy." You, I want to eat you. I said to myself.

"How about I just order a pizza?" I just nodded my head at him. He turned and I saw the gun tucked into his shorts.

"You always keep a gun on you?"

"Yes, I'm your Guardian Carolina. First a foremost."

"This job is going to be very easy for you. No one even knows I exist." He turned and looked at me.

"I do." He said as he pulled his phone out and ordered us a pizza. Nash sat down on the other couch. it almost seemed like he was trying to keep a distance from me. I got up and moved to the other side of the couch he was on.

"Tell me about you, Nash, please?"

"Maybe a different time." I pushed my bottom lip out at him. "That won't work on me."

"Come on, tell me something? What are you a scary murder? maybe even a crazy psycho?" The look on his face puzzled me for a moment. "Fine keep your secrets. I'll find them out soon." He just smiled and shook his head.

(Nash) What she doesn't know won't kill her.

I heard the doorbell ring and I jumped up to answer it. "NO!" He yelled at me. I sat back down and just looked at him. "Sorry, but I'll get it."

"Okay," I said. I cocked my head at him when he came back holding pizza and sodas. "You sir are just a little bit bossy."

"Listen, Carolina, my job is to guard you and keep you safe."

"I think I can handle answering the door, Nash." I kept my eyes on him. "I'm not in danger."

"You will do good to understand this right away Carolina. I'm not one to fuck with or play games with. I have a job and you're it. You do it my way or you can be sorry. the choice is yours."

"Does my father know you talk like this to me?"

"I'll talk to you any way I fucking please." I was, to say the least shocked.

"Who the fuck do you think you are?"

"Why do I have to repeat myself, princess?"

"Stop calling me that. I'm not a princess. You know what? Fuck you!" He shot across the living room like a bolt of lightning. The next thing I knew I was against the wall. With his hand around my throat. He wasn't hurting me, but I was scared. All my training flew out of the window at that moment. I don't know if I was pissed off at turned on. "Let me go Nash, now." His grip loosened and he sat me back down on the floor. His face came right next to mine.

"Don't fuck with me." He whispered into my ear. I took a deep breath. I knew right there and then. I was either going to be in his bed or dead and burned in front of him. Nash Mason was extremely intense and so fucking hot. I was already lost in him and I had no idea how I was going to get out of this. "Come eat." He said and I did as I was told. I needed to behave before I was the one that lost it.

We both ate in silence and then I let him know I was going to bed. He nodded at me as I left the room, headed right for a cold shower. "Carolina?" I stopped and turned to look at him. "Behave yourself." He said and winded at me. Oh god, I said to myself and headed to my room. I knew I needed to play Nash very carefully. I didn't really feel like I wasn't safe with him. In fact, I felt very safe. I didn't think he would actually hurt me, mentally maybe, but I could only see pleasure from his physical touch.

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