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I sat on the back porch while Cordel was getting our lunch together. I was nervous but I had to keep face. He sat down a salad in front of me and a glass of ice water. He took a seat in front of me. “Tell me, Carolina, how have you been feeling?”

“I’m good.”

“I see you and Nash are getting close again.”

“Yeah, he is very good to me.”

“I was good to you too you know.”

“I’m sorry Cordel, I still don’t remember you.” I watched as he took a deep breath.

“It’s okay, I thought maybe if you and I started to spend a little time together. Maybe it would help with your memories.”

“Sure we can do that.” Cordel smiled.

“Eat up, there’s more.” He obviously hasn’t been told anything about DeAngelo. I wonder if he is the one that killed him? I needed to make sure my family had all the evidence DeAngelo had on them. Cordel got up once we finished our salads. He took the plates inside and came back out with grilled chicken sandwiches.

“You didn’t have to go through all this trouble.” Cordel smiled at me.

“I wanted to, besides I miss you Carolina, and want you to want to spend time with me.” I nodded at him and cut my sandwich in half.

“How are you liking being a part of my family? I mean from my understanding you left your family for me.” Cordel looked away.

“Your father is good to me and I have a purpose here.” I’ll bet you do, I said to myself. “Would you like to go for a walk after we’re done?” Yeah, not happening.

“Actually, if you don’t mind. I’m a little tired and would like to have a nap.”

“Of course, no problem Carolina.” Cordel walked me back to my bedroom and said his goodbyes, but not before he tried to make more plans with me. Even though I remember everything. When Nash left. Cordel and I stayed away from each other. More so by his choice than mine. I never thought Cordel was just using me. What I had felt with him had been real. I know there was no way someone could fake feelings like that. I know there are good actors out there, but somethings you just can’t fake. My feelings were more hurt by all of this than anything. If he was only using me then why did he save me? Why did he get me to the hospital so fast? It didn’t matter how I felt about it now. My choice is Nash and Cordel is a trader.

“You’re going back to America with your cousins. I know it’s been years but they are not part of the family and therefore not on any radar. You will be safe with them.” My father explained to me while Nash stood off in the corner. I looked over at Nash.

“You’re going to be country’s away from me?” I asked him.

“I don’t want to be, but your father thinks it’s what’s best.” I looked back at my father.

“Carolina, I need him here.”

“And I need him with me. Dad, you have so many men. Why do you have to have Nash as well?”

“Because he is one of the best.”

“One of...” Nash said and laugh. Both my father and I just gave him a look. Nash smiled and looked away.

“Okay, how about you go on ahead and Nash can come to you when I don’t need him so much?” I just sighed and nodded. Later on that night. Nash woke me up ready to take me quietly to the airport. Before I went to bed I got my bag all packed and fell asleep in my clothes next to Nash. I was covered and lead out of the house. Nash sat next to me in the car.

“I’m going to miss you.”

“You know I’m going to miss you too princess.”

“Promise me you will be careful and come back to me again,” I said smiling up at him.

“I will do my best.” He kissed my four head and when we parked. Nash got me on the jet. I took a seat and Nash came over and pilled me up into his arms. He kissed me and told me to behave myself. I watched him walk out of the jet and the next thing I knew. I was in the air. I haven’t seen my father’s sister in almost ten years. She has always been a sweet woman. She wanted nothing to do with the mafia. I had heard secrets that it was because she fell in love with an outsider. She wanted him more than she wants the family and my father let her go. She lives in Los Angeles and has two sons and a daughter that’s my age. Her name is Emma and if I remember right, we got along very well. I’m actually very surprised my father asked her for help. Having me in her home links her to the mafia and can be dangerous.

The trip took longer and I was overly tired when we finally landed. I grabbed my bag and walked off the jet. There was an SUV waiting and the guards walked me over to it. The door opened and my aunt walked out. “Carolina.” She said and I went to hug her. “Welcome to California, how was your trip?”

“Long.” We both laugh. I followed her into the car. The drive was a little long back to her home. I ended up falling asleep.

“Carolina, hun it’s time to wake up were here.” I opened my eye and we were in front of a beautiful little home. The whole house looked like it could fit inside my bedroom. I knew my aunt wasn’t part of the family, but for some reason, I believed in my head that she was living a rich life. I was wrong and it was refreshing to see what love gave her. On the inside for home was larger than I thought. She had four bedrooms and a den. Her back yard was huge and she had a small pool. Her house was quiet.

“Where is everyone?” I asked.

“Don’t get used to the quiet, My husband is at work and everyone else is at school. Come four pm this house will be alive.” I gave her a smile. “You’re going to be sharing a room with Emma, I hope that’s okay. Otherwise, all I have to offer is the couch.”

“No, that fine. I hope I’m not stepping on anyone’s toes.”

“Of course not Emma is actually excited about seeing you. She won’t be around a whole lot. With school, she is barely home. You will mostly have that room to yourself.” I think it was going to feel good being with a normal family that has normal problems. My aunt showed me to my room and they had two twin beds set up. I smiled to myself when I had realized I had never been in a bed smaller than a king. This was going to be fun. I set on my bed and sent Nash a text. I let my father know I was here and just laid back and took a breath. This bedroom was the size of my bathroom back home. The room seemed so small and cramped. My bags were making the room even smaller. I took a deep breath and walked into the closet. A small space was cleaned for me. It only took me about an hour to get my things put away.

I was used to my life never really being my own. I’m twenty years old and still being told what to do. I know it’s for my safety, but I still felt like a child. For the last year, I have been running the mafia alongside my brother and father, and now I’m sitting on a twin size bed in a room about the size of my closet and I had no idea what was to come or how long I would be here. I missed Nash and wanted him here next to me. I looked around the room and started to laugh. Where the hell would I put him? I laid back on my bed and fell asleep.

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