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Nash POV,

With the fake news of Carolina's disappearance. Cordel has fled the country. Our men have been on his ass, but we lost him. Carolina has only been gone two weeks. I couldn't believe how much I missed her. I couldn't believe Cordel tuned out to be the trader. My mind was blown by how well he played out his feelings for her. He had us all convinced. Our only problem is we still have no idea who took DeAngelo out. We all thought for sure that it was Cordel, but evidence proves he wasn't the killer. That only makes matters worse as we now believe there are more working against us.

Today the Italian mafia was flying out to New York. Our target was a man named Eric Bradly. Mr. Bradly ran the largest gang in New York and Cordel was one of his most trusted men. Mr. Conti had a meeting set up with him as Mr. Bradly claims to have no idea about anything to do with Carolina. With me and his son Danti at his side. This Eric Bradly doesn't stand a chance. We know the man is lying after spending an evening with Mr. Conit has he told us the story about the love his wife had before he came into the picture. The sad part about it was I could understand why this Bradly person felt the way he did.


"You wanted to see us father?" Danti asked as him and I entered Mr. Conti's office late one night. The room was dimly lite and a fire was going. Danti and I took a seat and Mr. Conti had us both a glass of whiskey.

"I need to talk to you two about Eric Bradly and my with Elizabeth."

"Mom?" Danti asked and Mr. Conti nodded at him. I sat back waiting to hear about why all of this was going down.

"Back many years ago. I met Elizabeth here in Italy. She was here on vacation with her best friend. I was in my early twenties and just starting out in the mafia. My best friend Eric Bradly and I ran the streets. For almost six months Bradly had been going off about this girl he had met online. I always gave him shit for it because he had never met her. That week that Elizabeth came here was to in fact met Eric. See Eric grew up with our family. My mother and father took him in when he was eleven years old. He had been dumped by his own family in America and he found his way to my parents. My mother was a very loving woman. She took pity on him and we ended up the best of friends and brothers." I took a drink of my whisky while Danti just sat back and listened to his father talk.

"So you took this woman from Eric?" Danti asked.

"Don't get ahead of yourself son, let me finish." Danti nodded his head.

"Your mother was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on. For almost two weeks, Eric was in and out. He had told me how his girl was here and he was spending as much time with her as he could. Then on her last night before she was to head back to America. Eric had asked to bring her to the house for dinner. My father allowed him to do so. That's where I first met her. My mind was blown and all I could think about was why she was messing around with a man like Eric. Eric was a goober, he was sloppy and immature. We all knew he would never be someone strong enough for the mafia. Not that any of that mattered. I watched her all night long and I knew she was watching me. She was the sweetest thing. Plus she was incredibly sexy and innocent." We watched as Mr. Conti refilled his drink. You could tell this story was a hard one for him to tell.

"Sir?" I said and he just nodded at me.

"Eric was acting a fool around her. He was trying his hardest to show off where he belonged. He was saying things he should of never said to her. Secrets about our family and showing off. My father ended up pulling him out of the room. I knew he was in for it. Elizabeth was left sitting alone in the living room. I grabbed a glass of wine and walked in. She looked up at me and gave me a huge beautiful smile. I took a seat next to her. I handed her over the glass of wine. Trust me boys when I say. I never intently meant to start anything with her. I only felt bad for her. Like I said, Eric was just a goofball. She took the glass of wine form me and i watched her lips touch the glass. She then turned and looked over at me.

"I think I might of made a mistake." I looked at her for a moment.

"Why do you think that?" She turned and placed her hand on my leg. I looked down at her hand and then back to her large green eyes. I saw nothing but lust in them. I took the glass from her hands and she made the first move on me. Her lips moved to mine and I didn't stop her. She teased just like honey and I knew I had step over my bounds. I knew in that moment that she was going to be mine." He stopped talking and took a seat. "I was the one who caused this hatred between myself and my once best friend. Elizabeth ended up ending things with Eric and it really broke him. She ended up staying longer for me. Only no one knew she had chosen me. After only the first few days together, we were both in love. I know how that sounds but it was true. Then came the night when she gave herself to me. I had snuck her into this house. We made love most of the night and she was a virgin. I had thought for sure that she had slept with Eric, but I was wrong and it only made me love her more."

"Wow dad." He looked up at Danti and just shook his head.

"That night I was woken up by the cool steel of a gun to my head. I opened my eyes and Eric was standing next to my side of the bed with his gun pushed into my head. Elizabeth had woken up and she let out a scream so loud. It woke the whole house. Eric fired his gun towards her and was tackled to the ground. The bullet hit her in the arm and I got out of the bed and shot him in the leg. I'll never forgive you for this! He yelled out at me as my fathers men drug him out of the room." He looked over at Danti. "Your mother and I were married six months later and we welcomed you into the world a year later. Eric ended up going back to America and formed a large gang. He tried to attack us on our wedding day. He lost a lot of men that day, but left with his life. The only reason why was because what he meant to us at that time. I had tried my hardest to apologize to him. Of course it didn't matter. Elizabeth was mine and I wasn't willing to give her up."

"Is he the reason why you kept Carolina a secret?" I asked.

"Yes and no, After Danti was born we ran into a lot of problems. My father had passed away and I ended up taking his place in the family. We had a lot to deal with once he died. A lot of threats came our way and tried to take over. I never had any proof that Eric and his men came after us, but I was sure he had tried. I was only in my twenties and now the leader of the largest mafia in the world, and I had a new son. The next leader of the family. We were all sitting ducks, but our family is strong. Then Elizabeth became pregnant with Carolina. Her pregnancy made her very ill and we found out she was suffering from a blood disorder. She needed to terminate the pregnancy, but your mother refused to do so and losing her and your sister was a high risk. Trust me when I say I fought with her on this, but I knew I would lose."

I could see the tears in his eyes as he shared this story with us and Danti didn't look to good either. I reached out and placed my hand on Danti's back.

"Your mother wanted more for Carolina, she wanted her to have the choice to not be a part of the mafia. It was the only thing she asked of me. The night your sister was born was the happiest and saddest thing I had ever gone through. Your sister lived and Elizabeth died in my arms. Carolina was kept secret and no one but the family knew she lived." Mr. Conti placed his face into his hands.

"So you think all of this is Eric Bradly?" I asked.

"I do, and Cordel is one of his men. I think Carolina met his son in New York and Eric put two and two together. She would be his prefect way in. He has wanted me dead for years and feels his place is here running our family. I know he took Carolina and I now know he set her up with Cordel. Cordel never cared about her. He only used her for Eric's bidding. What better plan then to get one of his own men inside?" I took a deep breath. I wanted blood.


Now were headed to America to have a fucking meeting with this man.

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