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Carolina’s POV,

I’ve been stuck in this house for almost three weeks now. The only thing about being here that’s not so bad is the fact that no one is ever home. My cousins come and go and my aunt and uncle are gone on trips constantly. There are no guards here and honestly I could leave at any point, but I don’t because I don’t want to add to the problems we already have. I talk with my father and brother at least once a week. I talk with Nash every night. Of course no one will tell me what’s going on. The less I know the better they all tell me. Bullshit, but who am I to argue?
The problem I’m having right now is I haven’t heard from anyone is almost three days now. I’ve been here at the house for two days alone. My fathers phone is off, my brothers phone hose right to voice mail, and Nash’s phone dose nothing but ring. I’ve done my best to keep my cool, but now I’m starting to get worried. I can’t get anyone from home to answer the phones.
I don’t know what I’m supposed to do now. Do I wait? Do I go? Do I keep calling? Damn it! I tried my best to not think about it. I knew no one was going to be home tonight so I decided to just make myself a sandwich and find a good movie. Just as I took a seat on the couch. The lights in the house all go out. I stopped moving and just listened. At first I heard nothing. Hearing nothing is no good. There was no rain outside. The wind was actually quite. I slowly sat my food down and started to head towards my bedroom. I keep my gun on the side of my bed. I wished it was on me, but it wasn’t so I I’d to get it. I still heard nothing and more then Likely this was nothing but a power outage. Still I needed to be sure.
I made it to the bedroom without any problems. I grabbed my gun and placed it in the back of my jeans. I then made my way back to the living room. That’s when I heard the first noise. Obviously these people don’t know what I’m capable of doing. I laid myself down between the couch and the coffee table. I pulled my gun out and waited. That’s when I saw the first shadow, an outline of a human. I stayed quite as this person made their way across the living room. The man was followed now by two others. “Did you see her?”
“She was sitting on the couch when I cut the lines.”
“Did either of you see her move?”
“No boss.”
“So she must still be in this room.”
“Carolina, you can’t hid from us. Come out come out wherever you are.” I cocked my gun which caused them all to look at me.
“You three are dumber then I thought. Why are you here?” I said while my gun was pointed right at them. The larger one started to move towards me. “Unless you don’t like your dick where it is. I suggest you don’t move.” I snapped. “Now tell me why you’re here?”
“We have orders to take you back to our boss.”
“And just who might that be?”
“We can’t tell....”
BOOM, I let off a shot. “I don’t think you boys know just who you’re fucking with. I’m not going to ask you again. Who sent you!”
“Listen before you kill us. My boss has your father. If you don’t come. He will kill them.”
“How do I know your not lying to me? Wait did you say them?” I watched the men look at each other.
“Just come with us if you want your father to live.”
“I don’t follow terrorist rules. Give me proof.” I crossed my arms. The one men sighed and tossed me his phone. I pointed my gun back at them and bent down to pick it up. The picture on the phone was of my father and he was beat up. My mouth fell open. I looked up at the men. “What dose your boss want with me? He has my father the leader.”
“That’s not our Business, that has to do with you and him. Now please come with us?” I knew I had no other choice. There was no way out of this. I mean I could kill all of these men, but I have no idea where I’m going. I have no idea who their boss is.
“I’ll come but I’m keeping my gun.”
“No can do.” I just took a deep breath.
“Fine, I will follow you, but you will not touch me or tie me up.”
“Deal, give me the gun and let’s go.” I did as the men asked me and followed them out to their van. They opened the door and in I went. I was just waiting for one of them to make a move on me. I took a seat and two of the men sat next to me. The one who did all the talking got into the drivers seat. I don’t know how long we drove, but we ended up on the run way of the airport. I just shook my head.
“Can you tell me where we are going?”
“As soon as you’re on the jet. I’ll tell you what you want to know.” I nodded at him. The van doors opened and I followed the men onto the jet. I took a seat and then the chair in front of me spun around. My mouth hit the floor.
Nash’s POV,
I stayed behind when Mr. Conti and his son and a few of their men entered the home of Mr. Bradly. We all knew they were walking into a trap. Someone had to be on the outside to get them out and kill this gang off. That job was given to me. “Nash, are you listening to me?” I heard Vance say behind me. “Contin’s men will all be here in the morning.”
“Yes, Vance I heard you.”
“Where’s your head man?”
“She is safe in California. You know that.”
“Yes, but I haven’t contacted her in days. I know she is freaking out.”
“You know the rules. The less she knows the better. Besides do you really want to tell her that her father and brother are more then Likely being tortured or even maybe dead. Let’s keep that in mind right now.”
“I know your right, but I know she is worried.” I looked back out the back door and just watched the city all lit up. I felt my phone go off. I pulled it out and it was Conti’s men.
“This is Nash?”
“Nash, this is Roco. We just got word that Carolina is missing. The home was broken into.”
“FUCK!” I yelled out. “They must have her. How far out are your men?”
“We should be in New York by six am. Nash, do not make a move without us. These are your orders. Do you understand?” I could feel the pain in my teeth as I was grinding them.
“Yes, I will wait for you.” I hung up the phone and chucked it across the room. My fist made connection with the wall, and I felt the bones in my knuckles brake.
“Why the fuck?” Vance said as he came running to my side.
“They have Carolina.”
“Who, what? How?” I looked at Vance and tried to think of my options. Six am was still over nine hours away. How the fuck was I going to sit still for nine hours? She was never part of the plan. No one was supposed to know where she was. How in the fuck did this happen?
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