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“Cordel?” He sat there in front of me. He wasn’t saying anything. I just sighed, I didn’t even know why I was surprised. I crossed my arms and just sat back. Cordel was just watching me. Within the next twenty minutes we were in the air. Cordel stood up and took my arm with him. He moved us into a back cabin that was a small bedroom. “Let me go.” I said has I moved my arm away from him.

“Listen to me Carolina you are walking into a trap.” I crossed my arms.

“You think I don’t know that? Why are you telling me any of this?” Cordel took a seat on the bed and motioned for me to have a seat next to him. I just stood there and looked at him.

“Okay, I have a few things to confess to you. We have a few hour flight. Will you hear me out?” I walked to the other side of the bed and took a seat.

“Go ahead, it’s not like I have something else to do.” Cordel took a deep breath.

“Look, I don’t expect you to believe me. Carolina I do love you.” I almost burst out laughing.

“Cordel, please.”

“It’s true, my job was to make you believe that I loved you and have you get me inside. That’s is all true and I don’t ever expect you to forgive me for that. Or any of the things that I have done, but while that was going on. I ended up in love with you. Every time I touched you, every time I kissed you and made love to you. It was all real and I just didn’t know how to get out of the predicament I was in, but then Nash came into the picture and I knew you loved us both. I couldn’t risk my life knowing that in the end. You might not of picked me. I choose my life over you. I regret the choice that I made and I had wished when Nash left I would of went after you and told your father the truth.”

“My father would of killed you.”

“It would of been worth it Carolina. I have never loved a woman before. You were everything to me.” I sat there not knowing what to believe. Not that it would of change anything. My heart belongs to Nash.

“And now what?”

“Let me help you?”

“Help me what? If you help me you will die.” Cordel looked away from me.

“If you live that will be worth it.” My heart hurt and I don’t know why I sat here believing him, but something inside told me it was the truth.

“Cordel the only thing that I can give you is the truth.”

“I know you love him, you don’t have to tell me that.”

“Cordel listen to me. The love I had for you was real. I really didn’t know who to pick. Because at that time I loved you both the same. That’s was real. You deserve to know that much at least, but I lost that love for you when Nash left. His leaving showed me where my heart was and I closed myself off to everyone including myself.” Cordel moved himself a little closer to me.

“Let me help you.”


“Eric is going to kill your father. There is no way to save him.” My heart started to beat faster. “But your brother you can save.”

“Cordel, I have to save my father.” Cordel shook his head.

“Eric is never going to give up your father. The minute Eric has you. He will kill your father. I don’t know how to get around that.”

“We have to think of something. I can’t let that happen.” Cordel placed his face into his hands. I placed my hands on him. “Please Cordel, help me save my father.”

“I wish I had never gotten involved with you.” He said and I moved my hands from him. He reached out and grabbed my hand. He placed his lips on my hand and then handed me a gun. “You will have to shoot him first. If you can’t do that. You will lose your father.” I took a deep breath and pushed the gun down my pants.

“Thank you Cordel.” He nodded his head at me and then left the room, closing the door behind him.

Nash’s POV,

My body was covered in gun and knifes. Vance followed me around the room as I prepared myself to go after my girl. “Nash, this is crazy. You are going to get yourself killed.” I looked over at him.

“I know I have out of it for a while, but have you forgotten who the fuck I am?” Vance sighed and started to strap up.

“No Nash, I haven’t forgotten you you are.”

“Good then let’s take care of this shit and move on.”

We left and headed to my garage down town. I kept a vehicle there that was loaded in Arsenal. The vehicle I used when the heat got turned up. It was time to take these people down my way. I wasn’t one to follow the rules and I let my girl cloud my judgment. It was now time to take things in my hands and do it my fucking way. Once Vance and I got to the car. We both placed bullet proof best on. Covered our body’s in more guns and suited up. “You ready for this?” I asked Vance has he was loading his shot gun.

“Your damn right I am. Fuck I missed this.” I just smiled and put the car into drive and headed out. It took us a little over an hour to reach the house on the outside of the city. I parked the car at least two miles from the house and Vance and I headed out on foot. By the time we hit the property. Vance and I had already taken out six men. The sound of a vehicle coming up the drive made Vance and I hide in the tall bushes. The car speed up and stopped in front of the house. I watched as two men pulled Carolina out of the van. They made her go inside and then Vance and I made our move. Vance took out the two men standing outside the front doors.

We made our way inside and the place looked deserted. We started to move with slow speed. We came across two more men that I took out without a problem. I never understood how these people kept these idiots had guards. Then Vance and I both looked at each other as gun shots went off. I took off following the sounds down some stairs. The scene that unfolded in front of me. Sent a fear into my heart. There were five men holding guns on Carolina. Her fathers body laid on the ground with blood pooling around him. Eric’s body was also on the ground with blood all around him. Cordel held a gun pointing at the other men. As soon as the other men realized I was in the room. Gun shots went off again. I hollered out as Carolinas body hit the floor. Along with Cordels. Vance and I took the rest of the men out and I ran to Carolinas body. “Please baby don’t leave me.” I yelled out as I pulled her into my arms. Vance ran over to her brother and untied him. He was pretty beaten up.

“Nash, we have to get the fuck out of here.” When Vance said those words. I heard grunting and looked to see Mr. Conti move his body.

“Please Nash, help my father.” Her soft voice said in my arms. I looked down and realized she was hit in the shoulder. I riped my shirt off and pressed it to her wound.

“Hold this here and I need you to get up and move with us. Can you do that?” She nodded her head at me as I moved and grabbed her father. The five of us moved with speed and as soon as we got up the stairs. Eric Bradly's son Alex and other men stood there with guns pointed at us all.

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