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With one swift motion, I pulled both my guns out and started shooting. I heard Vance yell out and he took one in the leg. I realized someone came and stood next to me. I looked over and Cordel was there shooting with me. In slow motion everything unfolded in front of me. Carolina had sat herself up next to her father and was shooting. Vance was on the ground shooting. Carolina's brother was full force shooting and so was Cordel. A man came out of the side door and fired three bullets into Cordel's chest. He hit the ground and I took the other guy out. Carolina pulled herself over to Cordel. Once everyone was dead. I stood there as the only one not hit. How the fuck was I going to get everyone out?

"What are you doing, he is a trader." I said to Carolina. She had Cordel in her arms and tears were pouring down her face. She just looked up at me.

"You don't understand." She said and I watched her say her goodbyes. Just then there was a huge bang outside and it shook the house. Conti's men came flying in the house. Oh thank god, I said to myself.

Six months later...

"You are going to get that ass spanked." She licked her lips at me.

"Promises, promises." She softly said. I walked closer to the bed as she got on her knee's and removed her shirt. Her perfect breast bounced in front of me. Her thighs barely covering her shorts. Her long hair was going down her body and she was breath taken.

"Why do you like to tease me?" She smiled.

"It's too much fun." I crawled onto the bed and took her chin into my hands. I moved my face to her ear.

"You want me to fuck you?" I heard a little moan come from her sweet lips.

"Yes," she whispered. I pushed her down on the bed and pulled her shorts from her hips. She had no panties on. I sucked my teeth.

"Bad girl." I said as I moved my mouth to her sweet pussy. She was already wet and my tongue slid between her lips effortlessly. I felt her finger in my hair. I sat up and grabbed her hands. I pulled my tie off and tied her hands to the bed. "You want to tease me, then you don't get to touch me." She gave me her pouty lip. I just shook my head at her. I went back to giving her torture. I had her purring like a kitten and doing everything she could to get out of the hold I had on her. "Your mine." I hissed when I made my way back up to her face. She nodded at me and I started to remove my suit. I grabbed her body and pulled her up. With her hands still tied to the bed and her voice begged me to let her go. I slammed myself deep inside of her.

I loved to hear her cry out. As I felt her body start to tense up and I knew she was close. I untied her and knew just what she would do. She pushed her body forward and climbed on top of me. My fingers dug into her hips as she wildly road me until her body was shaking. "I love you." She breathlessly cried out. Her lips came to mine and I flipped her over and thrusted inside her again. I watched her hands grip the bedding around her.

"I love you baby." I said as I felt my own release. I laid down next to her and she came into my arms. Her lips found mine and if I didn't slap her ass and stop her. We would be at it again. As soon as we all returned home. Mr. Conti stepped down and his son took his place. I took a vow to this family and Vance and I became Carolina's brothers right hand men. I was now a part of the mafia. The pay is better and I have my woman beside me. A woman who has become one hell of a fighter, and a strong member in the mafia. No one fucks with my woman. We train daily and she goes where I go.

Carolina's POV,

I almost lost my father that night. He was in the hospital for a month before we were able to go home. My brother and the members. Cleaned out everything The Bradly's had ever built. They were no longer a threat to us. Cordel lost his life that night and even after everything, my heart broke for him. I had told Nash the confession he had made to me. I told him how once I was in that house and everything went down that he saved me. It was hard on me for awhile, but Nash was there and helped me to feel better.

Now I fight and do business by his side. My brother took Nash and Vance on. They were excepted into our family. My brother is a good leader and even though my father as stepped down. He is still there to help. my father as even started dating. He met this really nice woman by the name of Julie and he seems happy. Of course we all did back ground checks on her and after my father yelled at all of us to cut it out. We started to like her and get used to her.

I'm actually happy now. My life is my own and I don't look over my shoulder any longer. Besides when I walk with this huge man beside me. No one really fucks with me. Nash and I have decided that we want a home of our own. We have been on the hunt for a while now. I'm so damn picky and I want to be as close to home as I can be. It's common for family to stay home in the big house, but I didn't want that. Nash surprised me one day and told me he purchased the land next door to my family home. I almost lost it and couldn't wait to start building our home.

Vance and my best friend Joanie I think have been getting close. She hasn't come out and told me anything yet. Vance is a good looking man and I have caught the two of them together, but when they notice me. They pull away. I will give her time but if they are together, she will come to me soon. I've talk to Nash about it, wondering if he has said anything to him. Nash just smiles and tells me to stay out of it. That tells me he knows something. Nash still likes to play my guard. I don't need him to do that but He likes control and who am I to take that from him? Besides I love his dominance. He can control me any time he pleases.

New recruits into the family have become Vance and Nash's number one job. They do all back grounds and training. I hate it when the females come in. I have to watch him while he trains. There has only been one problem actually. Something I got into a lot of trouble for, and now I lost the rights to be in the training room when they are working. I don't think it was a big deal, but when I took my gun out and made her piss herself, we understood each other. Needless to say she back out. I didn't think we needed a pants pisser, but everyone was still upset with me. Nash let me have it that night and it was worth it. My ass hurt for a few days, but I liked it to much. He is on to my games as I have started to do things just to get him going. He can bitch all he wants but I know he likes it. I'm on to his games too.

"Are you ready baby? We can't be late." I stood in the mirror finishing up my makeup.

"I'm sure it will be okay if were a little late." Tonight we were hosting a party for the new members of the family. We had twenty new member's. Our largest group yet. Word out was we were the biggest mafia in the world and new accounts were coming in daily. My brother was handling them well. We had a few threats, but none of us were worried about it. I walked out of the bathroom. Nash was in a three piece suit with a red tie. I stood in the door way and just looked at him. He was such a turn on. confidence radiated off of him. I could think of better things to do then go to this party. He looked over at me. He tilted his chin at me.

"What?" I crossed my arms. "Stop it, we have to be there."

"If I dropped this dress, I will change your mind."

"If you drop that dress, you won't sit for a week."

"Deal." His smile couldn't be hid.

"I swear Carolina. Move your ass."

"Don't you want to come over here and tell me how sexy I am?" I watched him think for a moment and I knew he knew what I was up to. Nash walked up to me slowly. he reached out and placed his hands around my neck and pushed me against the wall. he knew how to give my pussy a heart beat.

"Behave yourself tonight." He slammed his lips to mine, slapped me ass and pushed me towards the door. "Brat." He said as I opened the door and we left the room arm in arm.

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