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“What?” Nash looked like, well I wasn’t too sure what he looked like.

“I’m sorry.” I started to say as he took my arms and pulled me into him.

“Just what are you sorry for?”

“I...” I didn’t really know what to say. I didn’t know how he felt. “Nash, are you upset?” I looked up into his eyes.

“No baby, I’m not upset. My world couldn’t get any better when you agreed to marry me, and now you just added that much more joy to it. I didn’t think it was possible.” I couldn’t help the huge smile that appeared on my face. “You are everything to me, and now you’re carrying my baby. I love you princess.” He said and pulled my lips to his. My heart grew and I knew my life was going to be something wonderful.

Nash and I decided to wait until after the wedding to tell everyone the news about the baby. I had to make sure Joanie kept her mouth shut. Over the next to months. Nash and I, Joanie and I were able to put together a huge wedding. A wedding that would be done in our back yard. There were over a thousand people invited and knowing this family. They would all be here. I had just the tiniest bump showing. Nothing that would alert anyone, but we did decide to up my dress size. Nash was left in charge of the honeymoon and he decided to keep it a secret from me. I was perfectly okay with that. I loved surprises and the closer the wedding got the more tired I was becoming. Also poor Nash had to deal with my hormones starting to act out. I cried over everything. Thank god I didn’t turn into a bitch. I just knew my wedding day was going to be an emotional wreck for me.

The day had finally come. I was now almost four months along. I planned to announce my pregnancy as a surprise to all our members and family at the toast. “So I’m showing up at your wedding with Vance. It’s time everyone knows how we feel.” Joanie explained to me as she placed my veil on my head.

“I think that’s wonderful,” I said as I yawn.

“Girl, you had better wake up.” I laugh at her.

“Even if I had gotten eight hours of solid sleep last night. I’d still be tired.”

“I just want to tell you how happy I am for you. You really lucked out with Nash, and he loves you so much. I can’t wait to meet that baby. You’re going to be such a good mother.” I almost started to cry.

“I hope so, I never had a mother.” Joanie just wrapped her arms around me.

“You’re going to be a wonderful mother. You have the sweetest heart and your kind to everyone. This baby is lucky to have you.” Then the tears fell and I knew I was done for. We both cried and then ran to fix our makeup.

“It’s pointless my makeup is going to be fucked all day today. This baby is turning me into a baby.” We both giggled.

Two hours later I was Mrs. Nash Mason. I stayed in his arms as we danced together. “Are you happy?” He asked me and all I could do was nodded at him. I knew for sure that all my mascara was gone. Joanie even tried to convince me to sneak away to fix it, but I told her I was fine. No one seemed to mind as Joanie and Vance spent the entire time together. Even her father and my father seemed unfazed by the two of them. I was happy about that. It was time for our toast and after sitting there listening to all the beautiful words people were saying to us. I finally got up to tell everyone my surprise.

“I’d like to take this time to thank everyone for coming. I didn’t think I could make this day happier than it already was, but I do have some news that I think will. Nash and I are expecting a baby in five months.” The crowd exploded into applause. I could see the tears in my father’s eyes. I made my way off the stage and into my father’s arms.

“My baby is going to be a mama.” He said in my ear.

“Are you happy for me daddy?”

“More than you will ever know. I’m proud of you amore.” He said and kissed my forehead. The men had gathered around Nash and I could see the smile on his face. The night ended as I was dressed and ready to leave for my honeymoon. I was beyond tired and having a hard time keeping my eyes open as we made our way to the airport.

“You still awake princess?” Nash asked as we pulled into the runway. My father’s jet was all ready to go as Nash and I walked on. I was about to take a seat when Nash scooped me up in his arms and lead me to the back cabin. He lifted the blankets and laid me in the bed. He bent down and kissed my lips. “Get some sleep. We have a long flight and when you wake up, your all mine.” I knew what he meant and as much as I wanted to flirt back. I couldn’t keep my eyes open.

I wasn’t sure how long I had been sleeping. When my eyes cracked open and I had to pee. I realized that Nash was passed out next to me in the bed. I quietly snuck out of the bed and went to do my business. I felt better and had a little more energy. I sat there in the bathroom as everything over the last year caught up with me. I took a deep breath and just reflected over everything. Realizing just how lucky I truly was. I smiled to myself as I refused to let the tears fall. I flushed and headed back out. That’s when I felt arms wrap around me and pull me to the bed. I giggled as Nash started to kiss my neck. “How are you feeling?” He asked me.


“Are you still tired?” I smiled to myself.

“No,” I said softly.

“No, so then it’s okay for me to do this?” He said as his hand made its way between my legs. I let out a small moan. Letting him know it was very okay for him to do that.

Five months later...

“Why are we not headed to the hospital again?” Joanie asked as she paced the living room. I was sitting in Nash’s over stuffed chair with my eyes glued to his while he kept time.

“You’re doing perfect princess.” He whispered to me. It was around eleven pm and the people I loved the most were all in my living room. When I started to have my first contractions around nine. Nash called everyone over. It was Christmas Eve and I had hoped my baby would wait until after Christmas, but it seemed as if the baby wanted to be a Christmas baby. Nash and I had this night all planned out and neater of us was in panic mode. Everyone else was losing their shit. Even Vance was overly hyper about all of this. I think only because Joanie was a little over four months away from having their baby. I felt like I had to pee. I stood up and everyone turned to look at me.

“What? I have to pee.” I said smiling. I turned to walk and that’s when my water broke. “Damn it,” I said as I grabbed the chair and a hard contraction hit me. Nash grabbed me and looked at everyone.

“Okay, now it’s time,” Nash announced. I screamed all the way to the hospital and let Nash know that there was no way he was ever touching me again. My brother and father got a kick out of how mean I was being to Nash. I’d scream at him to get the fuck out of my room. Only to dream at him to come back.

“I’m so sorry I’m being mean to you.” I would cry out and Nash only smiled at me and kissed me. Three hours later. I laid in my bed and watched as Nash loved on our new baby girl. Natalie Marie Mason was born seven pounds of pure bless. She had her daddy wrapped around her fingers the minute she opened her eyes and looked at him.

“Look my queen, you gave me a princess.” He said as he kissed my lips. I was so tired I closed my eyes and smiled. My world was complete with my husband and my daughter. I knew after the first few months of being a mother that I wanted more babies. I wanted my home filled with the laugher of our children. I wanted to stay home and raise my family. Nash didn’t disappoint as I ended up with three beautiful children. One girl and two big healthy boys. Life was perfect and Nash and I were as in love as day one. If not more.

I heard Joel start to cry and I started to get out of bed. “I’ll get him baby, you come back to bed.” I hated to not let Nash get his sleep, but I was so tired that I didn’t complain. Nash came walking back in the with Joel in his arms.

“I love you so much,” I whispered out. Nash smiled at me and bent down to kiss me. “I love you more my sweet lady.”

The end...

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