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Alex's POV,

"Who was the girl?" My father asked as I took a seat in the limo.
"Just a new girl. She moved here from Italy."
"Yeah, what's the big deal?"
"No deal, just tired of all the useless woman you talk to." I just rolled my eyes. Growing up with a man who ran the largest gang in New York has always been a bitch. I will follow in my father's footsteps and take over the gang one day, but it's not like I loved it or anything. Trying to have a normal life was just out of the question. I just went with the flow and did as I was told. Since the day I started high school. My father has been training me.
Everyone on the outside was a potential threat. I was taught to think like that for as long as I could remember. I never really keep girls around too long and my father always gives me crap about it. I just don't want to get attached to anyone. It's not like I'm such a bag guy. I just come from bad shit. Now my sights were set on the sexy new classmate. She was something else. Something different than the girls I'm used to. Besides, she has a guard. Something about her must be pretty special. I didn't have to go to college. I'm the one that wanted to better myself. My father wasn't too happy when I told him I wanted to go to college. I just wanted to have something outside of the gang that was all mine.
Caroline's POV,
"I'm sorry if I got all bossy in the car earlier."
"No need, I can be out of line some." I just nodded and he saw me.
"Sorry." I took a seat at the bar. The food we ordered was finally here. I liked Nash much better when it was just the two of us at home alone. He seemed more relaxed when he was home. He dressed more laid back. Even though he had that damn gun in the back of his shorts all the time. He walked past me and I grabbed the gun from him.
"Carolina, give that back to me."
"I don't think you have to have that thing on you at all times. Were home Nash, relax." I sat the gun down on the table. Nash grabbed it and placed it back into his shorts. "Nash sit here next to me." He looked at me for a moment and then he took a seat. "All My life I have been sheltered from the world. No one was ever allowed to know who I was. My mother died giving birth to me. I never got to know her. My father is a good man in the sense that he raised me with love, but only my close family and my father's most trusted members knew who I really was. I've been in private schools all my life and was never allowed to have a normal existence. I have one very close friend and she knows who I am, but that is only because her father is a member." Nash moved looking uncomfortable in his seat.
"I'm not the innocent woman you think I am. I had a man in my life. My brother's best friend actually. A man who did wonderful things to me, but we had to hid. We had to keep it a secret and that's the reason why I think I never fell for him as he did for me. I ended the true only normal thing in my life before I moved here. So you see Nash, this is the only time where I can actually have somewhat of a normal life. Even though I still have to hid who I am. I'm determined to try and find myself and just live."
"Carolina." Nash started to talk but I cut him off.
"Please Nash, I know my father is paying you a lot of money to protect me, but I also need you to understand me. I'm not a dumb fragile woman. I'm intelligent and independent and I know what I want from life. I'm also the daughter of a large mafia boss. I know how to take care of myself, but my family insists on me being protected. Nash, you have to let me live."
"I understand Carolina." I reached out and touched his arm.
"Are you sure?" He nodded at me and placed his hand on top of mine.
"I won't interfere unless I feel it is absolutely necessary, but I also need you to try and not put yourself into any situation where I become necessary." I smiled at him.
"I promise to make sure I think before I act." He smiled at me.
"You also need to understand who I am. I'm your guard and your protection. Even though I understand what kind of woman you are. You need to understand what kind of man I am. I will give you your independence, while I'm with you at all times." His face got stern and I understood what he was telling me. It was true and it was something I had to deal with. We were stuck with each other. That was something we both understood. I also felt like we were both attracted to each other, but I felt that was something best to talk about at a different time.
"I understand Nash."
"Good, now why don't you go get some sleep. You have school in the morning." I had to laugh a little. "What?"
"Always so bossy," I said.
"Not bossy, I'm just a leader, not a follower." He winked at me and walked off to his room. Nash was a man full of his own secrets. Secrets I'd like to know. He seemed like a man with a heart full of demons. My father would love to have Nash on his side. I wondered if he has ever been in love? Or if there is a woman out there that mattered more to him than just sex? Somehow I don't feel like that is true. Very sad, but I guess I have no room to talk. I was sleeping with a man for more than a year and I never felt more than sexual attraction. I sighed and got up and made sure the house was all locked up. I made my way to my bedroom, but I had to walk past Nash's room. I could hear music playing but nothing else. I took a deep breath and headed to my own room.
I was miles from home and where I knew I always wanted to be. I had a guard and was starting to make new friends, but I don't think I ever felt as lonely as I was at this moment. I picked up my computer and tried to call Joanie. "Girl, you had better be dying." I started to laugh. "What's wrong Carolina?"
"I'm just missing home I guess." I watched as Joanie sat herself up and turned on her light.
"I can tell you something that will make you not miss it here so much."
"Go ahead."
"DeAngelo has been messing around with Misty." Within three seconds we were both laughing. "He is so dumb." I just shook my head knowing that if I had called my best friend she would make me feel better.
"He is not dumb Joanie, I told him it was over and he cared way more than I did."
"Okay, but Misty? She is dumber than a box of rocks and she sleeps with everyone." We both laughed again.
"I love you, Joanie, I'll let you get back to sleep."
"Oh no, you won't." I stopped and looked back at her.
"Don't what me girl, what's up with your Big strong protector?"
"Yes Joanie, nothing."
"Boo, your no fun. Good night." And with that, she hung up. I just rolled my eyes and turned over and turned out my light. My last thought before I fell asleep was of Nash.
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