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"Nash, stop it. You don't even know him." I yelled as he slammed the front door.

"You're being way out of line, don't you even know who you are?"

"I wasn't doing anything but dancing with him. You said you would back down. What's your problem?" He came across the room fast and the next thing I knew I was pressed up against the wall. "Why are you so angry?" I said in his face. "Nash?" He was breathing hard and I could see the sweat coming off his forehead.

"Why are you behaving like a whore? Are you a whore Carolina?"

"Put me down! I was only dancing with him. How dare you call me a whore. I'm not a whore."

"That's not how it looked to me."

"Why do you even fucking care? It's not like you want me." His eyes turned dark and he had his body pressed against mine. He held me in place, only he was doing it softly. He wasn't hurting me. "Nash?" He turned his head away from me. "Why are you fighting so hard?" He looked at me again. "Kiss me."

Eight hours earlier...

"I'm excited about this party tonight. I'm actually glad you're going. I mean you have been here two months now and you haven't done anything fun yet." I met Natalie Fisher about a month in a half ago. I call her Nat for short. She kind of reminds me of my best friend back home Joanie. She is carefree and wild like her. I actually really like her. She is right though. Ever since school started and Nash and I had our talk. I have just been putting all my energy into school. Even Alex has done his best to get me out. I know Alex likes me and he seems like a great guy, but I have just been hanging low. I think most of it is because of Nash.

I have a crush and I just can't help it. I know nothing can ever happen between the two of us. So I just behave and do my best to make his life easier. I know I'm not in any danger, but the last thing I want to do right now is upset him. We have actually been getting along well. Alex announced that he was having this huge party at his place on Saturday night. Nat has been begging me to go. I finally gave in on Friday. I still haven't told Nash about it. It's not that I'm afraid to tell him. I just don't want the fight.

It's hard for me to explain Nash to my friends. They all want to know why I have a guard in the first place. All I tell them is that my father is a big deal and it's just for my protection. It usually works, but with Nat, she is always questioning him. I also think she has a crush on him. When she is over here and she flirts. He flirts back and it drives me crazy, but I keep it to myself.

"I still have to talk to Nash about tonight."

"Why don't you let me do it. I'm sure I can get him to let you go." I just rolled my eyes at her.

"Trust me, Nat, I'll talk to him."

"Okay, well I'm going to let you go. I'll see you tonight."

"Okay see you tonight." I hung up my phone and tossed it on my bed. I got up and grabbed my robe. I knew Nash would be in the gym this early in the morning. I still had my run to do. He did them with me every morning. I figured I would talk to him on our run. I went to the gym and found him in there working out. I stood at the door for just a moment. He was truly a sight to see. He took very good care of himself and boy did it show. I wasn't that into working out. I just enjoyed my runs.

"What do you need Carolina?" Damn him. I took a few steps inside.

"I'll be ready in ten." He grabbed a towel and wiped his face.

"Alright, I'll be ready." I nodded at him and left the room. He was waiting at the front door. I walked up to him. "You ready?"

"Yeah." As soon as our feet hit the pavement we were off and running. I knew he could move faster than me, but he always stayed close by me. "Nash I need to tell you something." He pulled a headphone out. "I have a party tonight and I want to go."

"Why are you just now telling me about this?"

"Well, I had only said yes myself, yesterday."

"Okay what time is this party and where is it?"

"It starts at eight and Nat is going to pick me up. It's at Alex's place. Nat knows the address."

"I'm not going to tell you no, but I will drive you two and I'm going either you like it or not." I just smiled. it wasn't like I didn't know that.

"Okay, Nash," I said and placed my headphone back into my ear. Later that evening Nat was already at my place and we were getting ready together. I had my music blasting and we were dancing around like high school kids. I picked a red tight-fitting dress that showed my breast off. I left my hair down with bright red lips. Nat was done and she was dancing around the room still. "I'll be right back," I told her and left the room. I found Nash at the bar. He was dressed in a black suit and facing away from me.

"Your music is driving me nuts."

"I'm sorry, I'll turn it down." Nash turned and looked at me. He stood up and I walked in and did a little turn for him. "How do I look?" I watched him lick his bottom lip and then his eyes traveled up and down my body. "Well."

"Amazing, but it's a little short don't you think?" I crossed my arms and sighed.

"I think that's the point." Nat came running in.

"How do I look?" She said to Nash.

"Beautiful, like always." I wiggled my nose and just turned my back to them. I felt the sting but then I remembered I got amazing and she only got beautiful.

"Let's go, I want to dance," Nat said and grabbed her purse. We arrived in front of this huge mansion. I looked over at Nash who had to drive up to a gate just to get inside. He told the gate our names and they let us right in. We started to hear the music the closer we got. This place was amazing and there were even spotlights going off. People were everywhere. Nash parked and came to my side and let me out. He stood right next to me as we entered the house. Nat grabbed my arm and we took off. Outback there was a huge dance floor set up and everyone was dancing and having a good time. Feel So Close by Calvin Harris was blaring through the speakers. As soon as our feet hit the dance floor. Nat and I started dancing. I looked around and my eyes found Nash. I kept my eyes on him as my body bounced around to the music.

I swear I was having dance sex with him. Nat and I were being promiscuous on the dance floor. Teasing every guy that could see us, but my eyes only stayed with Nash's. His exception never changing, but his body was saying something different. "Carolina?" I heard someone say. I turned to see Alex and a few other guys walking up to Nat and I.

"Hey, Alex," I said.

"I can't believe you're here." He said in my ear. The music was loud and it was the only way I could hear him. "Is your guard here too?" He asked me. I just nodded at him. "Yeah, I have some of my own as well." I took a look around and realized there was actually a lot of security. It looked like my own house back in Itally. I wondered who his family was. "Do you want to dance?" Alex asked me. Then Salt Shaker by Ying Yang twins came on. I grabbed Alex and we started to dance. It was time to show my fun side a little. I was having a blast as I shook my ass on Alex and I was having a blast. His hands rested on my hips. I dropped myself and was just having so much fun. Nat was dancing with one of Alex's friends. I was actually a good dancer, and by the look on Alex's face. He was enjoying himself. I completely lost track of Nash. He wasn't even on my mind at the moment.

I leaned myself back up and Alex placed his head on my shoulder with his arms around my waist. Still moving to the music. "You're very sexy," Alex whispered into my ear. I turned myself around and wrapped my arms around his neck. I was still shaking my body and I could tell Alex was really enjoying my body against his. "You keep that up and I'll take you out of here."

"Oh yeah? Where are you going to take me?" Alex licked his lips.

"Do you want to find out?" I knew what Alex wanted and to be honest. At that moment I wanted it too. I mean fuck, I'm a woman with needs. That's when I saw him. Nash was walking towards us. I took a deep breath. Nash took me by my arm and pulled me away from Alex. "What's your problem!" Alex hollered out. Nash just looked at him. I looked up at Nash, but then I saw Alex's security start making their way towards us. I saw Nash start to reach for his gun. I placed my hands on his.

"No," I said to him.

"Were leaving," Nash said. I thought it was best to just go instead of causing a problem.

"She can stay if she wants. You fucking work for her, not the other way around." Alex snapped.

"She is leaving boy, so back the fuck off." Nash hissed out. I watched as Alex looked at the men that were now surrounding us. They too had guns and there was no way Nash could win this.

"It's okay, I need to go anyways," I said and Alex's face looked defeated. I looked around for Nat but I didn't see her anywhere.

"Let's go now," Nash said.

"What about Nat?'

"She is not my problem."

"What is your problem, Nash?" As we got almost out front to the car. Nash picked me up and flung me over his shoulder.

"Nash Mason, you put me down right now," I yelled out at him.

"You like showing your ass so much. This shouldn't be a problem." He was jealous. he opened the car door and set me down in the car. He strapped the seat belt in and locked the door. He slipped inside and I could see the anger on his face. I didn't give two shits how he felt at that moment. He was rude and out of line.

"What's your fucking problem Nash. I want to know right now?" I watched him grip the steering wheel but he wasn't answering me. I asked you a question, Nash!"

"Just shut your mouth Carolina, if I have to tell you then your dumber then you look." My mouth fell open and I didn't even know what to say to him. My head was all over the place. I would get his ass as soon as we got home. This wasn't over.

Eight hours later...

"Kiss me." Nash studied my face for just a second before he slammed his lips to mine. My legs wrapped around his body and I couldn't help the smile that spread across my face.

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