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Nash's POV,

Carolina was driving me wild and making me angry. "Kiss me." Came out of her beautiful lips. Fuck it, I said to myself. I'm going to hell anyway. I crashed my lips to hers and she let out a small moan that I felt all the way to my dick. She wrapped her legs around me and I ripped at her dress until she was in nothing more than her panties in my arms. Our lips never parted as I dipped my tongue into her sweet mouth.

"Your mine." I hissed out.

"Yes." Carolina moaned out as I took one of her pink hard nipples into my mouth and bit down. The noise coming from her lips drove me even crazier. I planned on devouring every inch of her skin tonight. I would know how she tasted and felt by heart. When the sun would rise. I wrapped my arms around her small frame and took her to my bed. I laid her down and I started to remove my suit. She was something else as I watched her watching me. She laid there just looking sexy as hell. Her body was amazing and her skin was soft and beautifully flawless. I couldn't wait to run my tongue all over her. Then she did something I didn't think she would. She set up and grabbed my boxer briefs and pulled them down.

I watched as her red lips wrapped around my cock like she owned it. Her face was beautiful as she made my eyes go into the back of my head. Between her lips sucking and her fingers wrapped around my cock. I knew it was only a matter of minutes before I would release all down her throat. I pushed her back until I heard her mouth make a pop as my cock fell from her lips. I pushed her down on the bed and ran my fingers down her body. Her breast popped back up as my fingers ran down them.

I gripped her panties and kissed above them as I pulled them down her legs. Freshly saved as I knew she would be. I started placing kisses on her inner thighs. She came apart and gripped the blankets around her. I loved making her moan and the way her body reacted to me. She sounded so sweet and sexy. I moved closer to her sweet, already dripping wet pussy. She smelled of fresh flower petals. I teased her by licking and kissing her outer lips. Her body was tense and moved slightly with each touch of my tongue. I dipped my tongue between her lips and found that sweet spot she was begging me to touch. My fingers dug into her thighs.

She tasted sweet and delicious and even as I dipped my tongue deep down inside of her. Her juices flowed into my mouth. My dick was itching to be deep inside her, but not until I made her come apart at least a few times. Down boy, she is yours. I said in my head. I looked up at her and met her eyes as I licked my fingers and pushed them deep inside of her and softly pulled her clit into my mouth. Now I had two fingers inside her and I sucked on her clit while she was moaning out and moving all around the bed. "Oh god Nash, please don't stop." Her voice filled my head and turned me on even more now. I licked up and down between her swollen lips and pushed my fingers deep in and out of her. Her body started to shake and she grabbed my hair and pushed me even closer to her. "God damn it..." She hissed out as I felt her gush all over my fingers.

I slowly pulled them out of her and stuck them into my mouth. Her eyes got big and even more turned on. I knew she was done and I was going to make her horse by the time I finished with her. No man would ever compare when I was done. I got up and walked over to my dresser. I pulled out condoms. I ripped one off and tossed the rest of them to the bed. I wrapped my cock and grabbed her body forcing her to move to the edge of the bed. I dipped inside her slowly at first. My hand went under her and forced her hips up. She reached out and grabbed my arms. I was much larger than she was and it took me a minute to reach all the way inside her.

As soon as I hit her uterus. I stopped moving for a moment. I looked her in the eyes as she pulled herself up to my chest. "Are you okay?" I asked her trying to maintain my own voice as her pussy wrapped around my cock perfectly. It was taking everything I had not to thrust in and out of her with force. I took a deep gulp. She kissed my lips and ran her hands down my back.

"Move." She said and I did just as she told me. She was so wet that I slid in and out of her nice and slowly covering my cock in her juices. I touch her clit as I moved my cock in her. Her head fell back as she yelled out faster. Only too happy to listen, I pushed her back down as I trusted in and out of her with great force. She came undone in my arms. Shaking and moaning, I flipped her over and pressed her chest down into the bed. I wrapped my hand around her throat and pressed even deeper into her this time. I gripped her ass and slammed in her so hard her body moved away from mine. Until she held on to the bed frame. I felt myself about to come apart and I slowed down some. This only made her take over. She pushed herself up and push her ass back into me. She started to fuck me as if her life depended on it. Until I growled out and came hard.

I rolled over to my side. She looked at me for a moment while I tried to calm my breathing. Carolina just started to giggle. "What's so funny?" I asked her.

"Nothing is funny Nash. That was unreal." I just closed my eyes and smile. That's when I felt her lips touch my body. I opened one eye and looked at her. The minute she looked back at me. My dick started to come back to life. She started running wet kisses all over my body. I push my hips up at her mouth. She took me into her mouth once again. I growled out as her lips reached my pelvis with my entire cock deep in her throat. "Fuck..." I hissed out. She dug her finger into my skin as I took a hold of her head and fucked her skull. I watched as her spit fell around my cock. Just listing to her gagging sounds was causing me to want to burst in her mouth. Then she released my cock and moved her body on top of mine. She slipped my cock inside her. I watched as she gripped the headboard and started to barrel down on me. I had to take hold of her body. Just to hold on to something. With each one of her thrusts, she was only met with mine in return. This time she had me moaning out for more. She was fucking spectacular. The best fuck I had ever had. I grabbed her and pulled her down onto me and deep as I could go as I came deep inside her.

She fell forward and I laid there listing to her soft breaths. I wrapped my arms around her and swore to myself. If anyone ever tried coming near her. They would have no head once I killed them. Carolina was mine and I wasn't letting her go. Our bodies were covered in sweat and I wanted to feel her once again. I sat up taking her with me as I walked up both into the bathroom. She looked tired and as I sat her down and started the hot shower. She still came up behind me and started to run her hand up and down my back. I grabbed one of her hands and kissed it. "I still want you," she said in my ear on her tippy toes.

"I know," I said as I picked her up and set her in the shower. the hot water felt amazing as I fucked her from behind while her arms held herself up on the shower walls. Her moans filled the bathroom. I slipped out of her and came on her back. I growled out and she turned and reached up to kiss me. I kept my lips on her lips as I pushed her into the hot water. She lifted her head and the water poured down her body. I reached out and grab the soap and started to wash her. It was hard not to take her again, but I knew she was going to be sore in the morning.

Once we were done there weren't many words between us. We both crawled into my bed and she wrapped herself up in my arms. Within a few seconds, she was softly sleeping. That's when my head started to fill with thoughts. I knew I was going to be up. Having an argument with myself. After what I just felt and touched and tasted. I was hooked and no woman has ever been able to hook me. I knew I was fucked and more than likely would be killed for this woman in my arms.

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