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Carolina's POV,

I tried to enjoy my lunch, but my eyes just wouldn't leave him. I watched as Nash stood off to the side. He did his best to not be in my way. He had his glasses on, but I knew he was watching me. I smiled a little at him as Nat and Alex came sitting next to me. "Hey girl, is everything okay?" Alex just looked at me.

"Yeah everything is good why wouldn't it be?"

"Alex told me, Nash, drag you out of the party." I looked over at Alex and he just sat there looking at us.

"I, um, he, it was time for me to go. I made him promise me that he would get me out of there. I'm sorry you guys I have a lot of school work to do. I like my time to study." I could tell Alex wasn't buying my story, but Nat seemed okay with it. Natalie stood up.

"I'll catch you guys later." Alex and I both watched her runoff.

"Tell me something, Carolina?" I heard Alex say. I turned and looked at him.

I smiled, "sure Alex." He looked away from and looked over at Nash.

"Why the guard?" He looked back at me. I just took a deep breath.

"I'm in American now Alex, my family just wants me to be safe." I cocked my head at him hoping that was enough. He looked at me for a moment.

"Can I take you out?" My heart went cold. I looked at Nash. He took a step and stopped. I knew he was the distressed look on my face. I looked back at Alex. I didn't want to hurt him, but my mind was stuck on someone else right now, but how to tell Alex that?

"I like you Alex, but dating is the last thing on my mind right now. It's not you. I just have obligations to my family and myself." Alex looked defeated. I hated that. Alex has been nothing but kind to me since I got here.

"Maybe sometime you can tell me about your family." I smiled, that was the last thing I could do, but I could tell him some of the truth.

"It's a deal." he smiled at me and reached over and kissed my head.

"Maybe when things calm down around here. You might take me up on my offer?" He nodded at me and walked off. I watched as some of his friends gathered around him. Nash had his glasses down looking at me. I knew he wanted to know if I was okay. He then started walking towards me.

"You okay?" He asked me.

"Yeah, Alex just asked me out and I turned him down. You know what? My next two classes, I can take online. Will you take me home?" Nash nodded his head at me and he followed me out.

"You okay Kitten?" Nash asked as I sat next to him in the car. I looked over at him and smiled.

"Yeah, I'm good. I'm just tired is all."

"Well let's get you home and I will run you a hot bath and put you to sleep."

"That sounds like heaven." The next thing I knew I was laying in my hot bubble bath. Nash was leaning on the counter watching me. "Tell me about you?"

"What do you want to know?"

"Anything, family? Friends? Favorite color?" I watched him smirk.

"I like black and red." I watched him as he started talking.

"And?" He walked closer to the tub and sat next to it.

"Why all the questions?"

"I just want to get to know you is all."

"I never knew my father. My mother was a drug whore and I ended up being one of the world's best assassins and bodyguards."

"Do you like what you do?" Nash bit his lip and nodded his head at me. "You like taking lives?"

"I like killing bad people."

"You sound like my father." Nash just stayed quiet. "I'm sorry about your parents." I looked over and he looked away from me.

"Don't be sorry, I'm not. Besides, I found a man who treated me like a father." I rolled over and looked at Nash.

"That's nice, do you see him often?" I see Nash's face harden.

"That's enough getting to know you questions for the night," Nash said as he left the room. I laid back in the tub and just tried to get my thoughts together. There were some dark secrets Nash was keeping to himself. I knew I would always fall for the bad guy. Even Joanie always told me, only a bad boy would ever be able to tame me and fulfill my desires. Nash was definitely a bad guy, with good intentions. The best of intentions. I wanted to know about him. "Come on Carolina, time to get out." I heard him from the bedroom. He is also the bossiest man I have ever met. I mean my father is bossy, but Nash is a little much.

I stood up and wrapped my bathrobe on. Nash was waiting by my bed. I looked at him and dropped my robe. He cocked his head. "I thought you were tired kitten?" I just stood there and smiled at him. He started to unbutton his dress shirt. He pulled his belt out of his belt loops and smacked the side of the bed with it. I walked closer to him. He undid his pants and just left it open enough for me to see his hairline and the top of his cock. I bit down on my lip and dropped to my knees in front of him. I stretched my arms up and placed my wrist together. He did just what I thought he would do.

He wrapped his belt around my wrist and pulled it tight. He lifted me off the floor. I was placed on all fours and my arms were wrapped around the post at the foot of the bed. I felt the smack of his hand land on my ass. I moaned out as it felt so good. "Your body is so sexy." He hissed out as he kissed my ass cheeks. I felt the bed dip and I knew he was behind me. I felt him run his fingers down my sex and I felt the wetness touch me.

"Nash, I want you inside me."

"I know kitten..." And with that, he slammed himself inside me. My hands gripped the bedpost as much as I could. I cried out MORE! As he slammed in and out. His fingers gripped into my hips. He pulled me into him with each slam. "Where have you been all my life." He hissed out. I licked my lips.

"Waiting for you," I said as he released my arms. He pulled me up into his chest, still deep inside me. He kissed and bit my neck, he was driving me wild. His hand slid down the front of me. His finger found my clit and he started circling it. I was losing it and moaning out into his ear. "Yes, kitten purr for me." That only pushed me over the edge. I came hard on him, he jerked and came along with me. We both laid back into the bed. "Tell me something, Carolina?"


"Are you mine?" I lifed up on my elbows and looked over at him.

"What do you mean?" He looked up at the ceiling.

"I mean are we just fucking or do you really want me?" I smiled at him. "Number one rule for me, I don't get involved with my clients. This is a huge NO for me. I want to know this is worth it."

"Do you have feelings for me, Nash Mason?" I said in a cute little voice.

"I'm serious Carolina, even if your only here for the dick. I'd still protect you."

"Nash, I'm not a slut. I like more than just your dick." He gave me a slight smile.

"Tell me why?"


"Yes, why." I could tell he was fishing for answers. I wish I knew more about him. There has to be a reason why he is the way he is. It hurt my heart that he needed to hear how I felt about him and not just the sex. The problem was, I only knew the sex. I really didn't know too much about Nash. I looked him in his eyes while he waited for me to answer him. I took a deep breath.

"Nash, I."

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