Theirs To Desire [18+]

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... a ménage new adult story ... ____ ...running: that's what Ember's life revolves around. But for the first time in three years, she wants to stay. The only hurdle is, she has to let herself shatter in thousands of pieces in order to move on... ~ It only took one wrong fuck to push Wyatt and Devyn's life in a crossfire of hurt and loneliness. Just when the duo decided to accept their happiness-deprived fate, a ballet dancer stumbled across their path to complete their musical triad... ~ All the three pieces of this ménage trios has a certain role which is binding them together, but how will this path take turn when one piece decides to shrink back! Will the other two pieces come together to clutch their third or will this puzzle crumble in unfixable shards. . . for forever? ___*___ Warning ~ This book contains sexual encounters and graphic language that some readers may find objectionable, including M/F/M encounters. Consider yourself warned. Story is suitable for only 18+ Additional: there is no M/M sexual interaction.

Erotica / Romance
Holly Scarl
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The occasional echo of Devyn's shoes, nearing me, reminded me that he too was present there, watching us.

Wyatt's mouth descended down from my lips to the base of my neck as my back arched to give him complete access, which resulted in a shaky groan from my right. My eyes jerked to Devyn, standing beside the glass table, with his eyes trailing the path on my neck where Wyatt's teeth nibbled moments before. He didn't look away. Those deep blue eyes–– resembling a wild storm brewing inside the stilled ocean–– pierced through my soul and held me in his captive.

Maybe he liked watching us. My eyes refused to tear themselves from his strikingly handsome face as his intense gaze traveled down my bare body while his lips parted slightly. There was no denying in the way his posture went stiff. In that moment, he didn't try to conceal that one feral emotion from his eyes which was turning my dark fantasies into reality. Lust.

And suddenly I stopped feeling self-conscious. Oddly enough, the idea of having Devyn as an audience while Wyatt devouring me, made me drenched between my thighs, dripping wet and wondering how in the ever-loving world was I so calm and unbothered about all of this.

I was held in the embrace of one man and fantasizing over another at the same time. How did I ever get myself tangled in that situation? And what was going to happen to me? Did I want Wyatt? Or Devyn?

There was no time to ponder over those questions right then. With an audible gulp, Devyn closed the distance between us in three strides. He practically ripped off his crisp grey shirt and tossed the ruined fabric aside on the chair beside the mahogany desk. Wyatt parted from my sweat-drenched form and with a minuscule flick of his wrist, motioned Devyn to replace him.

Jesus fucking Christ, they were taking turns on me? And how was Wyatt so calm with letting Devyn... have me? My breathing quickened as his palm fisted my hair- not strong enough to hurt me but enough to spread a tingle across my scalp. I was already so turned on, partly because of the thrill of surfacing of my dark fantasies and partly from the close proximity of both the men.

Instinctively, I tilted my face up to meet Devyn's as he lowered his face to mine, and took my lips in a possessive, open-mouthed kiss. . . right in front of Wyatt.

Having your mouth explored by one man was hot. But kissing two men back-to-back was the sexiest thing ever.

His hands roamed over my body, circling my shoulders to slowly gliding his palm down my arms and finally looping around my waist, dragging me to his smooth ripped chest.

My insides were writhing and panting from the hungry kiss when I felt a flood of warmth behind me. It was Wyatt. His chest was touching my back, and the heat of his hard-on was at my lower back, while his calloused palm fumbled over my breast. My hands gripped Devyn's forearm for balance. I was dizzy from holding my breath but at the same time, I didn't want either of the men to stop.

With one sharp bite at my lower lip, Devyn pulled from the kiss and. . . that cheeky bastard grinned evilly at me while I panted like a cat in heat.

Wyatt's teeth grazed my earlobe while he nudged his nose along my jaw. "We want you, Ember."

My heart hammered painfully against my ribcage as I took a moment to register his words. "Both..." I whispered, still not averting my eyes off Devyn.

"Yes, Angel," Wyatt's chest rumbled against my spine. "You are ours."

I shivered profusely as Devyn closed the remaining distance between us so that I was sandwiched between both the men. "You want to share... me?"

They both nodded confidently, "we like to share our woman, angel." I had to suck in a shaky breath as realisation dawn upon me. Wyatt and Devyn wanted me- at the same time. And the interesting part was, now that they had drilled their intention inside my skull, I couldn't help but imagine different scenarios of two men doing twisted things to my body, again, at the same time! And the way Devyn's hand traveled down towards my already throbbing core, only increased my melodious anticipation.

Two men–– for the first time–– and their dominance.

I could barely breathe.

My knees buckled and my head jerked backwards.

I was falling... hard and fast... at the hands of two men.

Well, fuck.


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