Pure Love (18+)

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Heather Preston, piques interest at a quiet loner and determines to make him hers. Whether he likes it or not.

Erotica / Romance
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Intro - ✨Heather✨

I never thought I was a sadist. Now I think I might be.

My lips curled up in a cruel smile as I leisurely brushed my front hair back, out from my eyes. I didn’t want to miss anything. My eyes never left the scene in front of me as I crossed my legs, putting one hand under my chin.

Pale skin brushed the bedsheets, skin looking drastically pale compared to the dark black bed. A whimper came from the little figure that was tied to the bedpost, endlessly twitching as the pain-like pleasure continued.

“You did that to yourself, you know.” I murmured, not moving from my chair one bit. I could hear my captive breathe in a shuddering breath as he heard my voice for the first time in hours.

“I warned you so many times, pet. And you didn’t listen, did you?” I went on, my voice calm and steady, flowing like silk as the sound of the vibrator filled the background.

“I...I can’t...” He croaked out, not able to finish his sentence as another painful orgasm washed over him, jerking his body against his restraints, muscles pulling hard to break free before he collapsed onto the bed again, letting out a pain etched sob.

I tutted my tongue as I stood up from my chair, gliding my hand on the exposed skin that was awaiting my touch. I could feel the tension as he anticipated what I was about to do. I couldn’t help it whenever I saw his naked body. It was begging to be turned red after all.

My hand met the skin with a slap that broke the silence. He let out a hiss as my hand left a bright red mark on his bare ass. Once I got the taste, I couldn’t stop. Blow after blow, my hand met the raw skin that looked like it would break any second. I finally stopped when my hand stung, now bright red after the repeated blow. My poor pet was now full-on sobbing, trying to curl up into a ball. The restraints didn’t let him.

I slowly turned off the vibrator as I rubbed his back soothingly. He just laid on the bed motionlessly, tears endlessly flowing down his cheek and onto the bedsheet, soaking the material.

“Get some rest, sweetheart. We are not done with your punishment yet. Not by a long shot.” I cooed, biting back a grin as I felt a shudder under my fingertips. Like I said, It was his own damn fault for not listening to me. And I was determined to show him what he would face if he ever defied me again.

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