Bite into Me

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Chapter Seven

I wasn’t sure how I felt about having done intimate things with both Titus and Felix now. Did this make me a slut? Would either of them be mad or jealous that I had done something with both of them, or did vampires not care about things like that? All I knew, was that I wanted more with both of them, I wanted everything that could possibly be done to me, and I wanted to do everything to them.

Later that night I am greeted by Titus coming into my room, he doesn’t knock; just helps himself in. It was the first time one of them had come into my room since they told me it was mine. I felt a little nervous about how he was going to react with me, considering I assumed Felix had told him what I had done in the library. His eyes are dark as he watches me and I immediately squeeze my thighs together. He lets out a little smirk, knowing full well what one of his looks can do to me.

“Can I help you?” I whisper.

“You’ve been avoiding me Camille.”

“No-” “Don’t lie to me,” he interrupts and I decide it’s best not to talk. I could tell he was a little annoyed at me.

“I thought we had a moment in my room, but then you avoid me and I find out that you have spent that time sucking Felix’s dick,” he moves closer to my bed and I inhale a sharp breath. He was mad.

“Do you think I want to share you with him? You are a naughty, naughty fay. You want both of us don’t you? You greedy girl.” I swallow in anticipation and excitement. I did want both of them, and I wasn’t going to deny it because he would know If I’m lying.

He rips my pants and underwear off with a strength I’ve never seen, and then pushes to fingers inside of me. “Answer me!” He says as he quickly moves his fingers in and out of me.

“Y-yes,” I moan out.

“Yes do you think I want to share, or yes you want both of us?”

I grip the sheets either side of me. “I want both of you,” I whisper shamefully.

He smirks down at my squirming body. Then he moves his body between my legs and places his mouth on me. I cry out in a pleasure I never thought possible. “You taste so fucking good Camille.” My fingers grab chunks of his hair instead of the sheets as his tongue and fingers bring me close to what I desperately craved.

“Titus!” I moan loudly as my body begins to shake in pleasure.

He sits up. “Now suck my dick like you did for Felix.” Without hesitation this time I take him in my mouth. I was starting to realise how much I loved it. My jaw ached a little with both of their sizes but it brought me so much pleasure to watch them and to taste them. He grabs a fistful of my hair and begins to thrust inside my mouth quicker than I could move my head.

Then he pulls his dick out of my mouth and finishes all over my face. “Fuck, you have no idea how hot you look with your innocent face covered in my cum.” He moves his finger to my cheek, scooping up some of his cum and sliding it into my mouth, I suck every drop off and he moans approvingly.

As the days went by, they both took turns in pleasuring me and I pleasuring them. I craved and needed them. Their touch and the things they could do to my body was overpowering. It was like I would never tire of getting enough, and I knew they felt the same about me. They both knew they were sharing me, and they both didn’t seem to mind.

After having a shower, I head out to make dinner. I hadn’t seen Titus or Felix today, and I’m ashamed to admit that I have missed them. They are both standing in the lounge room, almost like they were waiting for me. My heart beat picks up at the site of both of them. They were probably the hottest guys I had ever seen, and I got to be pleasured by both of them. I was starting to really enjoy my captured life.

“Hello fay,” Felix says with a grin. They were both up to something, I could sense it and I was already excited.

“It’s time for you to make a decision Camille,” Titus says.

“What do you mean?” I ask feeling flustered.

“You need to pick one of us Cami,” Felix says,

I look away from both of their piercing stares. “I can’t,” I whisper.

“Why not?” Felix asks.

“Because,” I look up to both of them. “I want both of you as much as I want the other.”

They both tun to each other with a smirk. “Okay, so who gets to fuck you first?” Titus asks.

I shrug, looking away from them again. “Flip a coin?” I suggest.

They rush over to me in a speed that isn’t human. Other than their strength it’s the first time I have seen them use one of their vampire powers. They have me sandwiched between them and I find that I am holding my breath. “Then we are both going to have you Camille,” Titus says as he caresses my cheek. Felix was behind me and his hand was rubbing me through my underwear. I was only wearing an over sized shirt with no pants. Then one of them picks me up and rushes me to my room, I close my eyes in excitement at the speed we both move. Then I am thrown onto my bed, and when I look up they are both standing at the end of my bed, watching my hungrily.

Titus moves to me and begins to remove my shirt and underwear, as Felix undresses himself. I can’t believe this is about to happen. This is something I have been fantasying about since I first did something with both of them. I am completely crazy; I was about to lose my virginity to two vampires. Once I am naked and lying helpless before both of them, Titus removes all of his clothes too. They both stand completely naked before me and it is a breathtaking site.

“Who do you want first Camille?” Titus asks.

I shake my head. “Please don’t make me choose, I need both of you,” I say desperately.

They both look at each other and shrug, Felix moves to me, sitting on my bed, he places my head in his lap. Titus moves in between my legs that I open for him without question. “I get to fuck her ass first,” Felix says to Titus who is looking down at me with so much desire, it hurts. They had never even touched my ass yet, but my body grew excited just thinking about it. “Look how ready she is for you Titus.”

Felix begins to stroke my hair and play with my nipples as Titus moves his body on top of me. “Wait,” I say nervously as I feel his cock about to push inside me. “Do we need to wear protection?”

“Vampires can’t have children Camille.” I nod my head as I try to stay focused but my body was beginning to squirm under Felix’s touch.

“You ready?” Titus asks and I nod my head while biting my bottom lip. He pushes inside me and I cry out in pain and pleasure, grabbing on to Felix for support. Titus moves very slowly in and out of me as my body adjusts to his size. “Does it hurt?”

“A little,” I whisper.

“It will get better,” Felix says as he stokes my face. I can feel his cock hard beneath me. He was right, soon there was no pain and I moan happily between them both. “Okay, my turn,” Felix says.

Titus pulls out of me and there is a little bit of blood around his cock, the whites around his eyes turn red when he sees it. Titus swaps places with Felix who wastes no time pushing inside me. I moan out and bury my face into Titus’s lap. “Fuck, you are so tight Cami.” Felix goes a lot quicker than Titus and I can feel myself close to an orgasm.

“Felix please,” I moan, needing to cum. He moves so quick inside me that my body slams in to Titus as I hold onto him while I cum. Felix finishes at the same time as me, and I can feel it squirting inside, a feeling I really enjoyed.

Titus moves my hair from my eyes. “How was it Camille?” He asks while his eyes twinkle down at me.

“More,” I beg.

Felix chuckles. “Look at her begging for our cocks Titus.”

Titus looks to Felix. “Should I give her what she wants?”

“Guys please!” I beg. “Titus I want you to finish inside me too...”

Titus and Felix move spots again. “I love watching you get fucked,” Felix says as Titus moves back inside me. It was so wet with Felix’s cum being pushed in and out of me. With one hand I hold on to Felix’s arm, and the other hand is buried in Titus’s hair. We both moan loudly with each pump, and I dig my nails into each of them as I cum with Titus. His cum pushing so deep inside me that it tickles.

I am out of breath as my eyes begin to feel heavy.

“She looks so good fucked wouldn’t you agree Felix?”

“Oh yes,” Felix says as he strokes my hair. My eyes do close as I feel them both lay beside me.

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