Bite into Me

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Chapter Eight

I don’t know how long I have slept for but when I wake, Felix is rubbing my nipple and Titus is stroking my hair. I stretch and smile as both of them watch me with a hunger. I knew exactly what they wanted.

“Felix, you know what that does to me,” I say as he puts his mouth over my nipple. I moan groggily in pleasure. Titus’s hand begins to travel up my thigh but I quickly pull away from them. “I’m having a shower,” I state to them both. “And you guys are joining me in five minutes,” I say as I watch both their faces smile.

I needed to go to the toilet and brush my teeth before we all jumped back into what we did last night. I study myself as I brush my teeth. I don’t look as different as I thought I would after losing my virginity, but I definitely look happy. Maybe the happiest I have ever been. I close my eyes as the water falls over me, I feel them come in with me; one behind and one in front and I smile as I feel their hands rub soap over my body.

When I open my eyes Felix’s are studying me, I could get lost in how light his blue eyes are. I could feel Titus’s erection behind me and Felix’s pokes my stomach. My legs feel a little weak as I think about what they will both do to me. I lean up to Felix to kiss his mouth and he accepts happily, sliding his tongue straight in. Then I move one hand to stroke Felix’s cock and Titus’s. Titus kisses the back of my shoulder as he slides his fingers inside me, Felix and I both moan into each other’s mouths. Then I turn my head to make out with Titus, and Felix’s head drops down to torment my breasts again. I couldn’t take this, I needed more from them and my body was desperate to get it. “Please,” I whisper into Titus’s mouth and he lets out a sexy smile before kissing me again. His fingers pick up their pace and Felix’s tongue continues to lick and suck my nipple. “I’m going to cum,” I moan and then I do. My legs instantly begin to shake but Titus holds me up.

My head turns back to Felix to kiss him and he carries me out of the shower and back to my room, placing me down on the bed without taking his lips from mine; it didn’t matter that we were all wet. I needed them. Both of them.

“I’m going to fuck you from behind, okay Cami?” Felix asks and I just nod my head, I was too turned on to speak. He turns me over in one quick movement so that I am on my hands and knees. Titus has joined us on the bed and shoves his cock in my face, which I happily put in my mouth. He moans in pleasure at the same time that Felix pushes his cock inside me, causing me to moan out. Titus places his hand on my head, helping me up and down his cock and Felix has his hands either side of my ass, thrusting quickly inside me. I knew I wouldn’t last long; I could already feel my orgasm building. I can feel Felix rubbing some spit on my ass before he slowly slides one finger into it, and I stop sucking Titus’s cock to cry out. I never thought I would like it but the feeling of having something inside both of my holes was so hot.

“Did I say you could stop sucking my cock?” Titus says as he grabs my hair and shoves my mouth back over him.

“You like me playing with your ass don’t you Cami?” I moan around Titus’s cock to show him that I did like it. “One day I’m going to fuck your tight little ass and you will be screaming.” I cum from his words, crying out as his finger slowly moves in and out of my ass. Titus fills my mouth with cum and Felix moans loudly as he finishes inside me. I flop down onto the bed, feeling like I could sleep all over again.

“Who knew you would be such a little nymphomaniac Camille,” I smile up at Titus who is putting his pants back on, Felix was doing the same. Then they both hop back into bed with me and I cuddle into Titus’s chest while Felix lays on the other side of me with his arm behind his head.

“Do you guys get jealous? You know, of me having both of you?”

“I trust Felix with my life, and I’ve known him for the last two thousand years; he’s the only person I would share with.”

“I love watching Titus fuck you, it stirs something deep inside me,” Felix says.

I wasn’t sure how to ask my next question but I know that I needed to. “Would you share me with anyone else?”

“Fuck no.” Titus says.

Felix doesn’t answer, so I look over to him and his face has darkened. “If someone else touched you, I would kill them.” His words bring butterflies to my stomach. I had succeeded. They both felt something for me and now I felt safe. I wasn’t scared that they would kill me, but it was more than that; I felt protected by them.

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