Bite into Me

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Chapter Nine

There is a knock at the door while Felix and I are making out on the couch. Titus moves to go open it and I watch as an older woman stands on the other side.

“May,” Titus says as he moves out of her way for her to enter. Felix has also gotten up to go greet her.

“Thanks for coming,” he says.

“Mmhmm,” she says while she looks both of them up and down with attitude. “I see you just letting her roam with plenty of sunlight.”

“She isn’t a threat, and she doesn’t have any powers;” Titus says to May.

I have started to work out when I should and shouldn’t speak, and I realised pretty quickly that this wasn’t the time for me to talk. She walks over to me and places her hands on my head and begins to hum, just like the other witch did. Her long dark hair was beginning to go grey, and she had some age spots forming on her hands. She keeps her eyes closed for what seems like a long time and I try not to move. When her eyes open, I can tell she looks scared, she backs away from me quickly.

“You need to kill her now,” she says with wide eyes.

“What, why?” Felix asks as he puts his body in front of mine.

“I know what witch has messed with her; it was Miriam;” she says with shaky hands. Not that hearing that name meant anything to me, but it sure meant something to Felix and Titus; who both turn to stare at me.

“You know what that means,” May says.

“Miriam has been dead for nearly twenty years May, calm down,” Titus says.

“I know she’s dead! But she was the most powerful witch out and she worked for the Emperor and the Empress.”

“What are you getting at May?” Felix asks with an annoyed tone.

“There were rumours that the Empress and Emperor had a child, and during the great war they hid that child when they thought they could lose.”

“Are you telling me that Camille is the daughter of the most powerful Fairies to ever exist?” Titus asks.

May nods her head. “Kill her, before she destroys all of us.” Titus now moves in front of me protectively as well. “Why would you- you idiots! Have you fallen for her fairy charms?” May spits.

“She has no fairy charms! She doesn’t know how to use any of her powers!” Felix yells.

“Miriam has blocked them and from what I can tell, she has blocked them until she is in serious danger. Only then will she be able to access them. It was all part of the plan to keep her hidden.”

Titus and Felix exchange a look. “We have both nearly killed her twice and she still couldn’t access her powers May.” Titus says.

“Do you think I care? Move out of my way if you too idiots don’t have the stomach to kill her.”

“No.” Felix says firmly.

With a wave of May’s hand, Felix is sent flying across the room. Titus runs so fast at her that it just looks like a blur. He wraps his hand around her throat, lifting her off of the ground as she chokes for air.

“I don’t want to kill you May,” Titus says as her hands desperately claw at his around her neck.

“Fools,” she croaks. Titus drops her body to the ground and she coughs air back into her lungs. Felix has moved back to me. “She will kill the both of you!” May spits. She begins chanting some words before her body disappears from our eyes.

“You should have killed her!” Felix says.

“She’s an old friend.”

“Yeah and that old friend is about to tell all the other creatures about Camille.”

“You guys know who my parents are?” I ask softly. I had been moved around in foster care since I was a baby, and every foster child’s dream is to know who their parents are.

“Yes, but they are dead,” Titus says.

“How?” I ask with sadness.

“Nearly twenty years ago now, there was a great war where all of us creatures fought to overthrow the fay.” Titus says.

“We got close too,” Felix puts in.

“They were both killed by werewolves,” Titus says.

I let that sink in. “What were their names?”

“Cleon and Arion,” Felix says.

“And I was their child?” I ask trying to keep up.

“We think so,” Titus says.

“May mentioned something about me walking around with light, and when you first took me, you had the window boarded up; what is the deal with light?”

“Fay have photokinesis, they can harvest the suns energy and use it as a weapon.”

“What other powers do we have?” I ask.

“Fay can also heal dead things.”

“What?” I say shocked.

“Anywhere from plants to humans to creatures,” Felix says.

“That’s insane,” I say. I realised that if I hadn’t made an effort to get Titus and Felix to care for me, I would definitely have died tonight. If a witch told them this news when they first took me, they wouldn’t have hesitated in killing me.

“Thank you for protecting me,” I say.

“Nobody is going to hurt you,” Felix says strongly.

“I would never hurt either of you, you know that right?” I say as my eyes move to both of theirs.

“We know,” Titus says. “Besides, at the moment you are as fragile as a human,” he smiles.

“We need to leave,” Felix says with what looked like worry in his eyes. “Pack some shit because we are going to another one of our homes.”

“How many homes do you have?” I ask.

“We have places all over the world Camille,” Titus says and my chest flutters with exhilaration. I’m going to go somewhere new; these two men were really taking all my firsts.

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