Bite into Me

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Chapter Ten

Leaving the house for the first time was more exciting than I thought it would be. I didn’t realise how much I missed it until I breathed in all the fresh air I have been denied. It was beautiful that Titus and Felix trusted me enough not to run from them, but when I thought about it; I didn’t think I would run. I am the happiest I have ever been with these two vampires, and I had given them so much of myself. Something I couldn’t imagine giving to anyone else now.

My plan to make them care for me had actually also caused me to care for them too. Not that I thought I could ever be the kind of girl that did extremely intimate things with no feelings. At first, it was just about how they looked but now; I wanted to spend as much time with them as possible. I hoped they felt the same way, I think that they did. I got glimmers of it when I see one of them smile when I enter a room.

Apparently we are heading to Alaska, I was just excited to see somewhere new. I had never really cared about my powers from the moment Titus and Felix mentioned them. But after May had tried to kill me and attacked Felix, I felt entirely helpless. Also, I hated that I couldn’t do anything to protect Felix. May had said that my powers were meant come alive when I am in danger, and that clearly hadn’t worked. So when would they come alive and how did I figure it out?

Finding out that my parents are dead and have been pretty much my whole life really didn’t affect me as much as I thought it would. Maybe because I had been found by vampires who have been hunted by my kind. I’m sure if a fairy had found me first, that I would think differently. I would get to see the good sides of my people, but I had only heard that they want to murder complete species to keep themselves young. Knowing that, made me hate parts of myself. The difference is, I wouldn’t end up like other fairies, I would never keep killing so that I would remain immortal, nothing would change my mind on that.

Alaska is beautiful. The kind of beauty with an array of colours that made you feel brighter. There was snow still, but with bits of green poking through, and lakes that seemed to line every road we drove on.

After driving amongst pines that seemed to touch the sky, we finally pull into their house. It was a cabin completely isolated, with a small lake out the front. I suck in a breath at its beauty.

“Wait here,” Felix says before he turns into a blur that leaves the car and enters the house. The sun was beginning to set over the little lake and my heart picks up at the thought of being able to watch the sun set from this cabin every night. I watch as the house comes to life with lights and even smoke leaves the chimney. It must be nice to have super speed.

Felix reappears back on the porch and Titus moves to open my door.

“Ready to see your new home?” Titus asks as his hand links with mine. I suck in the cold air and realise that none of the clothes I have will be warm enough for here. I pull my arms around myself as we walk to Felix.

“Don’t worry, we will get you new clothes tomorrow.” I smile up at him as we walk, I was really falling for the way they both observed me so much. As I walk up the three small steps, Felix grabs my hand and I move to him as he leads me into the house. It is two-story, with a very rustic and modern feel. More wood this time and the ceiling is high. The fireplace is in the lounge room with an open kitchen.

“Wow,” I whisper.

“Want to see your room?” Felix asks and I nod. Upstairs is four bedrooms with two bathrooms, not an ensuite in every room like we were use to, but I didn’t mind. The heat was already creeping its way through the house and I embraced its warmth. We head back downstairs where they both show me to their study. Although I really should just use the word Library.

“Do you have one of these in all of your homes?” I ask.

“Most of them,” Titus replies.

I smile at both of them. “What else can you guys do? I mean what other powers do you have?”

“Super speed and super strength, that’s about it.” Felix says.

“Our bodies heal themselves, if someone was to rip off my arm; it would come back.” Titus says.

“So, no mind control?” I ask innocently. Most of the books or movies I have seen included vampires having a type of mind control.

“No, that’s what demons are gifted with.” Titus says.

I walk back out to the lounge room with the fireplace, and they both follow me. “So how would someone kill you?” I look at the ground, feeling worried about how they will react.

Titus moves in front of me with his super speed. I suck in a breath at having him so close. Then he grabs my hand and places it on his chest, more specifically on his heart. “When we told you that fay have photokinesis, if they shoot a bolt straight into our heart, it will kill us. It’s how the whole myth about sunlight came about. The only sunlight that can kill us, is from a fairy.”

Felix moves quickly behind me and I feel his hand on my back. “You can also hit us from behind, if you direct your shot under the rib-cage.” His fingers poke my bone to show me where.

“That’s the only way you can both die?” I ask.

“Or decapitation,” Titus says with a smile and I swallow the lump in my throat. I couldn’t bare to think about them being killed.

“Okay, and demons?” I ask, wanting to know everything about this world.

“Demons can live forever as long as they have constant sex with humans, it’s how they sustain their energy. Fay can suck that energy away until they shrivel up as a corpse. If I wanted to kill a demon, I would have to keep him locked up without human contact.” Titus says as he passes me a red wine. Felix was ordering me food on his phone.

“And they can control minds?”

“Yes, very hard to kill.”

“What about witches?”

“Witches can be killed any way a human can, if you can get pass their defensive spells. They also aren’t immortal, but spells do slow the aging process down.”

“And werewolves?” This was the most amount of information I had got out of Titus.

“Werewolves are the hardest to kill, because they can only die in their human form. They also only live a human lifespan though, after the fay; vampires mostly hate werewolves.”

“How come?” I ask as I sip more wine.

Titus shrugs. “Too much alpha male maybe, we just don’t get along.”

I move my finger around the top of the wine glass. “And fairies? How would you kill me?”

“Vampires prefer to drain you. Your blood is a lot tastier than humans and other creatures.”

I remember Titus’s fangs before everything went black. “What about the others?”

“Werewolves tend to rip your heart out, witches can do a spell to stop your heart beating so that you slowly suffocate, and demons; well demons don’t really kill often. But if you do attack them, they can force you to kill yourself. Very scary when they aren’t fucking the entire human population.”

I look at the flames flickering strongly amongst the wood. “The werewolves that killed my parents, they ripped their hearts out?”

“And ate them.”

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