Bite into Me

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Chapter Eleven

At some point, I fall asleep. I vaguely remember one of the boys carrying me up the stairs. Felix, I think. His cologne lingers amongst my senses as I stretch under the covers. The sun is only just making its appearance through the blinds, but I feel wide awake.

I decide to head to the bathroom for a shower before heading down for some coffee. I feel gross from all the travelling and need to freshen up.

As I head down the stairs, Felix is walking a girl out of the house. I know she is a feeder, but I feel my blood boil. Why was I so angry about this? Maybe because she is literally stunning and overly touching his arm as he is opening the door for her to leave.

A wave of jealousy creeps under my skin, as all my insecurities come rushing to the surface.

“Morning fay,” Felix says, already knowing that I am behind him. It must be nice having heightened vampire senses.

“Did you fuck her?” I can’t help the irritated tone to my voice.

He turns around with a big smile on is face, but I am too mad to join him. “What if I had?” He torments me.

“Just answer the question Felix.”

He tucks a loose strand of hair behind my ear. “No Cami, I didn’t fuck her.”

I study his icy blue eyes for lies, but all I see is us. I know he didn’t, I immediately feel all the worry drain away from me.

“Why do you have to use girl feeders? Especially attractive ones.” I couldn’t stop myself from sounding like some jealous girlfriend, but the smile on Felix’s face told me that he didn’t mind.

“Girls taste sweeter,” he says with a grin that pulls at his perfect eyes.

“Sweeter than me?” I whisper as I advert my gaze to the ground.

He tilts my head up to his and his grin is long gone, replaced by a serious expression that made me wish I never said anything. “Nobody tastes better than you.”

“Why... haven’t you fed on me again?”

“Because, I told myself that I would never do it without your permission again. I can still remember how scared your eyes were the first time.” I can see genuine pain in his eyes as he remembers, such a change from the Felix I first knew.

I close the gap between us slowly, while scooping my hair to one side of my neck. I have to go the tops of my toes to reach both Felix and Titus, and even then, they had to bend down to me. I touch my neck that is free from hair. “I want you to taste me.”

His eyes go big with surprise, and I love that I can make a two thousand year old vampire surprised. He bends his mouth to my neck, kissing it softly. “Are you sure?” He whispers against my skin.

“Yes,” I breathe, as I put one hand into his hair. His breath on my neck is enough to drive me crazy.

His fangs slide into my skin and he immediately moans in pleasure. My grip on his hair tightens, like I want to pull him deeper into me. The first time this happened, I thought they were going to kill me. I also had no idea that vampires existed. This time though, I was enjoying it. It hurts a little, but it was a kind of pain I enjoy. I especially love the way Felix reacts to tasting my blood. I can feel some of it dripping down my neck, Felix removes his fangs from my skin and slowly licks the dripping blood. I shiver in desire. I feel a whoosh of air behind me and turn to see Titus.

“I smelt blood and got worried,” he says as I watch his eyes go from panic to seductive. The whites in both their eyes were red and I found it incredibly sexy.

I hold my wrist up to Titus’s mouth. “I want to be your only feeder from now on. For both of you,” I says as I look back to Felix.

Titus sinks his fangs into my wrist as Felix and I watch. He pulls away with my blood dripping from the sides of his mouth. “Holy fuck,” he moans. My whole body tingles as I watch how pleasured he is by my blood. “You were right Felix,” he says as he licks my blood off of his fingers.

“Is it hard for you to stop?” I ask curiously.

“When we were young vampire’s, but not anymore,” Titus says before he bites into my wrist once more. This time causing me to moan out approvingly. Titus lifts me up and I automatically wrap my legs around his waist, as he carries me to the couch. His lips kiss mine and I can taste the metallic blood but it doesn’t bother me. The fire warms me just like Titus’s touch, and as he places me on the couch; he takes my jeans off before coming back to my lips to kiss me deeper. I was starting to think, I just shouldn’t wear pants around these two. There was something about watching the way they could undress me effortlessly that added to the desire though.

He rips my underwear away and I moan into his mouth, their strength turned me on and they knew it. His mouth moves down my body until finally his lips are on me, his warm breath causing me to squirm with pleasure, before his tongue moves inside me and I cry out.

Felix joins us, and I stroke his hard cock underneath his jeans. He unbuttons them and I open my mouth for him, he wastes no time shoving his cock to the back my throat. I found that the more I sucked both of them, the better I was getting at taking them further. I still doubted that I would ever be able to fit either of them all the way into my mouth, but I did enjoy trying. One hand is in Titus’s hair as his tongue torments me, the other hand is on Felix’s leg; while he thrusts his cock in and out of my mouth.

As I get close to an orgasm, I begin to move my head off of Felix’s cock, but he holds me in place. My grip on Titus’s hair tightens, causing him to moan into me; and Felix watches as I cum with his cock in my mouth. I can feel the tears streaming down my cheeks from not being able to yell out, and then Titus moves his cock inside me and I muffle a scream around Felix.

I can tell how badly they both want to cum, as they both thrust into me with a force that brings me close to my next orgasm. Felix moans out loudly as I feel his cum squirt into my mouth. I cry out with his cum seeping from the sides of my mouth as Titus finishes loudly inside me.

Felix wipes my tears and his cum away as I breathe heavily, my body flopped back onto the couch. Titus moves his cock out of me and I whimper, he kisses my forehead softly before leaving to go to the kitchen. I watch as he begins cooking me breakfast, they weren’t the greatest cooks out, mainly because they don’t eat; but I always appreciate when they do cook for me.

Felix was anything but gentle when we are intimate, but as soon as we finish; he always wraps his arms around me and holds me. I nuzzle in close to his neck as we cuddle on the couch. Titus was a mixture of gentle and rough when he fucked me, it really just depended on his mood. Both of them had stirred something inside me that could never be tamed now. I needed them. Both of them.

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