Bite into Me

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Chapter Twelve

As the days went by, I started to fall in love with Alaska. Titus took me shopping to restock a warmer wardrobe, and I often took small walks around the large property. I had seen a moose one day and got way more excited than I should have. I mainly just found it peaceful, I could curl up in front of the fire and read any book I wanted.

Even though there are creatures that want me dead, I feel more alive than I ever have. With Titus and Felix, I feel free. Which is insane to think about since really, I was captured and trapped; but now I realise that was my old life. Even when I could do anything, I didn’t because I was stuck. Now I have been liberated in more ways I ever thought possible.

As I search through the books in the library, I’m greeted with their familiar smell. The smell of books was like home for me, it’s why I could never get into the trend of reading off of a device. Everything is in alphabetical order as I search for any information on me and my people. I still didn’t know whether we are people or creatures. There is nothing about fay, fairies or fallen angels. I sigh as I move along all the books starting with F.

“What are you looking for fay?” I jump slightly at Felix’s words. They really were so silent when they wanted to be.

“I was just wondering if you had any books on my people? I’d love to know more about my history,” I say as I play with my fingers.

His eyes narrow at mine, I always got worried when I asked them about these kinds of things. He moves around me and knocks a bit of wood in the shelf to the side. I get excited as I realise this is a secret hiding spot. He pulls out a very old book with a brown hard cover. I hold my breath in anticipation.

Felix hands me the book and I smile up at him. “Thanks!” I say, but as I begin to leave, he grabs my arm to stop me.

“If you betray us...”

I put my hand to his cheek. “I belong to you and Titus; I will never hurt you.” I say as my eyes search his. He nods his head and let’s go of my arm; I give him a soft kiss on the lips before leaving.

After dinner, I hop into bed with my new book and as I turn the first page, I feel my heart pick up. At the top, there is a date that says 1876. “Wow,” I whisper to myself.

’I am writing this for if I do not make it away from the angels. Us creatures must band together for survival. The angels took me from my home, from my daughter to be their witch. If I refused, they promised to kill all those I love. I kept this journal so that we could all grow to understand our enemy.

For my daughter Anna, do not seek revenge and know that I am at peace knowing you are safe.

Clara Dinklidge’

My fingers move over her thick cursive with a tremble. How could my people be so evil? I remember May talking about Miram, and realised that the fay must always keep a witch by their side, apparently by force.

As I read through Clara’s journal, I was right. The fay do always keep a witch at their side, which seemed a little hypocritical to me. The witch could cast protection spells and also find creatures that were hiding. They were basically forced to do whatever the fairies wanted.

Clara did write that if you ever kill an angel, you must dispose of the body. If another fay found it, they could bring their fallen back to life. One thing that does catch my eye is her sketches. She has drawn the small balls of light in the fairy’s hands, and there is one that is above the rest; like she is floating. Underneath, she has written that powerful fairies can fly with their balls of light and not with wings. Clara has stated that in her lifetime, she only saw two angels that could do this. It was a clear sign that they were from royalty.

I look over at the time and see that it is past midnight. I have a strong craving to not be alone, so I make my way over to Titus’s room; mainly because I hadn’t seen him today. I open his bedroom door and find him laying shirtless reading a book. His bedside lamp is on and he smiles up at me. “Took you long enough,” he says with a grin.

“Were you waiting for me?” Flutters form in my chest.

“I’m always waiting for you Camille.”

He is in these dark track pants that hang very low on his waist, and his blonde hair is sticking in different directions. I have noticed that Titus moves his fingers through his hair when he concentrates. He is completely and entirely sexy. I curl up against his warm body, and he smells like heaven. Mint and a vanilla body wash.

“Have you and Felix ever shared a girl before?” I ask as I trace my nails over his chest.

“No. You’re the first.”

“It isn’t a normal thing you know.”

“We are vampires and you are a fairy, your version of normal doesn’t exist anymore.”

“It can’t be too normal if you and Felix have never done it before,” I point out.

“Touché, I don’t know, but it feels right. I like watching you with Felix.” His cock begins to grow under his pants as he thinks about it.

“I like having both of you.” He smirks as he begins to move on top of me. His lips tenderly brush mine, and I suck in a breath as tingles form over my body from his gentle touch. He kisses me slowly but passionately as I feel his hard cock press against me. he leans up to slip my shirt over my head, leaving me in just my underwear. Slowly he kisses down my body until he is between my legs, he takes my underwear off; making sure his emerald eyes never leave mine.

Then as his lips kiss and suck my clit, his fingers slowly move in and out of me. Little moans leave my mouth as he continues his torturing slow pace.

“Even your tight little pussy is sweet,” he says against me and I tug his hair approvingly.

Then I feel his fangs sink into my thigh as his fingers continue to move inside me, he moans loudly as my blood runs down my leg. The pleasure and pain are almost overwhelming. Why hadn’t I let them feed on me ages ago? The feelings all build up as my moans grow louder, until I cum on his fingers. Before I even have time to take a breath after my orgasm, his lips are on mine. Our mouths are wet from my blood as he kisses me strongly while pushing himself inside me. “Fuck,” he breathes against my mouth.

With each thrust, he keeps his mouth on mine; even when we moan into one another. “I’m not going to last long,” he says and I can’t even reply before I cum again. With two more thrusts he grunts loudly before his body falls onto mine. I wrap my arms around him as he buries his head into my neck. I can feel his cock twitching inside me as the cum begins to fall out.

Tender Titus was going to kill me.

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