Bite into Me

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Chapter Thirteen

I finish the journal the next day, with no reassurances about my people. They hunted mercilessly and showed no signs of remorse. I wanted to know the good in the fay, surely angels couldn’t be completely evil. Still, I didn’t want to push too hard and worry Titus and Felix. I enjoyed where our relationship is at, and I didn’t want to give them a reason not to trust me.

Titus and Felix told me that they had picked their home at Alaska because it is inconspicuous. Not many creatures came here, simply because there wasn’t as much fun. Quiet places meant that you couldn’t get away with as much, like you would in a big city. I couldn’t wait for spring to see flowers in their bloom and hear the sounds of animals coming out of hibernation.

I decide to head to Felix’s room to give him back the journal. As I pass the bathroom though, I can hear him showering. I decide to just wait in his room for him, they both kept their spaces clean. I don’t think I have ever seen their rooms messy, but I guess when you can clean an entire area in a couple of seconds it would be a worry if there was mess.

“Hello fay,” Felix says before he even gets into his room.

“Okay seriously, how did you know I was in here? I was being so quiet.”

He smirks at me as he walks in with a towel around his waist. He had a bit more of a bigger build than Titus, as Titus was leaner, but both of them were covered in muscles that made me breathless. “Your scent is all down the hallway. I see you have finished the journal,” he says as he looks at it on his bedside table.

“Yeah, thank you for letting me read it,” I lay on top of his bed covers and he joins me. “Have you read it?”

“A long time ago.”

I move my head to rest on his strong chest. “Do you know if Anna ever read it? Do you know what happened to Clara?”

“Yes, Anna wanted me to have it.”


“We have a strong relationship with their family.”

I sit up to look at his pale eyes. “With witches?”

“In 1692 the Salem witch trials began. Humans were hunting witches down and burning them at the stake, sometimes the fay would help them. Her name was Sybil and Titus had a thing with her.”

“Did he love her?” I ask intrigued, knowing that these two were capable of love made my stomach jump eagerly.

“I guess he did, he cared for her more than many other girls. Anyway, we saved her together when he discovered she was taken. We exposed ourselves to the fay in the process, so her family now keep us hidden with a spell. In return we keep their lineage safe.”

“Sybil was Clara’s ancestor?”


“So what happened to Clara?”

“We rescued her from the fay, five years after she was taken.”

“You and Titus saved her?” I try to hide the surprise in my voice.

“Yes, we made an oath, we still keep in touch with Anna’s great, great Granddaughter.”

“How could a bunch of humans kill witches? I thought they were all innocent victims.”

“A lot of them were, the irony in humans killing their own kind was wasted on them. The witch working with the fay at the time came up with these chains that could stop their magic and make them powerless.”

“How scary it must have been,” I think of those poor helpless women burning alive in front of an angry crowd.

“Humans and history have always been brutal,” he says with a hint of sorrow. I often forget how much horror they both would have seen.

“How did you and Titus become vampires?”

He sucks in a breath. “It’s a long story Cami.”

“Luckily we have lots of time,” I say cheekily.

He sighs as he looks into my eager eyes. “Titus and I were winning all of our battles along with another man called Albus. He was maybe ten years older than us and Titus had to fight him. I can still remember his fear beforehand, he knew he would lose. I tried to reassure him that he wouldn’t.”

“Did he? Did he lose?”


“So what happened?”

“Albus was the vampire that turned us, he wanted to kill all the wealthy together and free all the slaves.”

“He turned Titus into a vampire during the battle?”

“And then Titus turned me.”


“A person needs to have not only our venom but also our blood in their system, then they have to die. When they awaken, they will still be dead, but with a power no human could ever defeat.” I hated hearing that Felix thought of themselves as dead. Their bodies were always warm, and everything about them seemed alive. “So in amongst swords clashing, Albus bit Titus, of course people just thought it was part of the show. Then he made sure some of his blood rubbed against Titus’s open wounds, when he was on top of him; choking the life out of him.”

I try to fight back the tears as I picture Titus in so much pain. “So that’s how he died? He choked him to death?”

“Yes. I watched the entire thing.”

“It must have been so horrible to see your best friend die.”

“It was. I was drinking and crying next to his body when he woke up. I honestly thought I had just stolen too much wine and that I was hallucinating. He told me to trust him and I did. He bit me and then forced me to drink some of his blood before snapping my neck.”

“Oh my God...”

“Then we killed them all,” his eyes are twinkling when he says this. “We drained the rich one by one, saving the emperor for last. I can still remember his pathetic screams.” He is smiling as he remembers, and honestly I couldn’t blame him. He killed people that caused so much suffering.

“What happened to Albus?”

“He died in the 14th century. The fay got him.”

“I’m so sorry,” I say as I straddle him.

“It was a long time ago now, but we did have our fun; the three of us.”

“I can imagine,” I say as I lean down to kiss his lips, and as I deepen it; he pulls on my hair. Felix is always rough, even if things start out slow, and I loved it.

I begin rocking my hips back and forth over his hard cock as his hands travel to my breasts under my over-sized shirt, lightly pinching my nipples. He then moves my underwear to the side, and slides his cock in. I gasp out in surprise and ecstasy.

He smiles at my response. “Ride the cum out of me Cami.”

As I move up and down him, I watch as his eyes close in pleasure and he moans under me. I feel so powerful. As I cry out from my orgasm, I found it hard to keep going. He grabs my ass and moves me up and down him faster than I could ride him. I begin to scream as he slams my body over his cock so quickly that I feel a wetness squirt out of me. “Fuck yes Cami, I’m going to cum inside your tight pussy.” He grunts in pleasure as I feel his warmth fill me up.

I flop down on his chest breathing heavy. “Wh-what was that?” I ask tiredly.

“You just squirted; it can happen when your orgasm is really good.”

“Mmm,” I say with content as my eyes close, and I fall to sleep on his chest; with him still inside me.

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