Bite into Me

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Chapter Fourteen

When I wake up, Felix is gone and the room is dark. He has tucked me under his covers and I smile while picturing how gently he must have moved me, for me not to wake up. My stomach grumbles its unhappy protest at not having food, so I yawn as I make my way out of Felix’s room, and down the stairs.

The house is extremely quiet, all I can hear is the familiar crackling of the open fire. I wasn’t sure what exactly, but something just feels eerie. As I get to the bottom of the stairs I go to call out to the boys, but I am cut short when my body is smashed against the wall. A man I have never seen before, is squishing my body with his large arm. His hair is dark, and he towers over me; not that it was hard for someone to be taller than me. The whites around his eyes begin to turn red and I start to panic.

“Of course they have fallen for her charms,” the man spits out.

“Would you expect anything less from Felix and Titus?” A woman replies who I didn’t notice before. She has long dreadlocks and a piercing in her nose.

“I’m going to enjoy this,” the man says as his fangs appear.

Before I even have time to scream, Titus is ripping the man off of me and throwing him across the other side of the room. He smashes a wooden chest and a hanging mirror. The woman doesn’t hesitate in moving forward at Titus, with anger in her eyes and fangs ready to kill. Titus grabs her by her throat but she manoeuvres quickly out of his grip, at the same time as the man comes back to help. It’s two against one as they fight at a speed I struggle to keep up with. Where is Felix!? Fear prickles over my skin as I watch them both beat into Titus. He has blood covering his face now and I can feel my tears falling down mine.

I look at my hands and beg the balls of light to come. As the man has Titus on the ground, with his fist constantly smashing into his face, the woman begins to approach me with a smile. I can feel my hands shaking under her terrifying stare. She is going to kill me and enjoy it without an ounce of remorse. Anything I could say to spare my life will be lost.

“Please don’t kill them,” I beg as the tears fall off of my cheeks.

She gives me a funny look; one I can’t understand without knowing her. “You can drop the act now fay.”

“My name is Camille, and I said don’t kill them.” My hands have balled into fists in anger. No longer was I worried about my own life; I was only worried for theirs.

She grabs my throat and begins lifting my body up against the wall. My feet are no longer on the ground as I struggle to keep any air in my lungs. I watch, as Titus’s face looks nearly lifeless, covered in blood. The man is still beating into him. I Hold my arm out to him. “Stop,” I croak out. Soon my vision is being impaired with tiny black dots, I’m dying. I can feel it.

Before everything goes completely black, the girl is charged away from me. I fall to the ground gasping out for air. Around me, everything looks blurry, but I can see Felix has the girl wrapped in a choke hold. He is trying to rip her head off.

The man leaves Titus’s limp body to help his friend. He grabs Felix’s neck from behind, and now Felix has to choose between hanging on to the girl, or stopping the man from ripping his head off. He chooses his head, as his hands claw at the mans. The sounds of his struggle, is like having someone press a knife against my heart.

I jump on the mans back and start laying my fists into his head. “Get off of him!” I scream.

They both laugh at me, before the man flings me off of his body; launching me across the other side of the room. My back hits the wall and then my head, I automatically touch the back of it, and when I bring my hand back to my eyes; it is covered in blood.

I stand up, with hands that glow. As I look down at them, tiny sparks are flying off of the balls of light, almost like I am holding a sparkler in my hands. A small smile grabs at my lips before I run at the man. With my hand on his back, right under the ribcage like Felix taught me; I shoot the light into his heart with a scream.

There is a hole in his chest as his lifeless body falls to the ground. I look up to the girl with a fierce anger, her own eyes were now pleading for mercy. Titus is back up, and together, he and Felix rip her head clean off. As it drops, it rolls over to her friends’ body, as hers hits the ground.

The balls of light disappear, and so does my fury. “I killed someone,” I whisper. My body begins to shake as I look at the giant hole where the man’s heart should be.

Titus caresses my cheek. “You saved us Camille,” I could see so much gratitude swimming in his green eyes.

Felix comes up and bites my wrist. I watch as my bloody knuckles heel, and my head and back stop hurting. “Thank you,” I say numbly.

“Take care of them,” Felix says to Titus about the bodies, as he scoops me up and takes me to the couch in front of the fire. He wraps a blanket around me and then walks to the kitchen. I hear the kettle turn on and know he is making me a coffee.

Titus returns and wraps his arms around me. “You did so good,” he whispers against my hair.

“I’m a murderer...just like you both said.”

“You are nothing like the other fay, you are pure and good. You did what you needed to for us, not that we deserve it.”

My eyes search his with pain. “You do deserve it Titus, you both do.”

Felix comes back with my coffee and I embrace the warm mug. As I sip the hot liquid, I feel a burning sensation down my throat. I look up to Felix questioning.

“There’s vodka in that to help take the edge off.” He sits on the other side of me and rests his hand on my leg.

I can’t stop replaying Titus’s limp face covered in blood, and Felix’s pained sounds as he fought to keep his head attached.

I couldn’t live without them. And I would stop anyone that tried to take them away from me, even if it killed me in the process.

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