Bite into Me

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Chapter Fifteen

The next day, I wake up on the couch with Titus asleep next to me, and Felix in the seat next to us. As my eyes groggily open to Felix’s I give him a small smile, before running my fingers through Titus’s hair. I had never seen either of them sleep before, and I watch as his eyes flutter softly from my touch.

“He’s sleeping,” I whisper to Felix.

“He uses it as a comfort thing,” Felix replies.

“He is completely adorable,” I smile at Titus’s peaceful face.

“He can hear you,” Titus replies with his eyes closed and I kiss his lips softly. His eyes open to study mine, and all I see is heartbreak. “I thought I was going to lose you last night,” he whispers.

“I thought I would lose you, both of you.” My eyes well with tears again.

Titus kisses one that falls down my cheek. “We have lived plenty of lifetimes, but you- you’re too young to die with your whole life ahead of you.”

“That’s why I called Mabel, we need backup,” Felix says.

“Whose Mabel?” I ask.

“Anna’s great, great granddaughter,” he smiles at me.

“We should also summon Alex,” Titus says.

“Alex the demon?” I ask as I remember his light orange hair.

“Uhh my least favourite demon.” Titus and Felix are up so quick, before I even have time to blink.

Standing in the corner is a guy with black hair that has a tinge of silver through it. His eyes are a deep blue and he is smirking at all of us.

“Cain. What are you doing here?” Felix asks, both of them have their guard up. I wasn’t sure why, but something about Cain’s presence makes me feel extremely afraid.

“Word has it that you two are harbouring a fay. That you won’t kill her and that she is the daughter of Cleon and Arion.”

Felix moves quickly to Cain who simply puts his hand up, forcing Felix to stop in his tracks. Titus seems to have a different approach. “She isn’t a danger to our kind, she doesn’t even have her powers,” Titus lies and I stay quiet.

“Yes but May believes she will acquire them.”

“May went to you?” Felix asks shocked, and maybe a little hurt.

Cain just lets out an evil smile before Titus attempts to speed off out of the room. “Uh, uh, uh,” Cain says with a wag of his finger; like he is a parent telling two disobedient children off. “Can’t have you summoning another demon now can we, you two stay put,” he says to Felix and Titus, who now appear to be frozen in one spot.

He begins to make his way over to me, slowly to add to the fear. Not that he needed help with that, this guy could give the devil a run for his money. “Don’t you fucking touch her!” Felix says.

I get up to run out of the room but something in my mind stops me. “Sit down fay,” Cain says. I can’t seem to resist what he is saying, I can feel his pull on my mind, almost like I am now his puppet. “You are a stunning creature aren’t you.”

“I will kill all of your children in front of your eyes before I fucking kill you!” Titus spits and Cain bursts out into laughter.

“Oh I am going to enjoy this. I’ve never fucked a fay, apparently the energy she could give me will last a year.” His eyes twinkle darkly and my body begins to shake.

I look over to Felix and Titus, Felix has a rage so deep it brought me fear, and Titus has tears in his eyes. I realise how bad this is.

“Please,” Titus begs as a few tears run down his cheeks. “We will do anything, please just don’t touch her.”

“First I’m going to fuck her in front of you, then I will kill her before putting you two out of your misery.”

A wounded noise leaves Felix’s mouth as Titus’s eyes bore into mine. “Take your shirt off fay,” Cain says and I do it. My own tears now streaming down my face.

“Please,” I whisper. “Don’t do this.”

“Oh honey, clearly you don’t know my reputation. I give demons their name. I am pure evil,” he says while grinning. “Now take your underwear off.”

My shaky hands move to slide my underwear down my legs. “If you do this, the fay will never stop hunting you!” Titus yells.

“Oh I’m counting on it,” Cain chuckles. “Spread your legs.”

I can’t stop crying as I open my legs for him. “You will fucking die slowly!” Felix screams. Both of them turn their heads from what they are about to watch.

“Both of you watch, don’t even blink while I fuck her.”

“You evil son of a bitch!” I spit.

“Please fight, I love that even more,” his evil words make my skin crawl.

As he unbuttons his jeans and moves to put himself on me, I feel a warmth within. The tears stop and a little smile forms at the side of my mouth. “If you lay one hand on me, I will kill you,” I say without any fear.

“Maybe I’ll get you pregnant, and you will be forced to carry demon blood. I can choose when someone gets pregnant, did you know that fay?”

I keep my stern gaze level with his, I would not show this monster any fear. He places one arm on the side of my body and I grab it with both hands. With all the strength I have, I pull all the life from him. He screams out in agony and I watch as a light leaves his body and enters my hands. “Enjoy hell you evil fuck,” I yell over his screams. His body begins to shrivel and then his eyes sink into the back of his skull, until he is a lifeless, withered up corpse that falls on top of me. As soon as he is dead, Titus and Felix rush to me, throwing Cains body away and covering me with the blanket.

“Summon Alex now!” Titus yells to Felix, who speeds out of the room. “Are you okay? Did he touch you?” I shake my head.

Felix returns with a very old looking coin. “I summon the demon Alex,” he throws the coin in the air before it comes back down and hits the ground. Then there is a small pool of smoke before Alex appears before my eyes.

“How...” I whisper.

“Demons can travel at the speed of light,” Titus answers me.

“What is it?” Alex asks before his eyes fall on the shrivelled-up corpse. “What happened?”

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