Bite into Me

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Chapter Sixteen

As Titus and Felix explain to Alex everything that has happened, I decide to have a shower. Cain didn’t touch me, but I still feel dirty.

I sit down in the shower, with my knees against my chest as the hot water caresses my body. I turn the heat up higher than usual, and watch as my tan skin turns a nice shade of pink. The steam moves from my body and consumes the screen door.

I cry softy while I think about what could have been. I was nearly raped, and I could have lost Titus and Felix. I remember their pained faces as they were forced to watch, there was nothing they could do. They felt helpless, which is how I felt when May came.

I can feel my powers coursing through my entire body now, and I would stop anyone that tried to hurt any of us. This is a war, one that I intend on winning, no matter how great the cost. Luckily for me, I was armed with two vampires that were used to battle. Together, we would keep each other alive.

As the water begins to turn lukewarm, I head out of the shower and get changed, before heading back down to the three boys.

“How are you feeling?” Titus asks, when I enter the lounge room.

“Better,” I smile as convincingly as possible. I sit down on the couch, even though the three boys are standing, Cain’s body has been dealt with thankfully. I didn’t know if I could stomach seeing his corpse again. His dark blue eyes will never leave my memory now.

“Alex is going to look into your head if that’s okay,” Titus asks and I nod. I think back to the beginning when they never would have asked my permission, such a change we have all made.

Alex puts his hands on my head and closes his eyes, just like he did the first time I met him. His eyes open, and they are big as they stare at me. “I see everything,” he whispers.

“Well?” Felix asks anxiously.

“Miriam was never with the fay, we thought she had turned her back on her kind but she didn’t.”

“So what does that mean?” Titus asks.

“She did block her powers, but they were to be unlocked when she fell in love with a creature from the underworld. She is our weapon in stopping this war.” Alex says with disbelief and a little excitement.

They all stare at me with wonder and shock. “Love...” Felix whispers.

“You love us?” Titus helps him.

My cheeks are bright red, I’m sure. I had never even thought that before, but I guess I did. I was willing to kill for them, to do anything to make them happy, and I couldn’t live without them. If that isn’t love, then I wasn’t sure what is.

“Yes,” I whisper back, as my eyes dart away from both of theirs. When I look up, there is a twinkle in both their eyes, it means more to them than I ever would have thought. “Where is Mabel?” I ask, trying to change the subject.

“She should be here soon,” Titus answers me.

I feel a frown grab at my brows. “Why can’t she just chant some magic words and appear here, like May did to get away from us?”

“She’s too young for that kind of magic yet,” Felix says.

“Just a fair warning, now that I can see into your head, I can see everything,” Alex says to me.

“Like my thoughts?” I ask confused.

“Yes. I try to tune it out but sometimes it’s hard,” he says with a sorry look in his eyes.

“Alex and Mabel are going to stay with us to help protect you,” Felix says. I realise that I will have to give up my room and take turns in sleeping with Titus and Felix, but that wasn’t going to bother me in the slightest.

“When we tell Mabel about Camille, she will be even more obliged to want to protect her,” Alex says to all of us. I wonder if it had taken a lot of convincing to get her to come here.

I look up to Felix and Titus, who both look exhausted. It then hits me that they haven’t fed since both of the attacks. They must be starving.

Alex coughs, “excuse me,” he says before leaving the room and I blush again, knowing that he had heard my thoughts.

“Where are you going?” Titus calls out.

“To pick my favourite room before Mabel gets here,” his voice carries down the stairs as he heads up them.

I get up off of the couch and make my way over to my two boys. I like the thought that they are mine. “You both need to feed,” I say to them as I tie my hair into a loose bun.

They look at each other with uncertainty. “Are you sure you are up for that?” Titus asks.

“Yes, I can see how tired you both are, you need to be strong and alert.” I place one hand on each of their chests. “I was thinking we could take this to one of our rooms?” I say with my eyebrows raising slightly.

“Cami...” Felix begins.

“No. Don’t mention it. I need you both to take that moment away from him, I need to see your faces and not his.” I start undressing myself to make a point. Their eyes both turn from concern to lust as they watch me slide my jeans down my legs, and take my knit off over my head.

I am left standing in just my white lace bras and underwear, “please,” I whisper to them.

Titus moves towards me first, and as his lips gently caress mine, he lifts my body up. My legs wrapping around his waist without hesitation. My body reacted to theirs instantly, it is like home for me.

He begins to take me up the stairs slowly, with no vampire speed. His lips constantly on mine, I know he is showing me that there is no rush. Not that I would change my mind.

As he places me on his bed, Felix joins us and they both start to undress. “This will always be a safe space with us,” Titus says with his eyes on me. He slides my panties down my legs, and then his warm breath is on me. I gasp out in pleasure.

Felix sits on the bed and rests my head in his lap as Titus has his mouth on me, his fingers moving to replace his tongue, as his fangs sink into my thigh. I cry out and hold his hair. I look up to Felix who is watching my moans and beg him with my eyes to join. He lifts my wrist to his mouth and I watch as the blood drips down my arm, his other hand is on my breast, toying with my nipple.

I love the light feeling that comes when they drink my blood, it seemed to make everything more sensual. Along with feeling the dark liquid run down my body, I mainly love how they reacted to tasting me. Their moans are enough to make me want to do very bad things. Titus’s fingers bring me to the edge as I moan out between them.

Titus moves me with his vampire speed, flipping me over so that I am on my hands and knees. Felix’s eyes are now stained red as he licks the remainder of my blood off of his lips. Titus pushes his cock inside me and I cry out, but my cries become muffled as Felix shoves his cock into my mouth. Both of them thrusting into me with enough force that makes my legs shake. “Only we can make you feel this way,” Titus says as his breathing becomes heavier.

“Look at me,” Felix commands as he tilts my head up by my hair.

Titus groans out as I feel his warmth inside me, and Felix pumps faster into my mouth to reach the same release. “Fuck Cami,” he hisses as I taste his cum, making sure to swallow all of it.

I let my body flop onto the bed feeling more than satisfied, as Felix runs his fingers softly over my face. Titus kisses my thigh before getting up to dress himself again. “Where are you going?” I ask sleepily, really hoping that we can all relax for a bit.

“Mabel is here,” he replies before heading out.

Well, there goes that idea.

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