Bite into Me

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Chapter Seventeen

Since I am in Titus’s room, I shrug on one of his plain white shirts that sits below my bum, and walk back to my room to find a new pair of jeans.

“Hello!?” I hear a dramatic voice down the stairs, Felix decides to wait for me outside my room. “You would think when one has insane hearing, I wouldn’t have to be left waiting!”

I walk down the stairs with Felix and see the girl whose dramatic voice belongs to. Alex is with her, and she is sighing as she removes a scarf that has been wrapped around her neck too many times. There are two suitcases beside her. Her skin is a flawless dark and her eyes are a light caramel. Her wavy dark brown hair, has lighter tones through it that seems to bring out her eyes even more. Her full lips are covered in a dark red lipstick and her eyelids have a small black line on the top. She is stunning. She throws her hands in the air when she sees us, Titus returning from outside with some wood at the same time. “Well, now I know what took you so long.”

“What?” Felix says innocently.

“Oh please, her cheeks have a freshly fucked look to them.” I’m guessing my cheeks are flushed, but now I am certain they are bright red. Felix and Titus don’t seem at all fazed. “I came here to talk some sense into you two idiots, but now I see how deep her hooks are.”

I feel extreme anger. I hadn’t put my hooks anywhere; they were the ones that kidnapped me. “She has done no such thing,” Titus defends me.

“I came all this bloody way on the demands that I help you two protect a fay, I thought the rumours weren’t true, but here you two idiots are-”

“Mabel, she needs us,” Alex says.

Mabel’s eyes get really big before she whips her head around to Alex. “She got to you too!?”

“Just give her a chance, I looked into her head and Miriam has left her for us, to help us creatures against the fay.” Alex says calmly.

“She is fay! You really think she will side with us over them!?” I was starting to believe that Mabel didn’t have an ounce of chill in her body.

I was getting sick of being talked about like I’m not right here in the room. “I see you have a lot of doubts about me, but I would like to express my doubts about you,” I say and she tilts her head to me with attitude. “Felix says that you aren’t strong enough to portal here so how are you strong enough to protect them?”

Her eyes narrow at mine and I know I have hit an angry nerve, well, angrier nerve. She waves her hand and sends my body flying against the wall. Felix and Titus both yell at her and rush over to me. I stand up with my eyes only on her as the balls of light grow in my hands. “Touch me again,” I say as threatening as possible.

Her face momentarily flickers fear before she regains her composure. “You said she doesn’t have her powers?” Mabel directs to Felix and Titus.

“Yeah that’s new, how about we all talk about this calmly?” Titus asks.

Mabel rolls her eyes dramatically. “For the sake of our friendship and the ongoing friendship you have with my family, I will hear you out. Wait- did you say protect them?” Her question is diverted back to me.

My balls of light disappear. “Yes, I can’t protect them on my own,” I look at them both with worry.

“Well fuck me on a Friday, she really does care for you two idiots.”

Mabel flicks her long waves behind her shoulder, and I find myself looking at the rest of her perfectly curved body. When she says friendship does that mean she has slept with either of them, or both of them? I feel slightly jealous and intimidated at the thought.

Alex lets out a small chuckle.

“What’s so funny?” Felix asks.

“Camille is trying to figure out if either of you have fucked Mabel,” Alex says with a smirk and I send him a glare. What happened to trying to stay out of my head.

They all burst out into laughter. “Oh honey I only fuck women,” Mabel says as she looks me up and down approvingly. I blush under her gaze and my own foolish thoughts.

“I don’t discriminate, I fuck men and women,” Alex says with a grin that touches his eyes.

“Alright now that we have got the whose fucking who icebreaker out of the way, can we please talk tactics?” Felix says, still eyeing Mabel in an annoyed way after she launched me across the room.

“Yes, yes, Alex put the tea on!” Mabel says as her flowy top and jewelry clang as she walks to the lounge room. “You know, we might get along,” Mabel says to me as she walks away. “There is a fire in you, that I see in myself, now Alex; show me everything.” Mabel holds out her hand and patiently waits for Alex to put his hand in hers. Then, his and her eyes disappear, leaving only the whites for a moment. “I see,” she says and gets up to pace.

“What just happened?” I ask.

“Demons can show you images and stories through touch, now Mabel is up to date with everything,” Titus answers me.

“Fuck the fay right now, how are we going to convince our creatures that she is with us? You are with us, aren’t you?”

“Yes,” I say without hesitation.

“Good. So, any ideas? Especially the werewolves, they kill first and ask questions later,” Mabel says.

“Well, she is more powerful than we understand, she took down Cain,” Alex says.

“No shit? Thank fuck though, always hated that monster,” Mabel stops pacing and sits back down to sip her tea. “First we convince the creatures, then we take down the fay.” Mabel says with a smile as she ponders a world without fear from my people. I couldn’t really blame her for being excited, I was just excited to make some new friends.

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