Bite into Me

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Chapter Eighteen

After a couple hours in of tactics and planning, I had fallen asleep with my head in Titus’s lap. An old bottle of whiskey had been opened and Mabel was five cups into her tea. As their talking begins to invade my sleepy thoughts, I stretch as I turn in Titus’s lap. I try to fight their annoying tones, but their voices are persistent and before I can stop them, my eyes are fluttering open.

“Ah good you’re awake!” Mabel claps her hands together once.

“It was pretty hard to stay asleep,” I reply as Titus moves the hair from my face. I smile up at him.

“Felix was just telling me about what powers you have used so far, and I was thinking you and I could do some training to improve your gifts.”

I sit up excitedly. “Really? You would help me?”

“These three weirdos are my family, so now you are too, I would like to show you how to protect yourself; since we now have the biggest fight of our lives ahead of us.” Mabel gives Titus and Felix and accusing look.

“That would be amazing!” I reply.

“We also have another matter that needs to be dealt with,” Felix says. He is standing by the fireplace and his look is serious.

“What?” Titus asks.

“May needs to be killed,” his face is dark now; a look of evil taking over his soft features.

“May?” Mabel asks.

“She sent Cain to us,” Felix says.

Mabel’s face looks shocked. “We have more pressing issues,” she says calmly.

“He was going to rape Cami in front of our eyes! Titus are you with me? A good old revenge hunt?” Felix turns his attention to Titus.

“May needs to pay but not right now,” Titus’s voice is also calm, everyone trying to stop Felix from letting his anger rule his decisions.

Felix picks up a vase from the top of the fire mantelpiece and launches it against the wall on the other side of the room. I flinch as it shatters. “Fine. I’ll go after her myself.” Felix storms out of the room and I chase after him. He is letting his anger cloud his judgment, and will end up getting himself killed.

“Felix!” I run after him; his hand is on the door handle. “Don’t do this,” I plead.

He turns around to face me and all that I see in his eyes is a mix of hurt and anger. “You don’t understand, I can’t get your terrified face out of my head when he was going to-”

“Shh,” I whisper as I lean in to him, hoping that the way I feel about him can dissolve his anger.

“If he had raped you, I would have begged for him to kill me.” His voice changes at the end and I look up to see tears pooling his eyes.

“Felix I’m fine, but you going off on a suicide mission won’t fix anything. I won’t lose you.”

He leans down and presses his forehead against mine. “You have gotten so deep under my skin fay,” he whispers.

I smile softly, “the feeling is mutual vampire.”

He smirks down at me, “trying to use my own tricks against me?”

“Never,” I bat my eyelashes naively.

“Cami I need you now, but I’m not good at being gentle when we fuck and- I don’t want to upset you...”

I place my hand on his cheek. “I don’t want you to be gentle, I want you to act the way you always do.”

His lips softly touch mine, slowly opening them and sliding his tongue into my mouth. I moan as he bites down on my bottom lip. That’s all it takes for Felix to start kissing me harder and faster. His hand has a fistful of my hair and he pulls at it, causing me to moan again. I know in the other room there is Mabel and Alex but I didn’t care, I don’t think I would have cared if Felix fucked me in front of all of them. When we are like this, nothing would stop us.

“Felix,” I breathe against his mouth, letting him know that I need more. He picks me up and takes me to his room, chucking off parts of our clothing as we go. By the time I’m laying down on his bed I am left in just my panties, which he pulls down my legs and tosses to the side. He is left in his jeans and my eyes travel to the bulge, his cock desperate to be out. I automatically bite my lip.

“Fuck don’t do that,” Felix says as his eyes rake over my body.

“Do what?” I ask innocently before biting my lip again.

He flips me over so that I am on my hands and knees, and then grabs my hair again, pulling my head back. “If you want to be bad, I will make you scream so everyone in this house can hear you.” I let out a naughty laugh because I feel like testing my boundaries. “That’s what you want isn’t it Cami? You want everyone to hear how good I can fuck you.” I nod my head that is still trapped in his hand. “Say it!” He pulls my hair harder.

“Make me scream Felix,” I beg.

He thrusts inside me so quick that I yell out, he pushes his cock all the way into me. Without giving me anytime to recompose myself he continues to slam into me with my hair being pulled back. His other hand is gripping my ass so tightly, I know that it will leave a mark. Felix loves that though; he loves bringing redness to my body when we fuck. Everything inside me is pushing to cum. “Not yet,” he says before pulling out of me.

I whimper in response, knowing full well he is smirking. He then spits in my ass and begins to rub it. “Do you want my tongue Cami?” I squirm as his finger continues to rub me softly. Did I?

He pulls away when I don’t answer him, causing me to whimper again. “Y-yes,” I say.

Then he brings his mouth to me and I feel his tongue begin to swirl around. I never imagined it feeling this good but my moans encourage him further, and I feel as his tongue moves inside my ass. “Felix,” I moan. His other hand travels to my clit and he rubs that while continuing his torment with his tongue.

He moves his mouth away and then slides a finger into my ass, I clutch at the bedsheets as he thrusts his cock back inside me. “I’m going to try two okay?”

“Oh-kay,” I moan out. He stops thrusting to push another finger into me and I love it. It doesn’t hurt at all anymore, I want him to go faster. I push my ass back to encourage him to keep fucking and fingering me.

“Fuck Cami, you make me crazy.” He moves his fingers in an out of me as his cock slowly does the same. “Are you ready to scream?”

“Please Felix,” I say breathless.

He slams his cock all the way into me and I scream out. The force of his cock and his fingers is too much. I yell out his name until I squirt over the both of us. He groans loudly before pulling out and finishing over me. I love the warm feeling as he moves his cum over my ass and then into me with his fingers. “I can’t wait to cum inside your ass Cami.”

I couldn’t either.

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