Bite into Me

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Chapter Nineteen

“Let’s try again,” Mabel says.

Mabel and I are training outside by the lake. She sends a magical push towards me and I have to deflect it with my photokinesis. The problem is that I can’t see her push. Like most witch magic, it’s invisible.

She sends me another push that knocks me to the ground. I sigh, “this isn’t working.”

“It will, it’s all about timing, watch when I move my hands and then feel it coming towards you; then use your light to deflect it.”

“Okay, again,” I say as I get to my feet with hands that glow like miniature suns.

Mabel slowly moves her hands and as I feel the warmth of her magic nearing me, I move my hands to push it away. I hold my breath and wait for the knock but it doesn’t come.

“You did it!” Mabel exclaims. “Okay now you just need to learn to block in a fight.”

“What do you mean?” I ask.

She pushes her magic quickly towards me, knocking me over and causing me to slide along the ground. “I mean you need to learn how to block my magic at that speed.”

Her methods were getting on my nerves, but I know she is just trying to prepare me. “This is going to take some time,” I say defeated.

Mabel comes over to me and extends her hand for me to take, then she helps me off of the ground. “We will get there; you should also do some training with Alex.”

“Why?” I ask with a puff.

“He might be able to teach you how to stop a demon controlling your mind.”

“That’s possible?” I ask excited.

“Only really powerful fay can do it, not many.”

“Could my parents do it?” I ask hesitantly.

“I was only a kid when the war broke out but yes, they could. They were both really strong.”

“Okay, so what else can I learn?”

“Well, I have seen some fay use their light as a shield around their body, nothing can penetrate you, but again that is some pretty advanced stuff.” Mabel heads over to her pot of tea to pour herself another cup.

“Why do you drink so much tea?”

“Natural herbs keep our energy and magic strong, it’s kind of the equivalent to a vampire drinking blood.”

“Or how demons have lots of sex,” I say.

Mabel similes, “exactly. Although, I won’t die without sex.” She stops to think about this, “maybe.” We both start laughing.

“Do you really think we can defeat the fay?” I ask.

“Everyone got close last time, maybe with you as our secret weapon it’s possible. Twenty years is still a fresh wound though, many creatures may be hesitant to risk everything again.”

“Are you willing to risk everything?” We sit on the grass together, near the edge of the lake.

“I already am. I am now considered a traitor to the creatures and the fay. We just have to hope that others will see what Alex and I have.”

“I hate everyone being in danger because of me,” I say softly.

“With or without you, we are always in danger.” Mabel stands up, “come on, I’m sick of beating your ass for one day. We can start again tomorrow or maybe Alex might train you a bit.”

As we head inside Alex is getting a blowjob from another guy in the loungeroom.

“Fuck me Alex, we have rooms for a reason! Not that it doesn’t stop the sound,” Mabel directs her gaze at me and I blush.

Alex smiles and the guy doesn’t stop. “Felix told me to keep my strength up.” His head falls back and his eyes close as he enjoys his pleasure. I turn away from his intimate moment.

“Where is Felix?” I ask.

“Out,” Alex replies with a small moan. “You guys are kind of killing the mood here.” His eyes open to mine again and he can straight away see the panic on my face. “He only went out to get more food,” he says reassuringly.

I was still paranoid about Felix going off and trying to kill May. Mabel throws a cushion at Alex’s head. “Next time gather your strength in your room!” She heads up the stairs and I follow her. “I’m the only one not having sex,” I hear her mumble to herself before she heads to her bedroom.

Since I now share a room with either Felix or Titus, I decide to head into Titus’s room. He is sitting up with one arm behind his head, watching a movie. “Hey,′ I say as I shut the door behind me.

“How was the training?”

“Terrible. I am completely useless,” I say as I curl up into his side.

“You are stronger than you know, these things take time.”

“I feel like the strength of my powers really only come when we are in danger.”

“That’s a possibility, I still think it wouldn’t hurt to keep practicing. Would you have known to suck Cain’s life source from him unless I told you? The more you know the better you will be in combat.”

“I guess that is true. Also, Alex is on the lounge we all sit on getting his dick sucked.”

Titus smiles at this. “He needs his strength and besides, who was it yesterday screaming her lungs out while getting fucked?”

I bury my head into his chest. “You heard?”

“Camille, I think all of Alaska heard.”

I giggle into his warm skin. “Why didn’t you join then?”

“Don’t get me wrong, I wanted to, but I think Felix just needed a moment.”

“And what about you? Do you need a moment?”

He moves his body over mine, with eyes that twinkle mischievously. “Is it my turn to make you scream?”

“Mabel is already complaining about not having sex, I don’t want to rub salt in her wound.”

“Well then,” he unbuttons my jeans and moves his fingers into my panties. “You better be quiet then.”

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