Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty

I wake up completely naked facing Titus with his arm wrapped around me. We had sex over and over last night until I fell asleep. His eyes are closed meaning that he must have found comfort falling asleep next to me, and my heart swells at the thought.

I study his pink lips and long eyelashes, they weren’t as long as Felix’s, but both of them are blessed with immense good looks. I stroke my finger lightly down his face and his eyes flutter but stay shut.

How did he still look so sexy asleep? I honestly have to keep pinching myself that this is real. That I have both of them in this crazy life that I was now obsessed with. I could never go back to the mundaneness of human life. The human world was never for me, I never would have understood that without Titus. Without him walking into that godawful diner that night. I remember being trapped in his bathroom thinking that my life was now over. How wrong I was. Titus and Felix had saved me in more ways than I will ever really understand.

I move down his naked body admiring all his muscles with trails of soft kisses. I then put his cock in my mouth and feel as he slowly begins to harden. I move my head up and down him, twirling my tongue along the sensitive spot at the top. His breathing starts to turn heavy and I know that he is awake.

He moans approvingly. “I should fall asleep more often, if this is how you will wake me up.” I look up at him with his cock in my mouth and he bites his lip. “Fuck don’t look at me like that,” he moans louder and I feel a wetness grow between my legs. “You really can’t get enough can you Camille?” I look back up to him and watch his face as I slide his cock slowly into my mouth. He grabs my hair, “what did I say about looking at me like that?” I smile up at him, wanting to challenge him.

Titus sits up to the edge of the bed and puts me on his lap so that my back is against his chest. He moves his cock into me and I moan loudly as he kisses my neck. “You love disobeying me, don’t you?” He moves my body up and down is length and I cry out.

“Yes,” I moan, I know Titus always likes an answer.

“You look so innocent but really, you are just a naughty girl begging to be fucked.” One of his hands has moved to my breast as the other one helps to move me up and down him. His hot breath on my neck and ear is bringing me close to what I desperately desire. Then he moves his hand from my breast and up to my neck, I moan out as he sinks his fangs into my skin. The blood slides down my back as I continue to rock my hips on him. He pulls his fangs out of my neck, “fuck,” he moans. “You taste like heaven.”

He bites the bottom of my ear, “Titus,” I breathe.

“Cum for me Camille.” With my fingers digging into his thighs, I cum loudly, my orgasm rolls into his as he groans before filling me with his cum. He flops back onto the bed with my back still against his chest.

There is a loud knock on the door, causing me to flinch in Titus’s arms. “If you two are done fucking, could we please get to some training!?” Mabel yells from the other side, and I cover my mouth to stifle a laugh.

After a warm shower and a much needed big breakfast, I head into the loungeroom to find Mabel. Her and Alex are laughing on the couch together. “Alex will teach you today,” Mabel says before getting up and leaving us alone.

“Do we need to go outside?” I ask.

Alex shakes his head, “no we can just practice here, if you like.”

“Okay, do you want me sitting or standing?”

“Sitting is fine,” he smiles as I sit in the armchair opposite him.

“This is already a nice change from Mabel’s lessons.”

“I can’t believe I’m teaching a fairy willingly to block my control,” he shakes his head. “Never thought I’d see the day.”

“I never thought any of this could be imaginable let alone real,” I give him a small smile.

“Okay so there is no way to know when a demon is reading your thoughts, but did you feel anything when Cain was in your mind controlling it?”

I think about it, but I could only really remember the fear. “No, not really.”

“I think if we try something, it would be the easiest way to explain, I’m going to get you to scratch your head okay?”

I nod expectantly. Before I can stop myself, I begin scratching my head.

“Did you feel anything?”

“Try again,” I ask. I immediately start scratching my head again, but this time I felt something. “What was that?” I ask.

“You felt it?” Alex sits up higher in the couch.

“Yeah, it was really faint, but I could feel like a tingle pushing into my head.”

“The balls of light you can produce from your hands, can actually be produced all over your body. Imagine one of those lights around your brain like a shield.”

I try to imagine it, but every time I try, the balls of light just come to my hands. “Here I thought you would be easier than Mabel.”

“This stuff that both of us are showing you is really hard, like top level shit. Fairies that spend their whole lives knowing they are one, still can’t do these things.”

I sigh, “thanks. Are you okay if we have a rest? My head is starting to ache.”

He smiles. “Yeah, that is one of the side effects.”

“Also, what is it about you that smells so good all the time?” I am always constantly drawn to Alex and his smell.

“A demon’s scent is always alluring, it helps with the hunt for sex,” he grins at me.

I shake my head. “I don’t get it Alex, all you seem to do is have lots of sex, why do the fay want to kill you for that?” Alex seems like a lover not a fighter, he is nothing like Cain.

“Demons can actually kill humans from sex. When we sleep with them, we are actually sucking their energy away to fuel our own. You ever hear about those stories of a person dying from a heart attack in their sleep? Well, that’s usually a demon.”

“Oh,” is all I can think of to say.

“Not many of us are like that though, I enjoy regulars and my partners to be very much alive when I please them. Some demons even fall in love with their humans, but that’s why the fay hate us, because we suck human energy away from them.”

“Well you are nothing like those demons that kill,” I say reassuringly. “You don’t deserve to be hunted and murdered,” I walk over to him and he stands up. Then I lean in to give him a hug. He returns the gesture and I feel a warmth fall over me. “I’m sorry you have been hunted for this long, thank you for helping me. I promise to help you in return,” I say and his smile touches his eyes.

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