Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-One

A couple of weeks have been by of training, and I was beginning to feel more a part of this weird ‘family,’ as Mabel refers to us. I still couldn’t keep Alex out of my mind, but I had been able to block one of Mabel’s magic pushes at full force.

“I think we should go out tonight!” I say excitedly. We are all sitting at the kitchen table eating dinner, well, Titus and Felix aren’t eating anything; just watching.

“It’s Alaska,” Mabel says with a roll of her eyes.

“So?” I push.

“So, this isn’t exactly the most raving place to party,” she places some more pasta into her mouth.

“Come on guys! We can make it fun, Alex might find his new conquest, and Mabel you might find a girl,” I say with raised eyebrows.

She scoffs. “I doubt that, but fine, I am the life of any party anyway;” she smiles sweetly at all of us.

“Could be dangerous,” Titus remarks.

“What’s the difference of being here or being at a bar?” Alex asks, clearly the idea of his next conquest has won him to my side.

Mabel jumps up with a new energy, “Cami and I are heading upstairs to get ready!” She grabs my arm and forces me out of my chair.

“Don’t hog the bathrooms!” Alex calls as we run up the stairs like little kids.

As it turns out, Alex takes as long as us to get ready. Mabel is curling my hair into loose waves; I already applied my makeup and I have on a matching pair of lace white underwear. The bra is strapless, causing my boobs to spill out even more than usual. “I have the perfect dress for you!” Mabel says as she switches the curling iron off.

Mabel is wearing a black dress with tiny sequins on it, her hair is up in a loose bun and her heels clink along the tiles as she leaves the bathroom in a rush. I can feel a small bout of butterflies at the bottom of my stomach. Mabel comes back holding a short red silk dress. “Wow,” I breathe.

She practically chucks it at me, “well try it on!”

I stand up and slide the dress over my head, I have to shimmy it down as it hugs my curves tightly. “Fuck me,” Mabel’s eyes have gone huge. “The boys aren’t going to be able to make it out of the house with you looking like that.”

I turn and look in the mirror, I do feel stunning, and my boobs are looking huge. “I love it,” I smile.

Mabel smacks me on the butt, “of course you do! Now go put some heels on and let’s go find me a woman!”

As we head back down the stairs, the three boys are sitting together with a glass of whiskey each. Alex loves his whiskey. The fire is roaring, enough to stay lit until we get home, and they laugh together over some joke I didn’t hear. Their heads turn to us and both of my boys almost drop their glasses. “Holy fuck,” Titus says.

Felix is busy trying to hide his erection that is pushing against his black jeans. He coughs, “you look amazing.”

“Are you kidding me? I will have to resist the urge to kill every human that looks at you tonight!” Titus says and I giggle like he is joking, but his eyes are dark and I wonder if maybe he is being serious.

“Boys it’s nothing you haven’t seen before,” I remind them.

I do a little twirl to prove my point, but Felix rushes over to me and grabs my arm. “If I see your perfect ass, we won’t be leaving this house.” I smile shyly up to him, feeling a little embarrassed in front of Mabel and Alex, who have their arms over each other’s shoulders as they watch us happily.

“Okay! Let’s leave before you three spend the rest of the night fucking!” Mabel says as she heads for the door.

“What would be wrong with that?” Titus mumbles as he follows the rest of us.

We pick the bar that looks the busiest, it’s warm inside thankfully, and the music is doable. There is about ten people on the dance floor, most of them women that are already too drunk, another ten people at the bar mostly men; and a section of booths that line the walls.

Mabel grabs mine and Alex’s hands. “We are going to the bar!” She announces before she pulls us both along with her. I am surprisingly more excited than I thought, in the human world I had never really done anything like this.

We get to the bar and the bartender moves to us straight away. “I should always bring you two out with me,” Alex says.

“What can I get for you?” The bartender who is around our age, with dark brown hair asks. He directs the question to Mabel and I but when his eyes fall on Alex, he blushes and diverts his gaze away quickly.

“Six tequila shots!” Mabel yells.

“I’ve never been drunk before,” I say. I didn’t even mean to speak it out loud, it just sort of happened, but Alex and Mabel’s eyes both look full of shock.

Mabel slams her hand down on the counter, “make that twelve shots!” She calls out to the bartenders back.

We down them together at the bar, they tasted horrible. By my last one I dry reached, but managed not to vomit. Alex then orders us some cocktails and I sip on mine as we head over to the booth where Titus and Felix are sitting. I feel a little unsteady in my heels, and wonder if I am already drunk.

“That bartender wants to fuck me,” Alex says.

“I saw that,” I smile.

“I think I just awoke his bi side; a demon always knows when someone wants to fuck them,” his eyes are twinkling. I think we know who his conquest will be tonight.

“I think I may already be drunk,” I giggle as I slide over Felix’s lap, to sit in between my boys.

“How much have you drunk?” Titus asks. I hold up four fingers.

“You’ve already had four cocktails?” Felix says shocked.

“No four shots,” Mabel says with a playful smile. Felix shoots her an evil glare. “What? She said she’s never been drunk before,” Mabel says innocently.

I start to move my body as I sip on my cocktail, “we should dance!” I say eager.

“Yes! All the girls are on the dance floor, so that’s where I need to be if I’m going to find one,” Mabel says as she clinks her glass against mine. Mabel and Alex both get up and gesture for me to follow them, but I hold up a finger as I down the rest of my drink.

“You might want to slow down a bit if this is your first time,” Felix says.

I roll my eyes. “Since when do we slow down when things are my first time?” I raise my eyebrows at him and he smirks in response. “When we get home, I’m going to fuck the both of you,” I say as I rub both of their cocks teasingly. Drunk Cami, apparently didn’t give a fuck.

I stand up to follow Mabel and Alex but Titus grabs my hand, “if any guys try to dance with you-”

I roll my eyes. “I’ll push them away,” I say to appease them both.

“Good girl,” he smiles at me.

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