Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Two

The dance floor has grown in size, as I sway my hips without a second thought. Surprisingly Alex is actually quite a good dancer. I say surprisingly only because of his long limbs, but they don’t hinder his grace in the slightest. At first, all three of us dance together, but it doesn’t take long until Alex is dancing with a girl and Mabel is making out with one.

I don’t mind though, as I continue to move my body to the beat of the music, with a head that is feeling light. Kind of like I am floating in the clouds; this must be what drunk feels like. I have to be drunk if I am not giving much thought about dancing, something I have never done in public before. My weird family is making me more confident; they make me feel like I could achieve anything, something I never felt possible in the human world.

There is a simple pleasure in just letting go and enjoying yourself, without a care in the world. I knew in this moment, as I danced between other moving bodies that I am truly happy. This is how I wanted to spend my life, with my two best friends and the two boys that I love. Although, they hadn’t told me that they love me yet, I knew that they did. I would never pressure or force the word from either of them, they would tell me when they are ready and luckily, we all have a lot of time.

A guy approaches me and puts his hands on my hips but I shake my head ‘no’ and turn away from him. He doesn’t seem to get the hint, as his hands move around my body and pulls my back against his stomach. I move out of his grasp and push him away. “Don’t be a tease!” He yells over the music as his hands greedily reach for my body again.

His hand doesn’t touch me again as Felix has stopped it. He holds his hand inches from my body, “she said no.” He says before he snaps his hand back and the guys screams fill the dance floor. Felix leads me away back to Titus who was watching the whole scene. I can’t say I feel too sorry for the guy, I did say no and he wouldn’t listen. To be honest, I thought Felix had shown restraint considering I know what he would have really of liked to do to him.

Mabel heads back over to us with a girl hanging on to her, followed by Alex. “You guys ready?” Titus asks them.

“I am,” Mabel says with a smile.

“Sure, you guys go ahead and we will get a taxi,” Alex says.

As it turns out, the bartender has a girlfriend, the girl that Alex was dancing with. It didn’t matter though; he had won them both over as they head behind us to the exit. Alex has one arm wrapped around each of them, he was about to have a really great night. Mabel could finally stop complaining that she was missing out on action, as her new found girl clings herself to Mabel’s side. Beside the small incident with the persistent guy, I would say that this night has been a success.

The buzz is definitely beginning to wear off as we head outside into the cold night. I grab the handle of the passenger side door.

“In the back,” Felix commands as Titus hops in the driver’s seat and Felix hops in the back with me. “I cannot take another second of watching you in this dress.”

He pushes my back to the bottom of the seats so that I am lying down, spreads my legs, and rips my white lace underwear away. Titus begins driving the car home as Felix’s mouth falls on me. I moan out in pleasure. His tongue moves inside me as one of my hand claws at the back of Titus’s seat, the other one is buried in Felix’s hair. His tongue moves up as he slides two fingers into me. “Felix,” I cry out.

“Yes?” He looks up to me, with lights that flash through windows as we drive through the town. The desire in his eyes is overwhelming.

“I need your cock,” I beg.

He smirks in between my thighs, “not yet.” He moves his head back down to continue his tormenting pleasure. “Fuck, you are so wet Cami,” he says as he moves some of my wetness to my ass before sliding two fingers in. His tongue moves back inside me as my moans become louder.

“Felix please,” I beg again.

“Should I Titus?” Felix asks. These two both drive me insane.

“Yes, I want to watch her cum,” Titus says.

Felix sits up and then sits me on his lap so that I am facing the front of the car. Titus’s seductive eyes are on mine, as he watches me through the revision mirror.

I lift up slightly, so that Felix can move his cock inside me. I moan approvingly as he slowly fills me. “Fuck,” Felix hisses against my ear. My dress is now bunched up around my stomach, as Felix moves me up and down his length. Titus’s eyes dart from the road back to me, I couldn’t help but think how hot it is having him just watch. “My dick has been hard for you all night Cami,” Felix whispers in my ear, causing me to moan louder.

I begin rocking my hips to help Felix, I am desperate to bring both of us to the edge of pleasure. “Cami,” he moans my name. “I’m going to cum inside your tight pussy,” he begins to slam me down onto him and I cry out in pleasure, my body shaking over his. Titus’s eyes never leave my face as I come undone. Felix groans loudly before I feel his warmth moving down my legs.

“You better not get any cum on my car seats,” Titus says. He has an old Jaguar, I never imagined Titus to be a car guy, but he does spend a bit of time in the garage with it.

“Don’t worry, our little fay will clean it up.” Felix says before moving his fingers between my legs and scooping up his cum, before sliding his fingers into my mouth. “How do I taste Cami?”

“More,” I beg.

He chuckles before giving me more of what I want, before slowly moving me off of him. I cuddle into his side as the car pulls into our cabin. Titus turns the car off and we both climb out, the cold brushing against my exposed skin once more.

“I need you Camille,” Titus says before picking me up and rushing me to his room. Once in his room, he rips my dress at the side until it falls away from my body before pulling my bra over my head. His mouth finds mine, as he kisses me with desperation, showing me just how badly he needs me. I feel Felix behind me, begin to kiss at my neck. “No,” Titus says as he pushes Felix’s body against the wall. “It’s your turn to watch.”

Titus pushes me onto his bed and then undresses himself. I bite my lip in anticipation. “Don’t,” he warns me and I smile a cheeky smile. He puts me on my heads and knees, so that I am facing Felix, and then without warning he slides himself into me. I moan out and clutch the bed sheets. Felix’s look is so hot, as I watch his erection grow beneath his jeans. Titus thrusts into me quickly, he is being as rough as Felix usually is. “You like being watched don’t you Camille?”

“Yes,” I moan.

“I’m going to make you scream, and you’re not going to take your eyes off of Felix.” He begins to slam into me with a speed that makes me scream out. My head begins to dip but Titus grabs me by the back of my hair and forces me to keep watching Felix. “What did I say?” He demands.

But I can’t reply in amongst my screaming, so I continue to watch Felix watch us and as I cum, Titus finishes with me. I squirt as he pumps his cum inside me. I fall to the bed breathing heavy, Felix comes over and brushes my hair from my face. “Okay, now both of you,” I beg. Felix smirks down at me as he unbuttons his jeans.

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