Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Three

I wake up naked in Titus’s bed, where we all finished at some ridiculous time in the morning. I stretch out my limbs as I turn to the bedside clock. It’s just past twelve in the afternoon and I am starving.

I have a quick shower, to wash my body clean from last night, before heading down to the kitchen. Mabel is walking her friend out the front door, she is giggling and kissing her goodbye. Alex is on the couch watching a movie with Felix, and Titus must be outside somewhere.

I grab a banana and heat up a coffee, and then head into the lounge room with Felix and Alex.

“What a night!” Mabel joins us after finally getting rid of her friend.

“Let’s hope you will be in a better mood now,” Alex says with a smirk.

Mabel rolls her eyes. “Was your night a success then?”

“I got to fuck both of them, so yes I would say so. It was his first time ever with a guy, that’s always exciting.”

“Jesus Alex, I just meant yes or no, I didn’t need a play by play.” Alex shrugs, he has never been shy about his sexual experiences, and I was starting to get used to his openness.

“Where is Titus?” I ask Felix.

“Cutting some wood, he shouldn’t be too much longer,” Felix places a soft kiss on my temple.

Mabel heads in to the kitchen, and I hear her flick the kettle on. No doubt she is heating up some tea, I definitely needed more than just this banana, and as I contemplate what carbs I want to put into my body; May appears.

She chants words quickly, causing Alex to pass out. Felix wastes no time in rushing towards her, but May sends him flying to the other side of the room. She reaches one hand out towards me, her fingers looking like she is grabbing something, even though she isn’t. Then I feel it, her hand around my heart. She is slowing my heart-rate down.

Mabel rushes in and with her other hand May, pushes her back out. If this old bitch thinks I will just go down easy, I will have her wishing she brought a whole army. I rise from the couch, her face clearly full of shock, my heart is feeling weak, but that won’t stop me. I launch a ball of light at her but she deflects it. Titus rushes in but she manages to push him away too, I can see the fear on her face as she realises just how outnumbered she is. I’m guessing she didn’t expect me to have my powers either.

As she focuses on pushing Titus away, Felix flanks her, he wraps his hand around her throat, and lifts her off of the ground. She attempts to chant words in between her choking but Felix rips her tongue straight out of her mouth.

I flinch as he drops her body to the ground, tears streaming down her face, and blood streaming from her mouth. “You sent us Cain!?” Felix yells at her before crushing her leg with his foot. Her muffled screams are lost without her tongue and the sea of blood that is soaking in her mouth.

Her leg is completely snapped and I feel a little nauseas at this site of her. “You picked the wrong side May.” Felix says before grabbing my hand and leading me out of the room, and May is left to drown in her own blood.

He takes me to his room and I sit on the edge of the bed, he kneels on the ground between my legs. “Are you okay?” His hand caresses my cheek. I nod my head on his hand that has May’s dry blood on it. “Do you think differently of me after seeing that?” Worry flashes across his eyes and my heart picks back up.

“Never,” I say as I put my hand over his. “Nothing you and Titus could do will ever scare me off.”

“Do you mean that?” Although Felix comes across as this tough guy, and he definitely is, he is still very sensitive. He needs reassurances to stop his emotions getting the best of him.

“I’m yours for as long as you will have me,” I place my head against his and close my eyes.

“I love you Cami.”

I open my eyes to see his icy blue staring back at me, I could honestly feel the love with just this look. Everything inside me swells with excitement and adoration. There is no going back for us now. “I love you too Felix.”

He kisses me passionately, as he lifts me and carries me to the bathroom. He turns on the shower, and as he waits for the water to heat up, he removes my clothes and his. Then he steps in, and I watch as the blood washes away down the drain, almost like the whole act never happened. I knew I would later go over every horrific detail with May, but for right now, it’s just us. Nothing would stop this moment between Felix and I.

I push my body against his, and feel the water cascading over us. His mouth is on me again, and I can tell from how desperate his kiss is, that he needs me now. I needed him too. He lifts my body, with my legs wrapped around his waist as he pushes me against the shower wall. His tongue slides along my bottom lip as he moves inside me. I gasp out and hold onto him tighter.

He thrusts inside me, consuming my moans with his mouth, and I dig my nails into his back. “I fucking love you Cami. More than you could understand.”

“I do understand,” I moan out.

“I love you,

I love you,

I love you,” he says against my ear as he finishes inside me.

I stay pressed against the wall, with my body wrapped around his, as he leaves small trails of kisses along my collarbone. The realisation that he will kill for me and I for him, is the proof of our love. A love that we will have in our own version of forever.

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