Bite into Me

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Chapter Twenty-Four

I had retreated back to my library. I’ve had enough of the training, every moment reminded me of May, of her face when she knew she would die horribly. I knew that death was going to be a part of the bargain for freeing my friends, but we weren’t even fighting the fay. We are fighting the people we are trying to protect from the fay, so how did any of this justify? I knew that Felix would have killed May one way or another, but I wanted to learn how to fight for the ones I love, not against their kind.

I clutch the hard cover of The Catcher in the Rye, as I sit in an over sized brown leather chair. The pages are worn, like it had been read more than a human could in their lifetime. There is a funny sense that you get when being watched, it’s like tingles crawling over your skin. I look up to see Titus standing in the doorway, watching me.

“The mark of the immature man is that he wants to die nobly for a cause, while the mark of the mature man is that he wants to live humbly for one,” Titus says quoting Salinger.

“And what are you, immature or mature?”

“I’d die for you and live for you, but at the moment I can’t tell them apart.”

I close the book and make my way over to him. “How many times have you read it?”

“A couple hundred,” he smiles sadly.

“You seem distant lately.”

He smirks at me, “really? I was inside you last night.”

I roll my eyes at him and touch his head. “Here,” I say.

His smirk disappears and I can tell that he is fighting a battle within himself. “I have made many mistakes in the past two thousand years, some stay with me, some I forget, but the one that haunts me the most is you. You and that fucking diner.”

“What do you mean?” I whisper, trying to hide the hurt from my eyes.

“I should never have taken you that night,” he looks away from me but I grab his face with my hand.

“You can’t mean that?” I no longer cared about him seeing the hurt in my eyes.

“Because of me, you are in danger every moment, and most likely will be for the rest of your life,” his head dips in shame.

My heart aches at the sight of him hurting this way. “Titus, don’t you get it? Because of you, every moment is a blessing. I found something I never would have in my human life. A purpose, friendship and love.” I suck in a deep breath at having said that word out loud to him. He already knew it thanks to Alex, but those were his words and not mine, even if they were my thoughts. He looks back up to me, “and if I die tomorrow, I will still thank you.”

He tucks a strand of hair behind my ear. “Thank you,” he whispers, dipping his head to mine.

“What for?” I ask, enjoying the way his familiar scent embraces me.

“For showing me how to tell them apart,” he picks me up and places me on the desk, standing between my legs. His hands stay on my face as he kisses me slowly. It’s agonisingly beautiful. He gently bites the bottom of my lip and I moan into him. It always made me feel slightly embarrassed that they could both make me moan with just a kiss, but they seemed to love this. Loved knowing how they and only them could make me feel. “I need to be inside you Camille,” he says against my mouth as his hand starts unbuttoning my jeans.

His kiss has become much more forceful now with his need for me, there always comes a point where this will happen. A point where all sense is lost until we find our release. “Tell me how much you want it- please I need to hear the words Camille.”

His fingers move inside me as I begin to desperately unclasp his belt. “I need you Titus. I will always need you,” I moan as his fingers move faster. I grab his cock and start pumping him, he sucks in a deep breath before putting his mouth back onto mine.

“Fuck, you are so wet Camille,” I cum with his words, my body twitching on his fingers. Then he pushes inside me causing me to cry out. I hold onto his shoulders as he thrusts inside me, “your tight little pussy feels amazing,” he groans as he starts to move faster.

“Titus,” I breathe.

“Yes, cum for me Camille, cum over my cock-” My moans stop his words as my pleasure erupts. He calls out my name as I feel his cum squirt into me, and then he stops thrusting and leans his forehead against mine. Our eyes are closed as I attempt to get my breathing back under control.

I knew that we would live for one another, no matter the cost.

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